Parmigiani Creates A Limited Edition Watch For The 2012 Montreux Jazz Festival

Gathering with music lovers, supporting young talents, creating a common space for artistic expression, and sharing knowledge, this is the purpose of Parmigiani’s participation in the Montreux Jazz Festival. The 2012 Music Festival looks set to become a legendary festival.
    Since 2007, Parmigiani has become a partner of the Montreux Jazz Festival, and has become its main sponsor in 2008. Parmigioni has witnessed the growth of the festival over the years. This year, the 90-square-meter private VIP area will become the core of the festival, and jazz lovers, musicians and performers will gather together for an unprecedented event. In 2011, John McLaughlin, one of the stars of the festival, came to the festival to have a night talk. His presence reminded everyone that passion and humanity are the foundation of the Parmigiani brand.
    As a partner of Parmigiani, sports and art stars from around the world will also have the opportunity to enjoy music performances at the festival and in the rural Riviera.
    A hot air balloon dedicated to Parmigiani will be raised above the festival, and VIPs and performers from all over the world will wear brand-name uniforms that are easy to identify and fly high.
    On the stage, follow the tradition cherished by Claude Nobs-providing performers with the most representative Swiss masterpieces, 25 limited edition Parmigiani Kalpa Grande and Kalpa XL watches specially created for the 2012 Music Festival. In 2011, Claude Nobs selected artists including Paolo Nutini, Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin and Liza Minelli.
    Parmigiani will also set his sights on a new generation of jazz musicians. As a ‘Fondation 2’ partner since 2009 and a special sponsor of the Piano Solo Competition, Parmigiani will support 11 young players selected to the finals to participate in the Montreux competition. Last year’s champion, Polish singer Piotr Orzechowsk realized his dream of recording records and was given a Parmigiani MJF 2011 collector series watch.
Kalpa Grande and Kalpa XL MJF 2012 automatic winding watches.
    As always, watches specially produced for the Montreux Jazz Festival are inspired by festival posters. This year’s poster, designed by the famous American photographer Greg Gorman, shows the immortality of a naked athletic man, which Greg Gorman believes symbolizes ‘the contemplative feeling of listening to music’. Through the use of subtle material technology-cross-brushing, the dial presents a male silhouette. Kalpa Grande or Kalpa XL self-winding watches (calibre number PF 331, hour, minute and central seconds) are available in two models: an ivory dial for women and a black dial for men. The stainless steel sapphire case back is engraved with the ‘Montreux Jazz Festival 2012’ logo.
About Swiss Montreux Jazz Festival
    The Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is one of the largest and most influential jazz festivals in the world. It is also the first of the 3 major jazz festivals in Europe. It began in 1967. Every July from the first Friday to the third Saturday. Occupying a pivotal position in various music festivals, its music category has greatly exceeded the scope of jazz music, music lovers from all over the world come together, and a warm music atmosphere will permeate the entire city.