Iléa Dalian Conference Liu Zi Elegant Interpretation Of The Famous Men’s Watch

Recently, the famous movie star Liu Zi joined hands with the director of the new drama ‘Sniper’ Gao Xixi and the leading actor Dawei to make a high-profile appearance at the Shanghai TV Festival and accepted an exclusive interview with major media across the country. Liu Zi, who has just finished the promotion of ‘Sniper’ in Shanghai, with an unrecovered back injury, was invited to attend a new product launch event held by the world-renowned watch brand Baume & Mercier in Dalian.

On June 11, Liu Zi, dressed in a little white Jessica dress, appeared like a noble princess in Dalian. He was invited to attend a new product release held by Dalian’s top watch brand Baume & Mercier in Dalian Jinhua Watches. At the meeting, the brand new ‘Ili iléa’ watch was displayed lively, showing the graceful and graceful charm of mature women, and using the fragrant and charming flower language to celebrate the supreme and eternal feminine gentleness. At the press conference, Mr. Emmanuel Ducret, Managing Director of Baume & Mercier Asia-Pacific, presented Ms. Liu Zi with Baume & Mercier’s latest ‘Iliiléa’ watch.
As a woman who is gradually maturing in the intellectual transformation, Hua Yi actress Liu Zi has been enjoying both career and life. Fang Yi, the chic and tenderhearted in ‘Lu Ding Ji’, got her affirmation and praise from TV audiences. The debut of the new drama ‘Sniper’ in cooperation with the popular niche sniper at the Shanghai TV Festival attracted a lot of attention from many media. With the new edition of ‘Three Kingdoms’ and ‘Dream of Red Mansions’, it was rated as the most watched TV drama of the year. In addition, Liu Zi’s talents in creative life and home design, and her achievements in environmental protection gradually shine, and she has also been seen as an intellectual charm that she radiates from the inside out.

Four Elements To Identify Hublot And Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch

On August 5th, when Chinese badminton player Lin Dan defended the Olympic champion as a guest on the interview program, a netizen posted a message on Weibo that Lin Dan wore a royal oak tree. One stone stirred up thousands of waves. Netizens scrambled to forward, and major portals also reposted, and it became a hot topic about what watches the Olympic heroes wear. It was later confirmed that Lin Dan was actually wearing a Hublot (Weibo) King Extreme Unico all black series. However, it is no wonder that netizens will make such mistakes. The shape of Hublot and the Royal Oak of Audemars Piguet do have some similarities, but there are many differences when they are carefully discerned.
外观 The appearance of the product is derived from the concept and positioning of the product. The resulting design ideas will become the core of the whole series. Therefore, no matter how to expand the product line, it is always inseparable. So mastering this, you can distinguish two seemingly similar designs.

Similar appearance stems from different ideas
The well-known Royal Oak series watches were intended to create a luxurious sports watch at the beginning. While embodying ‘exercise athlete’, it can also reflect the solemnity and elegance of formal watches. In the development of 30 years, Royal Oak has implemented this concept consistently, from the third pin to the complex function, it is not difficult to see the core elements that remain unchanged. Compared to Royal Oak, the dominant concept of Hublot Big Bang watches is ‘fusion.’ From the first natural rubber strap with precious metal materials at the beginning of the brand’s establishment, to today, the further construction of the movement is integrated with the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry and the visual arts of watchmaking in the 21st century. Big Bang embodies a kind of sports and Connection of modern ideas. In addition, the designer of Big Bang has worked for Audemars Piguet, so the overall design of Big Bang has also been influenced by Royal Oak. Although Royal Oak and Big Bang are both sports watches, they have different connotations, so it is not difficult to understand the differences in design.
要素 Four elements to distinguish Hublot Big Bang and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Hublot case
The case of the King Oak and Big Bang is actually very similar in appearance, both are similar to the shape of a wine barrel. However, the design concept of Royal Oak is more luxurious, with a little legacy of dressing, so the appearance of many styles is more rounded and restrained.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Dial

In contrast, Big Bang’s design focuses more on modern visual effects. There are more protrusions on the shell, with sharp edges and corners, and it looks more rigid and visually impactful.
Look at the bezel after the case. Although the bezels of Royal Oak and Big Bang are different in shape, there are some similarities in the design. For example, both bezels are covered with screws, which can easily cause confusion.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
The bezel of Royal Oak is octagonal, and the octagonal bezel is fixed by 8 hex screws. The screws on the Royal Oak bezel are lowered from the top and tightened from the back, so the bezel shows its regular arrangement. The 8 screw tips are opposite the corners of the bezel. The screw openings form a ring. Fine drawing process with good visual effect.

