Manual Planting Of Gear Broken Shaft Tenon

This is an old 18K gold Piaget watch. This kind of old watch was not waterproof in the past. Its movement model is 12PC1. The shaft tenons of its two gears have rusted off one end. If you want to find such accessories, it may only be available from the original factory, but the price will not be cheap, and the fastest time may be half a year. If we planted it by hand, wouldn’t it be cheap and fast? Left: cleaning a new watch part; right: assembled watch movement
     01: Due to the water ingress, the shaft and tenon of these two gears are rusted and one end is broken, and these two are only the gears of the automatic part, and the gears of the moving part are not rusted at all. So as long as the watch is wound by hand, it is completely walkable.
    02: Use a caliper to measure the shaft tenon of this gear is 0.5mm, and the broken tenon is at the toothed end. The diameter of the plane that can be drilled at this end is larger than the shaft diameter, so even if a bit larger than 0.5mm is used, it is only After making the tenon, grind it to 0.5mm. Because the drill bit tends to be thinner and harder to grind, and the thinner the bit is easier to break. In fact, I used a 0.4mm drill bit, so the drilled hole diameter is about 0.5mm, and the tenon that is planted is exactly 0.5mm. Basically no further processing is required. 03: In order to maintain the original rigidity of the part being processed, I choose a harder drill to directly drill the cross section, the so-called ‘cold drill’, instead of annealing the broken shaft and then drilling, the ‘hot drill’. However, the key to drilling is not here. The most important thing is that the drilled hole must be in the center of the cross section, that is, on the axis. Otherwise, no matter how good it is, it will be a waste of effort, and it will be impossible to remedy or even scrap … So in Do not rush to drill before drilling, but to locate first, you can first smooth the cross section, then use a finer drill to point the hole, select the center position, and then slowly drill. When drilling 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, it is determined that there is no Deviation, you can drill down quickly. 04: The drilling depth is about the same as the length of the tenon, and then a round rod with a diameter of about 0.5mm is used for trial insertion. If it feels slightly tight, it is estimated that it can be inserted in place (completely based on feeling). At this time, remove the round rod. Add a little bit of ‘green oil’ into the hole and then gently tap the round rod into place with a hammer. Bake the prepared tenon at high temperature for 10 minutes and take it out. The tenon won’t fall off if you clamp it with tweezers. Or add a little solder to the planting place to weld firmly. This completes the planting of the mortise. In fact, after the tenon in the picture is planted, I have worn it again, and it is slightly thinner than the lower tenon. 05: The pinion of this pinion is easily and well prepared using the aforementioned method. And there is no tooth on this axle, it can be used to make a whole axle. After the two shaft tenons are completed, the entire automatic part of the gear is loaded into the movement, and the automatic hammer is turned. If the two-way rotation is very flexible, it is done. This is a ‘Pearl Tuo’ automatic watch. Clean and refuel the movement, complete the assembly, and adjust the speed. Originally a watch with severe rust, after nearly a month of immersion, derusting, and then ‘joint’, it finally resurrected …

Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 Sold For 2.5 Million Us Dollars, Set A Record Price Of Watches In Asian Auctions

On May 31, 2016, Phillips auction house and Bacs & Russo held the second Hong Kong luxury watch auction at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, one of which was Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 (368 No.) sold for USD 2,537,964, or approximately RMB 16,731,020, setting a record price for a single watch at an Asian auction. The total auction price for the entire auction was as high as USD 19.39 million, or approximately RMB 127.58 million.

   This is an 18K red gold watch with a case diameter of 37.7mm (case number 2’637’709), equipped with a mechanical movement (calibre number 869’357, diameter 13 ” ‘, 23 gems ), With perpetual calendar, chronograph and moon phase display, a beige leather strap with 18K red gold folding buckle, Patek Philippe logo on the case, dial and movement, very fine, rare and unique, Estimated before auction was $ 116-232 million.

