Wrapping The Warmth Of Amy Long Laimeng’s New Year’s Romance In Silver With Romance

What is romance? People in love say romance is the happiness that two people get together every second; husbands and wives who talk about romance say that romance is a period of smile; artists say that romance conveys a pleasing beauty. When the bell of the New Year rings, it is a new beginning in everyone’s heart. The watch is undoubtedly a symbolic New Year gift, which means a good wish for the new year and a romance for the years together. witness. Amy Long also specially launched the Lehman series watch that appeared in the New Year. With its elegant and romantic noble appearance, he sent a message for the New Year.

 Across the Geneva and Leman Lakes in France, the dark blue clear water reflects the snowy peaks of the Alps, filled with the aura of heaven and earth. This is probably the best nutrient for love and thought. Amy Long, a watch brand originating from the shore of Lake Leman, has been known for its exquisite and elegant craft watches since its inception. The ‘Lehman’ series of watches named in memory of Mr. Emilon, in the creative process, condenses the inspiration of the watchmakers from the shores of Lake Leman, forming a natural and romantic temperament. Two large plate designs with a diameter of 38mm and 42mm, in a neutral and fashionable taste, highlight the quiet and unrestrained romantic color. The ‘Lemon’ series watches continue the design of the time wing of Emilion, fused with the round case, and interpret the romantic and free charm with a stretched and atmospheric wing shape. The case of the ‘Golden Lemme’ series watch is made of 18K rose gold with a romantic accent, which softens time.

 In Amy Long’s models, the ‘Laimeng’ watch not only has a brand commemorative significance, but also embodies the most core part of the Amy Long’s brand culture, that is, delicate, elegant and noble decorative art presentation. The ‘Laimeng’ series models gather the clear and quiet temperament of Laimeng Lake, without showing off and making noisy, conveying deep watchmaking details with exquisite detail quality. The ‘Lymon’ series uses the ETA2892 fully automatic mechanical movement with a 3-point calendar display. The dial design is concise and elegant, elegant and refined, and the lead is washed away, vividly conveying the simple and more luxurious fashion cutting-edge concept. The unique design of the casing structure forms a slim shape with an overall thickness of only 9MM. The entire watch fits closely to the wrist, giving a more comfortable wearing experience. The large-sized dial has a simple yet dull visual effect through clever multi-level design. Usually large-sized dials will test the waterproof technology more. After testing, the ‘Lehman’ series watches have passed the full 30-meter dive test. The sapphire glass mirror shows the subtle texture of the dial more clearly, exuding a clear, bright lake-like quiet texture.
 The dial of the ‘Golden Lemme’ series is designed with three classic colors of white, gray and brown, which are matched with the rose gold case and hands to form a unique style that is soft and noble. The European-style Roman-shaped watch text not only clearly marks the time, but also looks like a retro European-style art texture, which becomes the finishing touch in the dial design.
 The ‘Laimeng’ series watches soaked with the spirit and charm of Lake Laimeng are designed to express a beautiful state of mind and a beautiful image, just like the smoky waves and poetic mood of Lake Laimeng. The ‘Lemon’ series watch with such a romantic spirit is believed to inspire us to realize more about romance, about beauty, and about love when recording time for us silently.