The Hublot Big Bang’s bezel is round. The bezel is fixed by 6 round screws, and the screws are tightened from above, so the direction of the screw mouth is irregular. In addition, two round screws are used to tighten the periphery of the case, and the overall visual sense is industrial and design. The shape of the two cases is similar, and the bezel is also fixed with screws, but the Royal Oak is an octagonal bezel and the Big Bang is a round bezel. Please note the 8 hexagonal screws on the Royal Oak bezel. The tips of the 8 screws are opposite to the corners of the bezel. The screw openings form a ring. With the fine brushing, Audemars Piguet’s meticulous attitude is truly amazing.
经典 A classic design can become part of the brand’s DNA, and it will be passed down from generation to generation as the product line is enriched. Just like BMW’s iconic front grille design on the front face, it has been polished over time.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
The dial design of Royal Oak also has such characteristics. Most of the Royal Oaks are decorated with ‘Tapisserie’ plaid patterns, this inherited design makes it easy to see at a glance.

The Hublot Big Bang faceplate, which expresses sports fusion design, is more complicated and changeable. Hollow, camouflage, plaid, monochrome, both avant-garde and dynamic, worthy of the visual art of 21st century watchmaking advocated by Hublot. The two dial designs reflect the different styles and positioning of the brand. This different orientation also helps us to distinguish them visually. Royal Oak series watches mostly use the ‘Tapisserie’ checkered pattern to decorate the dial, while the dials of Hublot watches are more complicated and have visual impact.

As mentioned earlier, Hublot is the pioneer of rubber straps with precious metal materials. It can be seen that rubber straps play an important role in Hublot watches. Many Hublot watches use rubber straps. Not only that, but some models also use rubber mixed with other materials and special materials. For example, in the Big Bang caviar fruit line, a crocodile leather stitched rubber strap is used.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
Royal Oak is relatively flexible in the choice of watch bands, and steel bands, belts, and rubber bands are used.
谈 Talking about the movement from the table and the inside

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Movement
The difference in appearance can be seen at a glance, the watch movement is wrapped in the case, and the real content is usually not visible. At this point, we will mention it here. While developing the self-produced movements, the two brands also purchased movements from other manufacturers, including Jaeger-LeCoultre and ETA. Audemars Piguet’s large and complex movements have a good reputation in the industry. In terms of basic movements, Audemars Piguet introduced the 3120 movement and gradually replaced the outsourced movement.

Hublot movement
UNICO movement is the most important product of Hublot in recent years. It has developed two types of timekeeping and world time. It is believed that with further research and development, the UNICO movement will soon achieve series. Eye-catching looks, sophisticated self-produced movements, Royal Oak and Big Bang watches exude charming charms from the inside out.
Through multiple comparisons, we can see that under similar appearances, there are many differences between the two watches. This can’t help but make me think of the word ‘looking like a god’. The two seem to be closely related, but they have different spiritual connotations. The two sports watches, Royal Oak is more luxurious, and Big Bang is more stylish. The resulting design differences have become the basis for distinguishing the two watches. I believe that by grasping the main differences in appearance between the two, there will be no misidentification.

Hermes World’ With Its Dreams Across The Three Major Communication Platforms Of Magazines, Podcasts And Instagram

