Meidao Carefully Presents The Gorgeous “Shine” Of Stunning Watches In Summer

Since the advent of Swiss Mido Watch, it has always been leading the cutting-edge design concept. The watchmaker has given the classic elegant style and simple and stylish design of the watch, achieving the classic expression on the wrist, further satisfying every love watch. People’s pursuit of excellent watches. This summer, Swiss Mido carefully selected three women’s watches. They are exquisite without losing the quality, bright and elegant, and highlight the decoration, and integrate innovative design into the gorgeous fashion texture, just like a wrist. The flowers blooming in between, shining brightly, add a touch of bright color to the female wearer, with a variety of clothing, to achieve this summer’s vivid fashion focus.
Mido Berencelli Diamond Women’s Watch
     The Belem Cerelli watch has always conveyed timeless elegance. This series of diamond ladies watches is a colorful and sparkling ladies watch for women’s wrists. The bezel is adorned with diamonds. With its beautiful outline, the Belemcelli ladies watch emits a dazzling light, creating a feminine beauty that is both classic and modern. The diamonds are carefully embellished on the dial and case, making it even more dazzling. With red belts, it looks like flowers blooming in summer, showing enchanting elegance.
     The design inspiration of the Belem Celli series is derived from the outstanding representative of neoclassical architecture, the French Rennes Opera House. It inherits its circular architectural characteristics, has subtle curves and contours, and the extreme simplicity of the model returns to the fundamental of watch design. It expresses time in the purest and reproduces the simple and solemn appearance of neoclassicism. This fully automatic ladies’ watch is elegant and stylish, and its practical functions are also excellent. In her design, the lines are pure and the curves show elegance; the highly polished steel case shows the contours of the curve, the rounded lugs and the outer ring decorated with 60 diamonds are the gorgeous continuation of the case. The dial in it firmly catches people’s attention: the colorful mother-of-pearl face is set with 12 diamonds on 12 hours, which is like a treasure in a jewelry box. The hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds. The anti-glare sapphire mirror makes time easier to read. The date window is at half past four. The transparent back showcases a meticulously crafted automatic movement, a Geneva-decorated automatic top, a Mido logo and an 8-digit serial number. 50 meters effective waterproof to meet the needs of more environmental wear.
Mido Berencelli III Diamond Ladies Watch

     If the Belem Celi diamond ladies watch expresses the hot emotions of summer, then the Belem Celi III diamond ladies watch shows us a low-key luxury lifestyle that women seek. Also decorated with large diamonds on the bezel, the Belem Celli III women’s watch has become the most exquisite ornament on a woman’s wrist with a small and exquisite shape. With its beautiful outline, the silver dial is perfectly blended with the pure black strap. While fully experiencing the classic atmosphere, this watch shows the fresh and natural quality of this watch, becoming a unique scenery in the summer. The Berencelli III collection captures inspiration from the beautiful arcs of the arcade of the classic architecture of Milan’s Emmanuel II, using its infinitely symmetrical arc concept for watch design, and the use of Roman numerals echoes the Italian tradition And culture, so that the architectural art Huacai can be presented without losing the profound connotation of its practical spirit.
     Belem Celli III’s new diamond ladies watch combines elegance and precision, classic and fashion. In her design, the lines are pure and the curves show elegance. The highly polished steel case shows a curved outline, the lugs are rounded, and the 25 mm bezel is decorated with 40 large diamonds, which are elegant and luxurious. The dazzling light refracted by the diamond and the dial shine firmly capture people’s eyeballs: the unique gingival pattern in the center of the dial is filled with retro and timeless breath; the hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds, and anti-glare sapphire on both sides The mirror makes time easier to read. The transparent back showcases the meticulously crafted automatic movement, the Geneva wave decoration; and the automatic tutor with the Mido logo. The 50-meter water resistance makes it suitable for wearing in more environments, making it the most beautiful and practical decoration between women’s wrists in summer.

