Radar Watch Silver Diamond Hollow-out Table

Look closely, the movement of this watch is not completely hollowed out, there is a considerable area of ​​the movement plywood is not cut out, the dial is not completely removed. This semi-hollowed design with window openings makes the golden hands, scales, gears and black case, the movement splint a strong contrast, more charming than full hollowed out, more importantly, it maintains the constant abstraction of radar feel.

    In the July issue of this year, we specifically introduced the hollow-out watch, and then readers called to ask that there were several other watches that were also hollow-out, why not introduced. So we have done this topic about window table, talk about the difference between window table and hollow table and their respective characteristics.

    Before I started writing, I also contacted a Chinese friend who worked in a Swiss watch factory and asked him if this kind of window watch is known in the Swiss watchmaking industry. He said no. why? Because there is nothing technically special, just a hole in the dial. I said, but the effect is different. He said yes.

Skeleton and Open

    The longer I have been in the watch and clock industry, the more I find that many of the professional vocabulary we usually use is not standardized. For example, someone wrote a mother-of-pearl dial, which should actually be mother-of-pearl, and mother-of-pearl is a medicinal material; for example, some brands mark silicon The balance spring is actually not silicon, only the balance spring is silicon. There is still a lot of similar confusion, but I haven’t encountered it now, and I can’t remember it for a while.

    There is also a misunderstanding of the definition of a hollow watch. On Sina Weibo a few days ago, a watchmate mentioned Breguet’s Ref.7057, thinking that this was a hollow watch, and a colleague followed by posting: This watch is not hollow, but a movement bare. Skeleton in English is Skeleton, which means skull and frame. In Chinese, Skeleton is translated into a hollow, because it is very similar to the traditional Chinese hollowing process. They are engraving a penetrating pattern or text on the object to keep the object intact, but the interior is completely hollow. This is obviously not the same as Ref.7057 with the dial removed and the movement exposed.

    Skeleton skeleton watch, it must be the movement, not the dial. Because the dial of the watch has only a thin layer, the thickness of 0.4 mm is not even enough, there is no layer, and there is no internal space. Naturally, it is not hollow. However, after the watch factory hollowed out the movement, in order not to block the line of sight, the dial must be removed. It is for this reason that some watch friends mistakenly exposed the watch as a hollowed out watch.

    In addition, the so-called ‘half-hollow’ and ‘partial hollow’ styles also need to be carefully screened to see whether the hollow is the movement plywood or the dial. If it is the former, it is OK; if it is the latter, that is, the dial is partially hollowed out or made transparent, showing a part of the movement, it cannot be called hollow. This type of watch is represented by ZeniChronoMaster Open (flagship happy), since there is no uniform name, we might as well call it Open-open the dial.

Open window, open, happy

    Open is not a traditional watchmaking technology, nor is it an industry hotspot. It has been in people’s field for nearly one or two decades. Anyway, I have never seen an antique watch Open. From a technical point of view, Open’s style is nothing more than a hole in the dial, which is not that complicated, nor does it increase the function and control of the watch. It is similar to the mother-of-pearl dial and the oscillating weight changed into various shapes. It belongs to the kind of decorative watches that enrich the types of watches and can arouse the interest and curiosity of consumers.

    Open has three meanings for the watch. The first is “opening the window”. The unique scenery of the window enhances the watch’s viewing. Speaking of open windows, Movado’s RED LABEL series is very representative. Most of Movado’s models use a sun-dial dial without scales. Simplicity is its advantage and its shortcomings, because the dial is completely stationary, there is no even a moving second hand, and there is naturally nothing when looking at the watch. Fun at all. But if you open a window at 6 o’clock on the dial, the four wheels and half of the escape wheel are exposed, and the feeling is completely different, as if time has switched from a stationary state to a running state.

    The second meaning of Open is ‘open’. From Open to Open, it is undoubtedly an innovation in the design of watch dials. Zenith, which has always been known for its manufacture of movements, plays the role of creative director. As we all know, Zenith EL PRIMERO is one of the few high-swing frequency chronograph movements on the market. In its previous works, we can only vaguely feel the high-swing frequency of 36,000 times per second from the step of the second hand; Zenith’s flagship happy series is to show the high-frequency balance wheel together with the operation of the four wheels and the escape wheel in front of the world, making the high swing frequency from an adjective to a verb.

    The third meaning of Open is happiness. For domestic consumers, the ‘8’ formed by the small seconds dial and window will make them happy, and the heart-shaped window representing love on the dial will make them happy. , But the biggest happy thing, we still have to see more, learn more, so that we can believe more. In short, in the domestic market at this stage, the word ‘happy’ seems more responsive and more attractive than any professional term.

    Ignoring the argument of whether the window-opening table is created for the Chinese market, but only in terms of its effect-‘window-opening’ may only be used as a decoration in the eyes of foreigners, but it is completely Another time.