Rolex ‘young Talent Plan Awards Ceremony’ Ended Successfully

Rolex Rolex held the ‘Youth Talent Program’ award ceremony with the headquarters of Geneva, Switzerland on May 29, 2013. The awards were awarded to five visionary young dreamers to cultivate a new generation of young leaders. Encourage them to pursue excellence in creation.

Five young pioneer leaders actively pursue the dream of changing the world
Since the announcement of the winners in November 2012, five winners from Mexico, India, Afghanistan, and Paraguay have carried out several inspiring projects. With enthusiasm and extraordinary leadership skills, they have overcome all difficulties in the past six months and actively improved the quality of life in their communities and in other parts of the world. From helping millions of blind people in India to setting up folktale teaching schools to open doors of knowledge to war-torn Afghanistan’s vulnerable communities and work towards their respective goals.

Rebecca Irvin, Rolex’s charity director, shared: ‘These young pioneers have outstanding social awareness, they wholeheartedly help others and are determined to achieve bold ideas. We believe that the Youth Talent Program will help these youth Leaders realize their full potential and move their inspirational projects forward. ‘

The current number of candidates for this year’s Youth Talent Program has increased fivefold, receiving a total of 3,512 applications from 154 countries, setting a historical record. The new awards are a positive response to this warm response. Each winner receives a prize of 50,000 Swiss francs, a Rolex precision timepiece, and can advertise their target projects around the world.