Tenth Anniversary Of Blancpain Gt Series 2018 European Season Kicks Off In Monza, Italy

From April 21st to 22nd, the Blancpain GT Series European season kicked off. 53 cars are on their way to the starting line of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Italy, and are competing fiercely in the first round of the Blancpain Endurance Series; more than 30,000 spectators are present Cheer. At the same time, the Blancpain GT Racing Club Championship was staged for the first time at the Monza circuit, with 17 drivers participating in the first round of the championship. At the opening ceremony of the 2018 season, Blancpain grandly held the tenth anniversary celebration of brand participation in GT events.

No. 1 WRT car from the Audi Club of Belgium wins the endurance series title
Blancpain Endurance Series
   The Blancpain GT Series was jointly established by Blancpain and the SRO Motorsports Group in 2011, and has now become the world’s most involved GT race. This year, the first round of endurance races is divided into three groups: professional, professional-amateur and amateur. Racers from three groups brought a thrilling and exciting experience to the audience in the three-hour first round. No. 1 Audi R8 LMS and two leading Mercedes-AMG GT3s (No. 3 and No. 4 respectively) were difficult to separate in the final duel, and eventually adopted a flexible strategy in the final lap Be the first to reach the end. Christopher Mies, Alex Riberas and Dries Vanthoor from Belgium’s Audi Club team won the championship title in the No. 1 WRT car, driving The British team of Mercedes Strakka Racing No. 43 came in second place, and the third team was the German team of No. 4 Mercedes ‘Black Falcon’. Monza is also the first victory in the history of the Blancpain GT series.

Endurance Series Podium
   At the Silver Cup, drivers from the Emil Frey Racing team drove the No. 54 Jaguar G3 and took the upper hand with perfect performance. In the professional-amateur race, the Rinaldi Racing Team drivers driving the 333 Ferrari 488 GT3 took the lead. The AKKA ASP team driving the Mercedes AMG GT3 89 won the amateur championship.
GT Sports Club Championship

   The Blancpain GT Sprint Championship is entirely tailor-made for the ‘racing gentlemen’, and Blancpain has been officially named as the title sponsor of the event since 2016. Each round of the tournament consists of a one-hour qualifier and an hour-long main match. This year, the ‘Titanium Cup’ race (for racers aged 50-59 years old) was added, and the existing ‘Iron Cup’ race (for racers over 60 years old) and the ‘Bronze Cup’ Tournament (General Ranking Tournament), indicating that the scale of the players in the tournament is gradually expanding. Italian racer Mario Cordoni, who drove the Ferrari 488 GT3 / AF Corse No. 70, relied on his absolute advantage in the first round twice to win the Blancpain GT Sports Club and the ‘Titanium Cup’ The winner of the two races is included in the bag. American driver Stephen Earle, who drove the Ferrari 488 GT3 / Keseel Racing 111, also showed his most outstanding performance in his racing career, leading him from the beginning to the whole race.
Blancpain and Racing World

   Over the past ten years, Blancpain has, as always, continued to strengthen its participation in global motorsport through diversified methods, and has established a remarkable leadership position among car manufacturers, racers and extreme sports enthusiasts. During these years, Blancpain has established the brand’s international benchmark status in the GT world by actively establishing cooperative relationships with major events in the world. These events include Blancpain GT Series Europe, (Perth Endurance Series and Blancpain Sprint Series), Blancpain GT Series Asia and Blancpain Sports Club. In addition, Blancpain has exclusive timing for the British GT Championship. In these racing events, Blancpain has burst into full bloom with its official timing identity, showing the wonderful connection between fine watchmaking and car manufacturing.
Blancpain Exclusive Experience
   During the competition, Blancpain carefully prepared an exclusive VIP viewing area for the guests and friends present. This exclusive area that combines fine watchmaking with cutting-edge motorsports provides an ideal meeting place for professional, amateur and watch fans. Guests shared their passion in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, exchanging core values ​​such as extreme precision, superior performance and the pursuit of innovation. In the elegant and comfortable environment, the brand’s special guests also have the opportunity to go behind the scenes and visit the Blancpain timing zone, which plays an important role in the calculation of the results of each race. In addition, the guests can go deep into the background live broadcast control center and observe the TV production equipment up close. The famous track “Pre-race starting area visit” event before the start of the main event is also a wonderful highlight of the experience project. Guests also have the opportunity to meet with different teams at the pits.

Guests visit different fleet maintenance stations
   The unique exclusive experience will continue to be wonderfully presented in the VIP lounge, where guests will explore Blancpain’s art and lifestyle, and enjoy the carefully selected fine wines and exquisite cuisine. In addition, watch enthusiasts are also immersed in Blancpain’s watchmaking world. In the exhibition area, enjoy a wonderful exhibition focusing on the perfection of Blancpain timepieces, and live demonstrations by master watchmakers are even better. There were more unexpected surprises on the scene, bringing guests an unforgettable weekend time.

Highlights of Blancpain timepieces in the VIP lounge
Upcoming Blancpain GT Series (Endurance Race) and Blancpain GT Racing Club Schedule Dates

The second round of the Blancpain Endurance Series will kick off on May 19-20, 2018 at Northstone, the hometown of British motorsport, at Silverstone.
The next round of the Blancpain GT Racing Club Championship will take place on the weekend of June 2 and 3, 2018, at the speed of the Paul Ricard circuit in France.
Click on the link below to get a calendar of the 2018 season:
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Blancpain GT Racing Club: http://www.blancpainsportsclub.com/calendar