‘Le Monde d’ Hermès’ includes always on the road to Trolltech art. Launched in 1973, Hermès World magazine has a distinctive style, and now covers three major communication platforms: magazines, podcasts, and Instagram, opening the door to readers’ dreams and experiencing a dream-like source of inspiration.
   Year title content throughout
   The Hermès title is the cornerstone of Hermès World, and a narrative blueprint shared by magazines, podcasts, and the Instagram social platform.
   The Hermès title was created by Jean-Louis Dumas, and since 2006, Hermès Art Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas has decided. Every year, the public invites the public to appreciate Hermès’ diversified ideas from a new and unique perspective, and to promote the continuously innovative spirit of relevant personnel of the brand.
   ‘Hermes World’ Magazine: Incarnate to tell stories, invite new writers to co-author
   The new ‘Hermes World’ magazine has created a complete story, interweaving text into pictures, leaving readers immersive. Hermes invites several contributors to create a new issue of Hermes World magazine during a one-year term. In the Fall / Winter 2019 issue, Hermes invited guest editor-in-chief Laure Flammarion and guest art director Thomas Persson to conceive a wonderful story that blends into the brand’s rich imagination and deep culture, allowing readers to indulge in it and explore the creative ingenuity rooted in the product series.
   The Hermès team draws inspiration from the two ideas and the 2019 title ‘From the Dream to the Dream,’ and collaborates with many artists, photographers and writers. They put their creativity and talents together to accomplish this. Brand new work.
   Podcast: Delightful Voice Interpretation Theme
   The content of the year title is also presented in the form of podcasts. The audience explores the wonderfulness of ‘Hermes World’ by listening to a series of dialogue and interview programs. The show invited Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Véronique Nichanian, Bali Barret and other guests to share with the audience the role of the year in promoting and motivating their daily lives.
   Instagram: vivid image interpretation theme
   Hermès’ official Instagram platform puts fans in vivid stories inspired by the year. The platform is in the form of a multi-chapter e-book, full of creativity and surprises, and depicting ingenious dream stories in online language.
   Taking the year as the main narrative, ‘Hermes World’ integrates images and sound effects into the text. I hope to share with friends Hermes’ colorful brand stories and creative works.
   New graphic design

   The wonderful presentation of ‘Hermes World’ is also indispensable for the contribution of graphic designer Philippe Apeloig, who took inspiration from Hermes’ equestrian tradition to create this new graphic art work.
   ‘Slender lines wrap around, part of the font is re-interpreted from geometric patterns, depicting the template effect. At a glance, the continuous thin lines connect different texts, reminiscent of the eel and stitches in equestrian, and give The brand logo is infused with a bright and light texture. ‘

Blancpain Villeret Slim Calendar Display Watch

If the ultra-thin belt brings people a comfortable wearing experience, then in addition to this, the combination of the rose gold case and the protein-colored dial also presents the characteristics of visual enjoyment. On the clean dial, bone-shaped hour markers, hollow willow-shaped hour and minute hands, and a stretched central seconds hand are all made of rose gold, which naturally echoes the case. The date display window at 3 o’clock does not affect the overall coordination of the disk at all.
1151 self-winding movement, 7 2-hour power reserve, 18 K rose gold case, 40 mm diameter, protein dial, brown alligator strap, sapphire crystal, transparent case back, water resistant to 30 meters.

Longines Watch Somia Series Shanghai Debut

Across the time and space of Longines’ century-old pure watchmaking tradition, this extraordinary mechanical watch model has come from the watchmaking resort of Somia to the modern cosmopolitan Shanghai, and for the first time has unfolded its elegance to the world. Face. Longines Global Elegance Ambassador, Oscar-winning Kate & middot; Winslet came to Shanghai for the first time and appeared at the world premiere of the Longines Soimia Saint-Imier series, and personally opened ‘Soyemia: the birthplace of Longines’ The Discovery Tour of Watchmaking Culture Exhibition. That night, a grand launch dinner was held on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. The movie stars Liu Yifei, Qin Hailu, Li Chen, Jiang Yiyan, well-known screenwriter Ning Caishen, fashion photographer Chen Man, and supermodel host Li Ai attended the elegant event of Longines. The bright stars have witnessed the time and space legend of Longines and Soymia together.

