Students Reading Horizontal And Vertical Series Vacheron Constantin 47450/000r-9404 Watch Appreciation

Vacheron Constantin is one of the most famous watch factories in the world. With ancient watchmaking technology and excellent design craftsmanship, it can always design unique styles. The vertical and horizontal series has a kind of calmness unique to successful men. From the simplicity and elegance of ordinary models to the reasonable layout of functional models, Vacheron Constantin has achieved a masterly style. Today, let’s enjoy it with the 47450 / 000R-9404 series.
 Vacheron Constantin 47450 / 000R-9404 is a classic model of the horizontal and vertical series. It continues to use the classic rudder-shaped bezel design of the horizontal and vertical series to carry the profound meaning of the series. 18k rose gold material, that dark red color makes this watch feel luxurious. The dial of this watch is silver-gray, and the date dial, the second time zone dial, and the day and night dial are arranged on the dial in an orderly manner. Among them, the date dial and the second time zone display dial echo each other on the dial like the sun and the moon complement each other in the sky. At ten o’clock, the power reserve indicator dial is like a golden red rainbow hanging in the sky. The sun, moon and rainbow present a different aesthetic image on the dial. The famous ‘Maltese Cross’ is located at the twelve o’clock in the right direction, highlighting the brand, and also bringing the elegance and extraordinaryness of this watch to a new level. The strap is made of black crocodile leather. The buckle is a folding buckle that looks elegant and comfortable. It is comfortable and convenient to wear, and it is indeed a luxurious high-end watch.

 In terms of functions, this 47450 / 000R-9404 time travel watch is designed by Master Vacheron Constantin, adding a very powerful time function to it. First of all, because the power reserve of the movement is only about 40 hours, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the power reserve indicator dial at 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock on the dial can display the remaining power reserve. There is also a small day and night indicator dial below it, which may not be so significant in actual use, but it can add a lot of fun to the wearer and maintain a happy mood while traveling. Of course, the calendar function is also indispensable. The date indicator on the upper left of the dial can clearly display the window date. As a travel watch that often crosses latitudes, the second time zone indicator at 6 o’clock adds a level of professionalism to this watch. The universality of this function is not just that. People in the two places often encounter the effects of jet lag when they are in contact. The convenience provided by this function at this time is self-evident. Of course, the traditional time display of the two places is convenient, but it is also troublesome to adjust, so this watch is equipped with a second time zone time correction button on the upper left to make time adjustment more convenient. The built-in soft iron inner shell protects the movement from magnetic fields up to 25,000 A / m.
 This classic 47450 / 000R-9404 watch is equipped with a Cal.1222SC self-winding movement. The 40-hour power reserve display allows users to not worry about power conditions. With a diameter of 26.6mm and a movement thickness of 4.85mm, this movement has a total of 153 parts. These make up this powerful movement, and the grinding of the balance wheel is very detailed, showing the superb technology of Vacheron Constantin craftsmen. The Cal.1222 SC movement is based on the Cal.929 / 3 movement launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1996. Its self-winding oscillating weight bearings use ceramic ball bearings, which significantly reduces the friction caused by traditional metal alloy bearings and improves Winding efficiency.

This vertical and horizontal series 47450 / 000R-9404 uses an 18k 5N rose gold case with a silver-gray dial and a black Mississippi alligator leather strap, highlighting a sense of stability and elegance; more importantly, Its functions are also relatively powerful, with a date indicator, a second time zone indicator, and a day and night display; the power reserve display is even more distinctive, like a crescent moon; in addition, it also has a built-in soft iron Enclosure with antimagnetic capability up to 25,000 A / m. In general, the Vacheron Constantin 47450 / 000R-9404 watch is stylish and dynamic, versatile and practical, and the movement is stable and high quality. It is a good sporty and exquisite luxury watch.
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