Standard Pointer And Patented Calendar High-value Patek Philippe Complication Timepiece

If a gentleman chooses a watch, he can have many choices, such as big three needles and small three needles. But if he is a particularly delicate gentleman, he has a different way of dealing with life and work, then in terms of watch selection, it must be a unique sense of exclusivity. Patek Philippe’s new complex function timepiece can meet its various needs, exquisite appearance design, chic standard pointers and Patek Philippe’s unique patent calendar, etc., specially created for contemporary sophisticated gentlemen. (Watch model: Ref. 5235 / 50R-001)

‘Unique’ in the regular series

  In 2011, Patek Philippe introduced a patented annual calendar watch with a standard hand display, model number Ref.5235. The standard hand, which refers to the regulator-type standard timepiece, was originally born in the 18th century, and it was specially designed for watchmakers to proof the time on other clocks. The hour, minute, and second hands of the standard hand watch are not located on the same axis, but are separated from each other and arranged in a row. The main position on the dial is reserved for the minute hand, and the hour hand is placed in a less important position. Its internal structure It is completely different from the junior or minor three-pin design and has more precise characteristics. This year Patek Philippe introduced this model in rose gold, which is the only watch in the regular series with a standard hand display. Reappear contemporary style with new materials and colors.

  The watch is made of rose gold, which is exquisite and delicate with a unique metallic luster. The diameter of the 40.5 mm diameter is very suitable for the wrist size.

  The rose gold material with graphite and ebony black two-tone dial, supplemented by vertical satin processing and white transfer display, shows the refined gentleman’s atmospheric style. With the classic original design pointer-rose gold Button hands, it also reminds one of the old standard pointer calendar. The watch uses a three-track scale to display the time, a central minute hand, an hour dial and a small second dial. It combines the classic three-hand and one-line with modern design style, exposing a balanced aesthetic.

  The annual calendar displays the week, month and date through three windows, and the date display can be automatically adjusted according to the specific month, regardless of whether the month has 30 days or 31 days. Therefore, it only needs to be adjusted once a year on March 1.

  The crown is also made of rose gold from the side. The top is engraved with Patek Philippe’s classic LOGO logo. The body is decorated with a non-slip texture design, which is convenient for the wearer to adjust the time.

  On the other side, there are three adjustment buttons for correcting the display of the day, date, and month.

  The watch is paired with a hand-stitched large square scale crocodile leather strap with pin buckle design, which shows the noble character all over the body.

  The caseback with a transparent design can clearly observe the movement of the movement. The 22K gold mini-automatic dial decorated with circular Geneva stripes and other exquisitely decorated components can be seen at a glance. It is equipped with the Caliber 31-260 REG QA automatic movement developed by Patek Philippe for this watch. It is famous for its frequency of 23,040 half-oscillations per hour (3.2 Hz) and high-tech regulators. The latter contains materials made of Silinvar. The manufactured Pulsomax® escapement and the patented Spiromax® balance spring are independently developed by the Patek Philippe Advanced Technology Research Department to guarantee a power reserve of 38-48 hours.
  Summary: This watch, in both the design and the movement manufacture, shows the peerless craftsmanship of a top watchmaking brand. The three-pointed hand with a deep and quiet dial is imprinted with the restrained gentleman’s exclusive restraint. And elegance, coupled with the brand’s unique patented calendar, has added a deep connotation to the timepiece, creating the most beautiful brilliance between the wrist. The official price of the watch is RMB 379,400.