Travel elegantly to watch the culture of watchmaking
The Longines Soimia Saint-Imier collection is inspired by the birthplace of the legendary town of Soimia. It is a time that grows from this fertile soil that has bred a brilliant watchmaking tradition. Longines has played a central role in Saint-Imier’s life since its inception, and this small mountain village has since developed into a watchmaking hub. This new series once again imprints the timeless history of Longines and Soymia, and reflects the time axis of the evolution of the brand’s watchmaking technology. All this was carefully concentrated in ‘Soyemia: Longines watch birthplace watch culture exhibition’.
Through the comprehensive experience of seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling in the exhibition, the distance between space and time seems to pass through like a personal presence. The fragrance of the fir jungle is everywhere, such as coming to the depths of the Jurassic Valley; it is as if walking on the streets of Soymia, tracing the origin of Longines and Soymia, and feeling the concentration, tranquility, beauty and heritage of this ancient town of watches and clocks; In the factory of nearly two centuries of Longines, admire the pure gestures handed down from the ancestors by workers, and listen to the delicate ticking movement of the movement. The inspiration spark of the past two centuries is shining, and the elegant attitude is timeless. . In the elapsed time, immerse yourself in a piece of fixed history, and touch the endless classics in the minutes and seconds that never stop. Numerous antiques representing Longines ‘watchmaking achievements and heritage have arrived in Shanghai for the first time from the brand museum. They are the new masterpieces from Longines’ long-standing heritage, also extracting the latest watchmaking technology, and fully embodying the pure watchmaking tradition. & Mdash; & mdash; Longines The Somia Saint-Imier series shined together at the exhibition. The Sina Saint-Imier series from the brand’s pure birthplace came to Shanghai, an elegant building with more than 100 years of humanities, quietly shining noble light, like the stars in the clouds, no matter the appearance Still a movement, every detail records the essence of Longines’ development in the past 180 years. Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back and watching the subtle movement of the movement, the Longines Soimia Saint-Imier series interprets the endless imagination of time for mankind in an elegant manner between the seconds and seconds. And admiring these time treasures with international superstar Kate & middot; Winslet, admiring the elegant heritage of Longines is another unforgettable experience.

Starlight shines on Pujiang’s legend
At night, the century-old Bund of the modern city is bright and charming, showing the grandeur of the World Expo Group; the Huangpu River is sparkling, light and shadow are flowing, and tradition and modernity are at this moment. Tonight, the sky and water in Shanghai are even more illuminated by starlight. Longines will set a feast released by the Somia Saint-Imier series on the banks of the Huangpu River, giving this watch the most modern watch that reflects the long and pure watch tradition of Longines. Elegant interpretation.
On the banks of the Huangpu River under the starry sky, the clothes are fragrant, the friends are like clouds, and the feast of elegance and elegance is permeated in the feast. The dancer leaps between the light and the shadow, shockingly interprets the infinite time and space of Soimia in minutes and seconds, and kicks off the feast. Among the wonderful music, Longines global elegance ambassador Kate & middot; Winslet came and unveiled the new product together with the brand’s top executives. With the countdown of the guests in the audience, the legendary logo of the stage center brand & mdash; The wing hourglass moved in response, and the new Soimia Saint-Imier series came out. Movie stars Liu Yifei, Qin Hailu, Li Chen, Jiang Yiyan, well-known screenwriter Ning Caishen, fashion photographer Chen Man, and supermodel host Li Ai, etc. participated in a feast for this new masterpiece, toasting the beauty of Longines watchmaking tradition! Tonight, whether it’s Soimia, deep in the Swiss valley, or the brightly lit Huangpu River, a commitment to elegance and tradition blends into each other at this moment.

& ldquo; Located in Saint-Imier, Soimia in 1832, Longines has a very close relationship with this village, which is regarded as the company’s foundation and development source. As the only watchmaking company founded and still in Saint-Imier, Longines has always adhered to its values: tradition, elegance and sport. & rdquo; Longines Global President Walcher von K & auml; nel said, ‘Longines Soimia Saint-Imier series perfectly and fully reflects the brand’s pure watchmaking tradition. Today, Longines launches the Saint-Imier series in Shanghai. We hope that through these extraordinary mechanical models, watch lovers in China and around the world will enjoy the long-standing heritage of Longines and the latest watchmaking technology. Time treasure. & rdquo;

