Raymond Weil & Nomos

In China and Dalian, Jinhua Watches and Swiss top brands have spent 17 spring, autumn, winter and summer together since 1992. Since becoming the first batch of authorized Swiss watch distributors in the country, the operation of Jinhua Watches’ World-Famous Watches Hall has embarked on a vigorous development path, driving the overall development of the watch industry. Today, Jinhua Watches has firmly grasped the pulse of the market in Dalian, Northeast China and Beijing, and has opened several Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Earl, Cartier, Chopard, Rolex, Lange, Blancpain, IWC , Jaeger-LeCoultre, Roger Dubuis, Hublot, Panerai, Kunlun, Glashütte, Montblanc and other top brands as the leader, bringing together dozens of world-renowned brand watch specialty stores, occupying the world’s top watch brand integrity dealers First spot.
Music flows on the wrist
——2010 Raymond Weil Dalian Centennial City Tour
Recently, Raymond Weil, an independent watch brand from Geneva, Switzerland, presented a magnificent audio-visual feast in Centennial City of Dalian.
Because Mr. Raymond Weil and his family are very fond of art, the models and models launched by the brand since its establishment are all named after classical music and opera. In order to let more consumers understand this brand’s excellent tradition, the theme of this tour is around ‘music flowing on the wrist’. Whether it is the stage setting of the atrium concert hall of Dalian Centennial City, or the live performance of various western instruments, classical music, the graceful poses of models, etc., it has created a distinguished and elegant artistic feeling. The European-style court ceremony fully explained the profound watch culture and artistic background to the guests present.
With the smooth unveiling of the Dalian tour, more consumers will understand this independent watch brand from Geneva, and Raymond Weil will also strive to contribute more wonderful works to the Dalian market.
■ Brand Story
Raymond Weil is a brand named by Mr. Raymond Weil, the ‘soul figure in the Swiss watch industry’. It is one of the very few independent watch factories in the watchmaking industry that is still family-run. The brand emphasizes a deep relationship between art and culture, at the same time pays attention to the delicate watchmaking technology, promotes the independent brand spirit, and is regarded as one of the fastest-growing and most potential watch brands in the world. Raymond Weil’s watch works are mostly based on classic shapes and pure Swiss watchmaking techniques. The appearance of the case and the polishing of the built-in movement show the distinctive brand characteristics through careful expression. Thinking in circulation-independence is an attitude.

2010 Raymond Weil’s new Parsifal series
The new Parsifal watch once again embodies the essence of Raymond Weil’s loyalty to the tradition and adheres to tradition to drive creative inspiration.
The striking black dial is set against the edge of the rose gold frame to create a strong contrast; the Roman numerals can better highlight the depth and elegance of the watch. Compared to Parsifal’s previous style, the new work extends the case diameter to 41 mm, with all-black alligator straps stitched with saddle stitching and double push-in safety locks. The delicate auxiliary dial displays the hours, minutes and seconds separately, placed on the main dial symmetrically, and the calendar window between 4 and 5 o’clock makes the message clear at a glance.
ParThe automatic movement of the new Parsifal series is based on the ETA2892 / 2 movement and the Dubois Dépraz 2010 timing module is added. The power reserve can reach 42 hours. The button at 2 o’clock can start / stop the timer function, while the button at 4 o’clock is responsible for resetting.
NOMOS Debuts in German Simplicity
The famous watch brand NOMOS from Germany recently held its first watch appreciation event in Bincheng at Jinhua Clock & Clock in Dalian Centennial City, aiming to convey Dalian’s watchmaking craftsmanship and simplicity to consumers in Dalian. Set off a bauhaus.
For Dalian, the traditional center of watch consumption, NOMOS and Jinhua Watches joined hands to show the latest masterpieces to watch lovers as well as to strengthen the spread of German watch culture. In order to let the guests better understand the brand culture, NOMOS conveys its inner beauty through simple lines, modern shapes, pure colors, and moving catwalks. The guests seem to be in an art exhibition. At the event site, whether it is a young and dynamic Club, a full line of Tangomat equipped with self-produced movements, a classic best-selling Tangente, a popular Tetra, elegant and retro Orion, and the latest self-produced Zurich Zurich series in 2010, blending simple style The NOMOS timepieces with excellent watchmaking crafts attract everyone present with their unique design, exquisite polishing and friendly prices. It is worth mentioning that in addition to having many classic styles, this event introduces for the first time limited edition styles such as ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and ‘Legend of the Sea and Sky’ specially produced by the brand for Hong Kong and Taiwan to attract a large number of watch fans.
After Glashütte and Lange, NOMOS is the third German high-end watchmaking brand to enter the Dalian market. Compared with the first two brands, NOMOS, which has returned to the watchmaking industry since 1990, is currently the only watchmaking workshop in Glashütte’s watchmaking town that still maintains independent operation. It is also the first to use ‘Glashutti’ origin to develop its name. First mechanical watch brand. The brand name is derived from Greek, meaning ‘law’ and ‘regulation’. Like its watchmaking spirit, it emphasizes the precise and practical functions of watches, and has succeeded with excellent quality and unique marketing strategies in just a few decades. To develop its career map and become a watch brand regarded as a national treasure by the Germans.
Automatic Zurich
3In March 2009, NOMOS launched the new automatic watch Zurich, which is the ultimate example of technical cooperation between Switzerland and Saxony. The inverted tapered basic design makes the watch more slender and elegant, and its cone tip is perfectly connected to the strap, which is perfectly natural. Zurich watches are generous, decent, and unpretentious. In fact, this watch is elegant and precise, and its slim bezel expresses the characteristics of NOMOS. The surface from the watch body to the strap shank is carefully polished, and its geometric appearance perfectly matches the neatly wound Horween Cordova leather strap. There is a slight gap between the strap connector and the layered structure of the case. Therefore, the case is simple and clear, striking, like diamonds on the ring. The crown of this new NOMOS watch is also distinctive. The unique shape echoes the elegant and luxurious case, and the carved grooves show the elegance of this watch.