  It is reported that this Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 watch participating in the auction was produced in 1968, sold on April 22, 1970, and appeared at the Sotheby’s Geneva auction on November 16, 2004. It was a distinguished European collectors. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Edwina Alexander, A Female Rider, Recently Visited The Jaeger-lecoultre Watch Factory To Announce Her Participation In The 2012 London Olympics

Edwina drives her favorite horse Itot du Château twice in the Global Champions Tour in 2009 and 2011. Nevertheless, the female rider is always ambitious looking forward to the next season With the arrival of the 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2012 World Championship Tour, she is also aiming for her goal, and Jaeger-LeCoultre is also the official partner of these two events and provides timing.
   Whether as a partner in multiple national and regional races, or in the form of cooperation with the world’s largest obstacle course, the World Championship Tour, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the horse racing world have always maintained a strong and close relationship.
About Australian female rider Edwina Tops-Alexander Born in Sydney, Australia, Edwina Tops-Alexander has won numerous domestic competitions in her early years. She had a rare competitive spirit, and soon she decided to go to Europe to compete with the world’s top riders. As soon as she arrived in the ‘Old Continent,’ she was well received by observers and stood out in multiple first-level events.
   In 2000, the Edwinae World Equestrian Championship (she finished fourth), Zurich, Brussels, London Grand Prix.
At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Edwina won the ninth place and has since ranked among the top ten in the world. Since 2009, she has topped the world’s number one female rider, and in 2009 and 2011, she managed her horse Itot du Château to win the World Championship Tour.

   At present, she occupies the tenth place in the world mixed ranking and the first place in the women’s rider rankings. For the first time in the same season, she won a prize of more than one million euros, setting a new world championship tour record.
   Edwina Tops-Alexander is actively preparing for the 2012 London Olympics. The obstacle course for the 2012 London Olympics will be held in Greenwich Park from August 4th to 8th. Built in 1433, Greenwich Park is the oldest royal park in London. It belongs to the coastal town of Greenwich and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Obstacle racing is a race with both skill and physical fitness, which requires a high degree of flexibility, speed, and strength; there are 12-14 obstacles set in the short distance, and both riders and their mounts must show incomparable performance. Courage, accuracy and willpower.
   Obviously, Edwina has considerable talent in horse riding, but her success is largely due to the tacit relationship between her and the mount, which is cultivated through the continuous training and development of the mount. ‘In order to meet the Olympics, I set up a special training program for my two horses, Itot and Vluet.’ Edwina Tops-Alexander revealed, ‘Itot is in great shape. It’s amazing. You can understand it when you see it. For Itot, I only need to pay attention to the rhythm of competition and cultivation. Vluet also needs to accumulate experience. For myself , The most important thing is to ride on horseback every weekend to maintain the training rhythm and proficient skills. Of course, three times a week of fitness exercises are also essential. ‘
   Jaeger-LeCoultre is proud to be able to invite Edwina Tops-Alexander as the brand’s ambassador.

Girard-perregaux Brings Them Extraordinary Beauty And Extreme Precision

Girard-Perregaux is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1791. Over the years, Girard-Perregaux has created legendary watches that combine unique design and innovative technologies. For example, Constant Girard-Perregaux is in In 1889, he won the gold medal with the Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon.

Cat Eye Series-Starry Night Sky Moon Phase Watch
The beauty of a woman comes from her perfect looks, elegant manners and temperament emanating from the inside out. GP Girard-Perregaux’s Cat’s Eye Collection is designed for women to express this strong femininity. As a major innovation in the field of fine watchmaking, it combines excellent aesthetic design and high-quality mechanical movements, adhering to the brand’s traditional superb Swiss watchmaking tradition, creating a series of attractive female mechanical watches. The cat’s eye series Celestial watch, as a new member of Girard Perregaux’s prestigious cat’s eye series, has injected rich emotions and complex diversity into it.

Full moon and starlight
The moon phase occupies almost the entire dial space, it is the most noticeable highlight, reminding us: the moon plays a leading role among the dancing stars, and the division of time is caused by human observation. The sun allows humans to distinguish between day and night, and determine the season; the cycle of the moon’s movement derives from the concept of the month. The moon pulls the tides up and down, like the hourglass of time in water; all the abstract features can’t help but be imaginative.
Design highlights
The iconic cat-eye case provides a stage for a little bit of starlight, and its gorgeous oval-shaped appearance is full of vitality and charm, which gently fits the curvature of the wrist, making it look like a real gem. The case is made of rose gold and set with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds. It is romantically matched with the mother-of-pearl dial with engraved carving. The dial is embellished with a guilloché pattern and waterdrop-shaped diamond scales, and the eyes are drawn to a moon phase display disc with a diameter of 8.9 mm and rotation in 59 days. Compared with the ordinary moon phase display, the complicated moon phase display device that drives this complexity is not connected to the axis of the hour wheel, but is linked to the barrel, so that it can move smoothly without any tremor.