Jacques Extreme Sports World Master Timekeeping Watch

There are many travel and sports enthusiasts among those in need of World Time watches, whether they are flying to their destinations by plane, cruise ship, train or hot air balloon. The bumps of the watch all have high requirements for the robustness and environmental adaptability of the watch. Of course, all this is perfect based on the world time function. Whenever there is a demand, there is a product that meets the demand. Jaeger-LeCoultre Extreme Sports World Time Zone Master Chronograph watches are the first to bear the brunt.
The patented design of the case consists of two parts. The shock absorber connected to the case can absorb all the impact energy that may affect the precise operation of the movement, thus solving the instability caused by the constantly changing environment for the global rover. Factors; 100 meters of water-resistant depth enough to cope with sudden conditions when wading on a ship; with a hand that rotates once every 24 hours to control the dial showing the time in each city’s time zone, this is a world time function added to the timekeeping function Hour and 30-minute timer small dials are lined up on the dial to easily grasp the accurate time in major time zones. This ‘shockproof world timepiece’ is also equipped with two straps, rubber and crocodile leather. The patented strap replacement device allows you to quietly transform when you roam the world and return to the office.
In the early years, such functions as ‘world time’ and ‘two places’ were only the fields involved in a few watch brands. However, with the advancement of technology, people’s requirements for watches have become higher and higher. World time watches have been improved back and forth between this shore and other places, and their special functions have been interpreted more and more delicate and interesting.
Although world time is inextricably linked with people’s lives, for most people, even if they are not familiar with the time difference between places, they have little impact on their lives. But if you are a business person who needs to accurately grasp the time in different time zones, or a romantic person who likes to travel in different places, World Time watches have reasons to be your intimate carry-on. It is also in line with the increasing popularity of cross-border travel. Driven by market demand, World Time watches are being developed and developed by more and more brands in the form of exclusive patents.
World Time Master Louis Cottier
Although the standard of world time was formulated uniformly, it was not until the early 1930s that what we call today the world time watch appeared, and its inventor was the genius watchmaker Louis Cottier. According to some available information, Swiss watchmakers have been trying to make clocks that can display the local time of different cities. The earliest one was a double-sided pocket watch made in 1780. The back of the watch indicates Time in 53 different places.
Heures Universelles (HU), the world time zone watch mechanism invented by Louis Cottier in 1935, can be said to be a pioneer. Since then, most of the world time watch creations will use this as a reference or reference. As you can see in the design manuscript of Louis Cottier, his design uses the small central hour and minute hands to indicate the local time. In addition, the outer circle or dial of the watch is engraved with the names of different time zones, countries and cities in the world. The inner circle It is paired with a 24-hour inner circle of time to display the time in different world time zones at the same time.
The biggest difference between Louis Cottier’s HU mechanism and the previous world time zone pocket watch is that its local time and world time zone time are displayed on the same side of the watch, instead of having to be set on both sides of the watch. Some of the earliest watch factories that made World Time, including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Rolex, adopted this concept of World Time by Louis Cottier, and finally (1959) this patent was owned by Patek Philippe and obtained exclusive rights.

Purchased And Simple Three Men’s Watches Around 2,000 Yuan Recommended

A wristwatch is a wristwatch invented by a watchmaker. With a wristwatch, you only need to lift your wrist to know the time, which brings great convenience to people’s lives. . Although a mobile phone is now available, watches are still a favorite of many people. Today’s Watch House brings three affordable watches to everyone. The exquisite and simple style can not only bring great convenience to life, but also an excellent decoration on the wrist.
Certina Men’s Quartz C017.410.16.037.00 Watch

Model: C017.410.16.037.00
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Belt
Case diameter: 38 mm
Watch price: ¥ 2100
Watch details:
Model: B080201202S
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch price: ¥ 1980
Watch details:
Model: B29813222
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 2300
Watch details: balmain / 33523 /
Watch Comments: Borman was born in the 1940s. While World War II brought deep wounds to people’s hearts, it really made all designers fall in love with the simple luxury of that era. This watch is made of stainless steel and features a quartz movement. White dial with silver hour markers, center hands and date display window at six o’clock. The dial is simple, the time scale is clear, and the reading time is clear at a glance. The watch comes with a black leather strap. The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.
Summary: The design of these three men’s watches are simple style, elegant style and exquisite production. And all three watches are not expensive. Buying one on the wrist is not only a good decoration for the wrist, highlighting personal temperament, but also bringing great convenience to life.

B-revolution Epoch Flight Revolution’ Limited Watch Exhibition, From 11/15 Baohongtang Taichung Wuquan Flagship Store Lingkong Kaihang

If you ask consumers, where you buy a watch that you know and trust, Baohongtang Watches is almost the answer. Under the helm of Mr. Chen Qiutang, the general manager of Baohongtang Watches, numerous high-end watch brands are gathered in the store. The first impression of consumers is “not only more brands but more limited styles”. good. As the watch market becomes more diversified, in order to effectively serve a wider consumer base, Baohongtang Taichung Wuquan flagship store will specially build the third floor of the brand’s exclusive floor belonging to a younger and younger customer base, so that consumers have more Yuan’s brand choice.

