Wonderful Watches Watch Special Features Introduction

What else can a watch do except timing? There is no shortage of imaginative watchmakers. Every year, they constantly create ‘rare gadgets’ to subvert your usual knowledge of watches. Door opening and closing
Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 DBS Transponder
     AMVOX2 can be used to open and close the door of Aston Martin sports car. . Conversely, by pressing the ‘closed’ position between 3 and 4 o’clock, the door will stop.

Emergency rescue
Breitling Emergency
     The Emergency Chronograph, designed for pilots, has a built-in 121.5 MHz international air emergency frequency micro-transmitter. In case of an accident, simply pull out the built-in antenna to guide rescue. However, this antenna is easy to pull out, and it is difficult to put it back in. Don’t play around. According to data from around the world, this watch has successfully saved 20 lives. Brad Pitt and Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson are fans of this watch.

Dive control
IWC Aquatimer Deep Two
     A professional diving watch, in addition to the basic waterproof and luminous functions, must also ensure your personal safety when diving in the deep sea. This latest IWC is equipped with a mechanical water detection gauge, with red and blue hands. Red will stop at the maximum depth of the dive, and blue indicates the current water depth. With the help of the second hand, you can accurately control the maximum ascent height of 10 meters per minute to ensure safety. Moreover, its water depth gauge is separate from the movement, even if the watch is stopped, the water depth gauge is not affected.

Spring Palace
Three Questions from Blancpain Palace
     Blancpain asked the Spring Palace three times. When viewed from the front, it is a classic dress watch. It is taken off and turned to the back of the watch, but it is boundless. As Ding Ding’s spring sounded, the vividly carved pure gold dolls began to do the happy thing in the world. The dolls of this watch can be customized, from India, Japan, Ancient Egypt … whatever character.