360 years later
GP Girard-Perregaux pursues the complexity and precision of its work as perfectly and delicately. To achieve this height standard, the moon’s surface is designed with tiny domes, and mother-of-pearl and aventurine are used for inlaying and polishing by hand. This particular aventurine sparkles like gold dust, unique and charming. In the eighteenth century, a glassblower in Murano, Italy accidentally plunged copper shavings into molten glass.The glassmaker later named this new material aventurine (English name: Aventurine) , From Italian Per Aventura, meaning ‘incidental’). Adhering to Swiss fine watchmaking for more than two centuries, Girard-Perregaux has given the Cat’s Eye Starlight Moon Phase Night Sky Watch a high degree of time accuracy, and has implemented the brand’s highest watchmaking standards. The average moon phase will produce an error of one day every two and a half years. However, the Girard-Perregaux cat’s eye series starlight night sky moon phase watch only needs to be transferred once every 360 years.

inner beauty
Adhering to the traditional watchmaking concept, this new work is equipped with GP03300-0125 automatic winding movement, which is designed, developed and manufactured by Girard-Perregaux in the finest Swiss watchmaking tradition. This 240-part movement has a power reserve of up to 46 hours and is distinguished by its superior decoration. It features a mainboard with Geneva ripples and round patterns, blue steel screws, and the ‘GP’ mark. Automatic rotor. Demonstrating the brand’s consistent aesthetic standards, the Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye Starry Night Sky Moon Phase Watch is paired with a rose gold strap or a midnight blue alligator strap to illuminate the night sky in glittering stars.

L.U.C 1963 New Chronograph By Chopard

According to the Home of Watches, the famous watch brand Chopard has recently launched a new chronograph watch of the L.U.C 1963 series. In fact, 2014 was a very special year for Chopard. The brand’s Scheufele has gone through 50 years of baptism. To celebrate such a memorable moment, the brand has also launched a number of commemorative watches.

 Today, this L.U.C 1963 watch is limited to 50 pieces. The entire case is made of precious rose gold with a diameter of 42 good wood and a thickness of only 11.5 mm. The gold case exudes grace and elegance, and the exquisite polishing technology makes every arc perfect.

 The material of the crown is also rose gold, and the LUC mark is clearly engraved on it. Passion and innovation are the two characteristics of Chopard’s philosophy. They penetrate into each unique piece of the L.U.C watch series. From the inside out, each watch is extremely beautiful, representing the highest state of watchmaking art.

 This watch is most notably equipped with a L.U.C 03.07-L manual winding mechanical movement with a diameter of 28.80 mm and a thickness of 5.62 mm. It contains 38 precious stones and has a power reserve of 60 hours. The overall case diameter is 42.00 mm, the thickness is 11.50 mm, and the waterproof depth is 50 meters. The stainless steel crown engraved with the L.U.C logo, and the case is made of anti-glare sapphire.

 In addition to the iconic L.U.C series elements, this watch uses bright red as the hue of the chronograph hands, which is gorgeous but not obtrusive.

 The watch has a thirty-minute chronograph dial at three o’clock, a date display window between four and five o’clock, and a regular small seconds dial at six. Nine o’clock is the 12-hour counter. The overall timing layout is unconventional and orderly.

 The overall has the temperament of a formal watch, with black alligator leather strap and rose gold pin buckle is more elegant and stable.

 The Geneva mark clearly marks the precise timing of the movement, which also shows that Chopard’s watch chronology level has ranked among the best in the industry.

 The fine polishing shows the perfectly stunning inner movement of the movement. A closer look at the column wheel inside the movement can withstand everyone’s elaboration and taste.

 This L.U.C 1963 chronograph watch brings together the essence of the series and Chopard’s most sophisticated watchmaking technology. I believe that it will definitely be loved and sought after after its official launch.

The Only Watch In The World

Parmigiani founded the watch brand Parmigiani in 1996, and launched his first watch series.