Zou Chengen perfectly matched the low-key luxury style of the future style of Bell & Ross BR-X1 with a wild and uninhibited leather jacket. Ji Yawen wore VINTAGE WW1 with a high-end uniform-fitting suit, like Brad Pitt A gentleman in the movie

   Bell & Ross, a well-known watch brand in Taiwan with a flying watch, has settled in the scale of a shop-in-shop, hoping to serve more watch fans who love the brand. The first appearance of X1 and many limited edition models will also be sold exclusively at Baohongtang Taichung Wuquan flagship store from November 15th to November 23rd. Watch fans who love BR, don’t miss it!

   In order to effectively serve the wider consumer demographics, Baohongtang Taichung Wuquan flagship store will specialize the third floor to create a brand exclusive floor that belongs to the younger and younger customers, so that consumers have more choices in branding. Bell & Ross, a well-known watch brand in Taiwan with a flying watch, has settled in the scale of a shop-in-shop, hoping to serve more watch fans who love the brand.

Bell & Ross writes a new style of flight legend, Zou Chengen and Ji Yawen interpret the two aspects of flight

   The biggest feature of the flight watch legend Bell & Ross, the rough and bold watch quality has always been favored by consumers. The brand has launched two new topics, BR-X1 and Vintage WW1, at the end of this year. The brand is the launch of the Shanda Long Chongqing He brand’s new flagship series. Two well-known idols in the entertainment industry are invited as guest speakers to perform Bell & Ross’s completely different cultural and military styles.

   In recent days, Zou Chengen and Ji Yawen have continued to make treaties. In order to pay tribute to the love brand Bell & Ross, they all paid special leave to the crew, and at the same time bought a new line of clothing from their own pockets to attend the brand presentation. A wild and uninhibited leather outfit coincided with the low-key luxury style of the future style of Bell & Ross BR-X1; Ji Yawen wore VINTAGE WW1 in a high-end uniform-fitting suit, like Brad Pitt In the film’s gentlemanly style, the two exquisitely expressed the perfect combination of top watches and top fashion, which caused countless exclamations and applause on the scene.

Zou Chengen wears BR-X1

   In the interview, the two people praised Bell & Ross for breaking away from the traditional and superior flying form bureau. Zou Chengen said that the BR-X1 released by the brand this time is a rare hollow chronograph watch with a bold appearance Made of titanium alloy, with red stopwatch push-buttons, BR-X1 has the luxury of hollowed-out watches and the precise timing pursued by business elites. It also expresses the mysterious characteristics through the color matching of black and red. The limited edition of 250 in the world must be a treasure One of the pocket list of products. On the side, Ji Yawen expressed more excitement that this time when he saw the brand’s masterpiece-VINTAGE WW1, he greatly admired Bell & Ross for making the flight watch meticulous and elegant. The rose gold watch with the elegant white faceplate and Blue steel needle, I feel that wearing VINTAGE WW1 is as elegant and charming as a British lover. It is not only suitable for dating, attending important events or going on the red carpet, it is very suitable.

Ji Yawen wears Vintage WW1

Bell & Ross Tongguan Craft Timepiece: Luxury + Timing + Sports + Fashion = BR-X1

   Chronograph watches have been a hot item in the men’s watch market in recent years. Bell & Ross’s flying chronograph watches are a dream product for consumers who love sports watches. Bell & Ross is willing to challenge The boundaries of innovative craftsmanship took several years, and the brand grandly launched the BR-X1 SKELETON CHRONOGRAPH, showing the brand’s top proud and skilled craftsmanship.

   BR-X1 chronograph, titanium and ceramic case, 45 mm diameter, with rubber inserts, hours, minutes and small seconds, skeleton date display at 6 o’clock, chronograph with 60 and 30 minutes Watch, grey inorganic glass dial, Bell & Ross dedicated skeletonized self-winding chronograph movement, waterproof 100 meters, black rubber woven strap.

   Bell & Ross launched the BR-01 flight concept watch ten years ago, taken from military fighter flight instruments. With its square case, hole-shaped round faceplate and large diameter, it created the best identification of brand watches. Cheng Wuyi has won the prestige of Bell & Ross Flight King; the brand pays tribute to the first supersonic rocket fighter Bell-X1 in the United States in 1947 to win over the audio barrier, and the original trace of the 40-50 generations of the space generation trend , Linking ancient and modern to create a new generation of gorgeous fighter watches based on the future.

