Swarovski Limited Edition Elis Bangle Watch

Purple is the theme color of Swarovski’s fall / winter 2011-2012 fashion and jewelry collection. Stunning watch collection. Elis Bangle is both a watch and a piece of jewelry. It is another perfect example of successfully combining fashion elements and watchmaking technology. It inherits the exquisite and charming aspect of the Elis series, the pyramid-shaped stainless steel bezel, and the dazzling thick strap is as close as possible. Comfortable bracelet for wrist.

The shiny and comfortable strap is all made of crystal mesh and is decorated with 744 small crystals, creating a patterned chain design that fits perfectly on the wrist. The frosted purple dial features a purple radiant pattern in the center, and is bordered with protein accents on all sides. This watch has a dazzling and magnificent shape, which takes crystal design and watchmaking technology to the extreme. Its creation is inspired by Swarovski’s first watch series. It is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.