Parmigiani Tecnica XXIII “Flocon”

Parmigiani Tecnica XXIII “Flocon”
Parmigiani Tecnica XXIII “Flocon” is a collection of 4 complex functions, the only one in the world, inspired by the crystal clear snowflakes in winter. The delicate snowflakes are engraved on the surface and bottom cover, which is very beautiful. Specially designed with double bottom cover, the outer cover is a perfect and detailed blue and white ‘snowflake pattern’ enamel, and it is especially engraved with ‘PIECE UNIQUE’, which is of great treasure value; the inner cover is sapphire crystal, allowing you to appreciate the complexity of the mechanical movement structure. In addition, the design of the entire watch is based on the theme of crystal clear snowflakes. The dial, cover and splint all display snowflake patterns to echo the theme and increase the collection value.

Pershing chronograph ‘one-one-five’ limited series
Pershing series
Pershing Shipyard’s top flagship is the ultimate expression of the brand’s great value. This is a major revolution in form, and everyone applauds it.
Inspired by the lines of the pure Kalpa series, the Pershing series goes beyond the classics of the brand and further conveys the sports style, echoing the water world of Italian yacht manufacturer Pershing. In the new style of Parmigiani, the Pershing collection has the chronograph style and the possibility of integrating complex functions in the future.

Pershing Chronograph

Pershing Chronograph

New Kalpa Hemispheres
The new Kalpa Hemispheres watch, carefully crafted by Parmigiani watchmakers, shows the unique, gorgeous and colorful craftsmanship of advanced watchmaking. Through delicate techniques, the art exhibition of watches and clocks reveals its essence and pursues the essence of time.
The use of stainless steel and 18K rose gold materials, blue, silver, ink and camel dials, presents a variety of styles, just like the sweetness and sweetness of travel, making people feel colorful charm.

Founder of Parmigiani Parmigiani
Also as the global president of watch brands, Parmigiani may be different from most presidents. Parmigiani is not only the name of the brand, but also his own name. The watch brand founded in his name was established in 1996, and although it has not been long, it has won wide popularity and respect worldwide. As the president, Parmigiani understands the changes in the market, and Parmigiani, a professional watchmaker, is rigorous and serious. While having an interview with Parmigiani while having lunch, the reporter deeply realized that although he would not express his love for watches more orally, he was full of respect and enthusiasm for the industry. When he personally introduces watches named after him and made by himself to people all over the world, his heart should be full of pride!

The 70th Store Of Hublot Debuted In Zurich

Recently, Hublot’s 70th store worldwide has officially opened in Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city. The new boutique is located on the legendary Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, continuing Hublot’s principle of ‘the world’s most famous street’. Under the passion and courage of Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Chairman of the Board Jean-Claude Biver, the Swiss watchmaking brand It has achieved rapid growth and expansion at an average monthly increase of one new specialty store.

 In this golden age, Hublot announced that the young and highly talented famous midfielder of the Swiss national team, Xherdan Shaqiri, officially joined the prestigious Hublot football friend family and became a ‘Yu ‘LOVE LOVE FOOTBALL’ is another dazzling star on the long list of international all-star lineups. As the official timekeeper of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Hublot’s ‘Hublot Love Football’ project has included the king of the ball Bailey, the Colombian star Falcao, the ‘maverick’ Mourinho, England coach Hodgson, Brazil coach Sco Legendary superstars and football giants such as Larry, Bayern Munich (the club currently playing by Shachri), Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Ajax, the Mexican Football Association, and international referee Howard Webb, have built a grand International All-Star lineup.
 The Zurich store perfectly presents the latest design of the Hublot store. Several materials are interwoven in a space of 70 square meters, representing Hubble’s signature fusion art: the floor is paved with silver brushed oak and wool, and the walls are wrapped in silky fabric and decorated with dark wood and chrome steel. At the same time, Hublot reinterpreted the European 16th-century architectural style with a contemporary concept, and further demonstrated the power of fusion beauty. In detail, the lighting of the display cabinet has been carefully designed to make the light beam more prominently the watch, movement and gems. The specialty store assorted with a variety of black and gray, supplemented by contemporary furniture such as Italian handmade sofas, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. In order to emphasize the cabinet and the watches on display, Hublot began to use silver-plated glass panes. Finally, Hublot’s popular classics are reproduced on canvas in a colorful pop art style.