The most striking feature of the BR-X1’s face plate is that the turbine-shaped countdown dial is made of aluminum alloy. It is equipped with a hollow skeleton movement at the bottom. It combines luxury with the flight chronograph.

   Titanium alloy is the most popular new-generation material used in aerospace technology today. The BR-X1 uses the most advanced fifth-grade titanium metal as the case material. With high-tech ceramics and rubber, the composite fighter is as light as a tank in the future The maneuverability of the butterfly wing, the most striking point of the faceplate is the turbine-shaped countdown dial made of aluminum alloy, with a hollow-out movement at the bottom, combined with luxury, and a smelting furnace with the flight chronograph, complementary multi-level faceplate aesthetics The watch countdown devices are all embellished with red to express the conflicting contrasting beauty.

The BR-X1 uses the most advanced fifth-grade titanium metal as the case material, combined with high-tech ceramics and rubber, which composites the maneuverability of the future fighter as strong as a tank but as light as a butterfly wing.

   BR-X1 is a collection of Bell & Ross professional and complex watch manufacturing technology. It is an innovative and stylish luxury watch, limited to 250 pieces worldwide. The BR-X1 design combines a sporty look that combines high-tech performance with high-end watch decoration, which once again inspires the evolutionary force of the watch industry, proving that Bell & Ross’s superiority in the seat of higher-level watch halls.

The BR-X1’s body combines a high-tech titanium alloy and ceramic case with high-strength rubber inserts for an unparalleled futuristic feel.

Another fun way to fly watch: vintage WW1 HEURE SAUTANTE time & power reserve indicator

   Bell & Ross, who specializes in the field of flying watches, has no one in the watch industry for milk O with a bold and bold element. This advantage belongs to the brand. Knowing the true desire of men for watches, with the type With the advent of the men’s fashion economic era, while men can no longer ‘play the world with one watch’, Bell & Ross has more prophetic evolution of the WW series, so that male friends who love to fly have more flying charm, but Sven Extraordinary watch selection.

Bell & Ross spends a lot of time on Vincent Calabrese, Switzerland’s top watchmaker, leading the development of Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante

   Bell & Ross has been pursuing excellence since its inception. Bell & Ross watches are developed and assembled at the watchmaking workshop in la chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. As the brand moves towards the hall of more advanced horology, the development of self-made movements is an inevitable process. Bell & Ross, striving for perfect results, has heavily invested in Vincent Calabrese, the top watchmaker in the Swiss high-end watch industry, leading the vintage WW1 Heure The development work of Sautante, this time Calabrese’s self-made time jumper movement for VINTAGE WW1 Heure Sautante, won the certification of the Geneva mark.

   WW1 Heure Sautante rose gold model, 18K rose gold case, 42 mm, hour (12 o’clock direction window), minutes (central second hand), and power reserve (6 o’clock direction), milky white pearl dial, self-winding movement The blue steel screws, balance wheel and bridge are decorated with the Geneva mark, anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, shiny sapphire crystal glass back, waterproof 100 meters, alligator strap, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, and the price is about NT $ 979,300.

   VINTAGE WW1 Heure Sautante reading time ‘single hand jumping display’ makes the wearer feel more enjoyable when reading, and uses a one-line dial layout to display hours when the window jump jumps, the pear-shaped blue steel minute hand in the center of the dial, six The power reserve is displayed at the o’clock position. The case is made of rose gold, which is customary for high-end watches, with a creamy white dial, which makes the model simple and glamorous. It is like a VINTAGE WW1 series. 42 mm), welded and fixed handle-like lugs, and narrow leather strap, the big watch pays tribute to the brand’s classic originals.

Audemars Piguet Continuous Innovation, New Interpretation Of Perpetual Calendar Watch

Audemars Piguet fully displays color and contrast, novel ideas, material combination and design features, showing extraordinary charm. First of all, the Royal Oak Series RD # 2 watch has become the world’s thinnest self-winding perpetual calendar watch with a case thickness of only 6.30 mm. Results. At the 25th anniversary of the Royal Oak Offshore Watch, Audemars Piguet presents a new masterpiece of timepieces, showing the powerful charm of ceramic materials. This year, women’s watches made a strong debut. The Audemars Piguet women’s watch series shines with novel decoration techniques and materials. A new Royal Oak series double balance skeletonized watch for women, and the first women’s watch in the Royal Oak Concept series, equipped with Audemars Piguet’s first floating tourbillon. This exquisite floating tourbillon device is also used in the avant-garde Royal Oak Concept series GMT floating tourbillon men’s watch. In addition, Audemars Piguet’s iconic ‘Tapisserie plaid’ pattern is a new interpretation, beautiful and beautiful.
New interpretation of perpetual calendar watch

 Ultra-thin, complicated: two Audemars Piguet feats perfect in the Royal Oak RD # 2 watch. The new ultra-thin Calibre 5133 movement has a perpetual calendar function, and the development process took five years. The challenge of Calibre 5133 movement is to innovate the traditional 3-layer movement into a single-layer structure, realize ultra-thin design, restructure the structure and functions of the movement to improve space utilization, movement efficiency and stability. This patented movement uses a central rotor and is only 2.89 mm thick, setting a record for today’s self-winding perpetual calendar movement. The newly designed case is only 6.30 mm thick, which is nearly 2 mm thinner than the Royal Oak automatic self-winding ultra-thin Jumbo watch, making the Royal Oak series RD # 2 the thinnest self-winding perpetual calendar watch today. This is the latest chapter in many world firsts that Audemars Piguet has made in the past century.

 To the top of the thin, excellent quality: 40-hour power reserve, balance wheel frequency of 2.75 Hz (19,800 times / hour), the same as Calibre 5134 movement.

 950 platinum case and strap with dial decorated with large ‘Grande Tapisserie’. At a glance: the larger sub-dial and day and night display make the perpetual calendar functions clearer and easier to read.
product information

Movement Self-winding Calibre 5133
Total diameter 32.00 mm (14 ¾ French minutes)
Total thickness 2.89 mm
Number of rubies 37
Part 256
Guaranteed power reserve of at least 40 hours
Balance frequency 2.75 Hz (19,800 times / hour)
Case 950 platinum case with anti-glare sapphire crystal and case back, water-resistant to 20 meters, engraved ‘RD # 2’
Dial Blue dial, engraved with ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large check, blue sub-dial, with fluorescent coated white gold hour markers and Royal Oak fluorescent coated hands
Strap 950 platinum strap with ‘AP’ folding clasp
Function Perpetual calendar function, can display day of the week, date, astronomical accurate moon phase, month, leap year, day and night, hour and minute
Ref. 26586PT.OO.1240PT.01
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F.P. Journe 30th Anniversary Tourbillon Watch

Thirty years ago, Francois-Paul Journe, a 20-year-old French watchmaker, completed a small project of his own: a homemade tourbillon pocket watch. At this year’s 30th anniversary, Journe created the latest F.P.Journe commemorative tourbillon watch based on the original pocket watch design.

This commemorative tourbillon watch has many changes and innovations based on the pocket watch made in 1983, but still retains the original design style, breaking many traditional designs of PF Journe, such as: Dial, 4N rose gold bezel, and traditional brass movement (many brands like Journe use gold movements).

The 30th anniversary edition tourbillon watch has a transparent sapphire crystal caseback. Through the caseback, you can clearly see the movement and structural design of the tourbillon: the movement is made of brass, just like the 1983 pocket watch movement. Two side-by-side clockwork drums transmit power to the gear train, then to the gears of the tourbillon frame, and drive the frame to make one revolution in one minute. Since the original was a pocket watch and the new one was a wristwatch, the original detent escapement was replaced by a side fork escapement. The key design, which was originally used for winding and setting the time, also replaced the crown at 3 o’clock.

The FPJourne Tourbillon 30th Anniversary Limited Edition watch is produced by a workshop in Geneva. In addition to high-quality movement components, it also uses contemporary grinding, chamfering and finishing technology, so the newly equipped movement seems to follow Like the first tourbillon movement created by the watchmaker, it is full of noble temperament. This watch also has a silver case back with a guilloché pattern. The dial is also made of silver, decorated with grain patterns, hour rings and Roman numerals, these details are faithful to the 1983 prototype.

Journe named this commemorative tourbillon watch ‘Thank you’, sincerely thank F.P. Journe for 30 years of loyal customers. Limited edition of 99 pieces, priced at $ 99,000.