About ‘Hubo Love Football’
 King Bailey, Jose Mourinho, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Luis Felipe Scolari, Falcao, Roy Hodgson … these legendary superstars, footballers who choose Hublot The giants are not only the brand ambassadors and friends of Hublot, but also work together for the same goal. In order to mark the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Hublot, the top Swiss watch brand serving as its official timepiece and official watch, invites and leads us to revisit the charm of these football superstars from a new perspective. Twelve unprecedented portrait arts will show their never-before-seen side. Each wonderful moment in the photo frame tells an exclusive story with Hublot: King Bailey appears on the staircase of a stylish hotel in Rio Ipanema. On the whole, it shows its friendly nature and kingly style. Each piece of artwork brings the exclusive design of the Hublot World Cup: an artistic football pattern designed by the famous Brazilian artist Romero Britto, connecting all participants of the official watch event of the World Cup, passing a common letter- —

Corum And Banque Populaire Work Together

Corum has joined forces with Banque Populaire-the main fleet of the Sailing World – to sponsor the most watched sailing challenge: the Jules Verne Trophy .
As a partner and official timepiece of this famous global competition, Corum has specially launched a dedicated watch. Against this background, the brand naturally chose a watch from the Admiral’s Cup collection-a collection that has been praised by sailing enthusiasts since its introduction in 1960-this special edition watch is equipped with a chronograph function.

The Admiral’s Cup Seafender 48 Chrono Centro watch has the words ‘Trophée Jules Verne 2012’ on the surface, and the case back even depicts the line of the game.

If the team sets a new record during this sailing event, Corum will give this special edition watch to each team member of Maxi Trimaran Banque Populaire V, and each watch will be engraved with the team member’s personal name. Therefore, the 14 players who participated in the global competition not only fought to take away the trophy, but also had the chance to win a Corum watch.
Paying close attention to the weather forecast for the past few days, Loïck Peyron and his team decided to take advantage of the seaside area that now extends between Ireland and Portugal to seize the opportunity to sail the sea. They have been waiting for this opportunity for the past month.
Crossing at Vesan Island and Cape Lizard at 9:31:42 AM on Tuesday 22nd
The virtual starting route between them, Maxi Banque Populaire V began its second challenge to the Jules Verne Trophy sailing championship.
To warm up with ‘light’, it is necessary to grasp the light intensity in Biscay weather conditions as soon as possible, so that 14 sailors can directly enter the core of the marine theme, and their sailing chronograph will always accompany them to complete this great adventure. .

Loïck Peyron and the crew.

First heading towards the equator and then to South Africa, Maxi Banque Populaire V will sail all the way and sail its way around the world. Ahead of the challenge is 21,760 miles and surrounds three capes-Cape of Good Hope, Lizard, and the Horn of Africa. To engrave their names in the famous Jules Verne Trophy trophy and enter the history of the sailing competition, Loïck Peyron and his team members must press before 17: 15.34 on Monday, January 9, 2012 WSSRC * timer.
* WSSRC: World Sailing Speed ​​Records Council, the organization that manages sailing records.

Vacheron Constantin’s Sincere Change Of Style

In 2016, the altarpiece was still affected by the slump in the general environment. One of the trends is that the proportion of classic models and real wear models is higher, and even some Buddha hearts prices that are far lower than the previous market have been released. In addition, some Some of the brand’s models were only made of precious metals in the past. In 2016, they also began to add stainless steel models that will be lowered in price. On the one hand, consumers can get satisfactory functions or beautiful watch shapes. This lowered the threshold for entry and stimulated buying, so even though the economic situation has not yet recovered, watch manufacturers are still actively seeking to expand their customer base.

Quai de l’ Île

Recently, Vacheron Constantin’s new work published by VACHERON CONSTANTIN also keeps up with the aforementioned trend. After a few years, the brand has launched a new Quai de l’Île series. The color versions of the dials are all made of stainless steel, and with the new basic movement 5100 that debuted with Overseas in 2016, it has made the watch fans who were interested in this watch but still wait and see have a great disappointment. Reasons and timing.
Iconic design compatible with history and modern colors
The Quai de l’ Île series is an epoch-making aesthetic interpretation of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship with its contemporary design, unique temperament and distinguished Geneva mark. The name of this series originates from the address of Vacheron Constantin’s main store. It is the symbol of excellence in watchmaking in Geneva, the birthplace of the famous loft artisans in the 19th century, and the center of outstanding craftsmanship. It conveys Vacheron Constantin’s reputation to the world. Located in the heart of Geneva, turning the junction of the Rhone banks into a bustling city center. In order to continue Vacheron Constantin’s consistent spirit of innovation, the Quai de l’ Île series vividly reflects the brand’s unparalleled history of more than 260 years of outstanding technology and aesthetic heritage.

Clear case design
The use of sturdy, comfortable and lightweight stainless steel has made this collection stand out. Polished and satin-finished, the 41-mm-diameter case combines three classic Vacheron Constantin designs: a round bezel, a pillow case, and a barrel-shaped ring. This harmonious ‘overlay combination’ design creates an original aesthetic,
The sanding and modification process shows a light and shadow effect. In order to ensure ideal comfort, the multi-layered lug design adds a touch of dynamics to the case with a transparent bottom cover, highlighting Vacheron Constantin’s classic design and easy to identify.
Self-made movements for daily life
This stainless steel model is equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic winding movement, consisting of 172 parts. The 5100 movement is designed, developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. It has the functions of hours, minutes, central seconds and date, and a stable vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. This movement is designed for those who desire an active and active lifestyle, with strong anti-interference ability, and the dual barrel can ensure a power reserve of more than 60 hours. The automatic disc of the movement uses tungsten (Tungsten), which is a rarely used material in the watchmaking industry, but its hardness and weight can increase the inertia of the automatic disc and ensure the best lifting performance.
Case back at a glance
Through the sapphire crystal case back, the five raised corners decorate the modern Quai de l’ Île decoration style. The 5100 calibre uses extremely detailed sanding and decorating processes-chamfering, polishing, round grain, and Geneva ripples, all of which meet the Geneva Seal certification standards. This new movement strives for perfection in terms of reliability and aesthetic design, and its hand-finished production time is 40% longer than the movement without the Geneva Seal certification.
Multi-level combination creates unique facial dishes
The new Quai de l’ Île stainless steel has a unique multi-layer structured faceplate and is available in two options: a silver or black faceplate with a creamy finish. Consisting of three different areas, the innovative three-dimensional effect, the hour scale made of white luminous material and the Arabic numeral time scale ensure excellent readability. Another unique feature is the replacement of the traditional window-type date indicator with a double-layer date indicator. The structure of the face plate also includes a transparent mineral glass plate with the month date printed on it. Below this glass plate, the date dial mounted on the 5100 movement precisely indicates the date.
The new Quai de l’ Île stainless steel model has a water-resistant depth of 30 meters and comes with two straps-a chestnut brown alligator leather strap and a black rubber strap, and a stainless steel folding clasp.

Quai de l’ Île
4500S / 000A-B195 / Stainless steel material / 5100/1 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 30 meters / diameter 41mm

Quai de l’ Île
4500S / 000A-B196 / Stainless steel material / 5100/1 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 41mm

Hermès Arceau 30th Anniversary Global Hollowout Mechanical Watch

Hermes ARCEAU skeleton mechanical watch, limited to 24
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the birth of the most classic series of Hermes watches ARCEAU this year, the brand specially launched ARCEAU hollow mechanical watches, limited to 24 pieces worldwide.
ARCEAU was designed by Hermes senior designer Henri d’Origny in 1978. Its unique asymmetrical lug design, simple and elegant dial and italic Arabic numerals are the enduring elements of this series of watches. In 2000, the Louvre Museum in France chose this watch as the best classic design work of the 20th century and exhibited in the Louvre Museum.
镂 The 30th anniversary of the birth of ARCEAU launched by Hermes is a skeleton mechanical watch, equipped with the H1932 movement produced by Hermes Vaucher movement factory. This contemporary design skeleton movement made of 200 parts is set with 32 artificial rubies. The automatic disk is equipped with 7 ceramic ball bearings and the power reserve is 55 hours.

Hermes ARCEAU skeleton mechanical watch in 22k rose gold skeleton automatic dial carved horse galloping pattern.
18K white gold case with Hermès alligator strap. The hollow skeleton at six o’clock on the front is engraved with the letter “H” representing the brand. The case back has a carved 22K gold automatic disk ‘Early Sun Rising, Leaping Horses’. A limited edition of 24 pieces is issued worldwide. It also pays tribute to No. 24 Forbes Boulevard, Paris, where Hermes headquarters is located. Each is individually numbered.