Mido Bruna Women’s Watch

     This summer, in addition to the beautiful and exquisite Berencelle series watches, there are also simple and elegant Bruner series watches to add color to the wrist. The Chrysler Building, which has long been an immortal legend in the hearts of New Yorkers, contrasts the use of elegant curves with tough geometric shapes and other elements to fully express the diversity of architectural design. The Mido Bruna watch inherits this simple and bold line , Using new design elements to interpret the tribute to the contemporary architectural masterpiece, the Chrysler Building in New York, let more watch lovers appreciate the amazing appearance and quality, and share the pure expressiveness accumulated from the inspiration of architectural design And vitality. Rose gold and chocolate color complement each other, discarding the tedious decoration, and under the simple appearance all contain a unique style of temperament, set off a different feeling of this summer.
     The design of Bruner’s new watch faithfully restores the unique and elegant architectural style of the Chrysler Building, which is more modern and elegant, and is more meticulous in detail. It perfectly combines the dynamic artistic trend with the eternal time philosophy to reflect The core spirit of Mido-inspiration and eternity. The new watch has an elegant appearance, a calm temperament and a restrained style, while the ubiquitous design is revealed inadvertently, demonstrating the excellent taste of the wearer.
     Bruna’s new watch’s diamond-polished hands and slender dial scale are reminiscent of the Chrysler Building straight into the top of the sky. The 33mm dial highlights the atmosphere, the finely polished outer ring and the exquisite carving in the center complement each other, bringing beautiful visual enjoyment, and the harmonious shape reminiscent of the elegant appearance of the building. The scratch-resistant glass mirror made of sapphire crystal effectively protects the body, and the transparent back cover allows the wearer to observe the carved movement, the spiral crown, and 100 meters waterproof. The design of the strap is clean and neat, the calfskin leather strap boldly uses brown to set off the noble temperament of women. The new Bruner watches will be with you to experience the unique style of the summer metropolis and enjoy a different life.

Cartier Blue Balloon Series New Works Extraordinary Listing

Cartier Blue Balloon Watch Series, a perfect fusion of classics and innovations, looks like a brilliant star, surpassing imagination and shining through the world. This year, Cartier continues to innovate the essence of innovation, dedicated to three new fashion masterpieces: chronograph passion for opening speed, dial-set diamonds reveal luxurious luxury, ultra-thin models explore the future of the trend. Brand new works that enjoy the same work of different songs will definitely create a new round of ‘blue balloon’ fashion trends on the imagination of Cartier’s imagination that day!

The deep blue reflects the mature wisdom; the delicate circle enjoys the fun of time. The new work perfectly inherits the iconic features of the classic classics of the blue balloon series-the attractive crown made of oversized convex round sapphire, and the round and non-circular streamlined case-but it is also new and leading the trend. Whether it is the Cartier Blue Balloon series chronograph, dial-set diamond watch, or ultra-thin watch, it will become the perfect choice for luxury taste in the fusion of innovation and classic.
激情 Speed ​​Passion-Blue Balloon Series Chronograph

Smooth shape, interesting interaction, Cartier Blue Balloon series chronograph is on top of the classic outline, adding timing complication, bringing a new sense of communication between people and machinery. At the three o’clock and six o’clock hour markers on the black checkered dial, small minute dials that count minutes and seconds instead of classic Roman numerals are arranged in harmony on the dial; the date pane also moves next to the nine o’clock hour marker. Concise and clear. The overall dial design of this watch is balanced and stable, and it is domineering. Around the sapphire crown, the standard double buttons are placed around the crown, and the flow of time is under control.
Chasing speed and passion, the blue balloon series chronograph operates precisely. The blue balloon watch equipped with a chronograph function has been upgraded to a powerful tool for measuring time and setting time limits, instead of just following the pace of time monotonously. Professional and mature appearance, simple and practical functions, make Cartier Blue Balloon series chronograph in addition to speed and passion, truly become a luxury watch suitable for all-weather wear.
Extravagant Luxury-Blue Balloon Dial with 11 Diamond Watches

Cartier’s other award, ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’, has given the blue balloon watch series more possibilities. Carefully selected top-quality diamonds, inlaid craftsmanship, and flawless gorgeous designs have turned the blue balloon watch into a woman’s favorite darling. Precious diamonds set precisely at eleven time-marked points on the dial, like the dazzling stars in the dark blue night sky, guide the pace of time in the light. The diamond on the dial and the sapphire on the crown unexpectedly met, and on the square inch wrist, a pair of beautiful pictures like stars holding the moon was drawn.
明 Clear diamonds set on the dial, paired with rose gold or crocodile leather straps, convey a totally different and striking style. Rose gold’s exquisite and charming, put on the diamond’s extravagant new clothes, set off a distinctive elegant style; while the colorful crocodile leather strap surrounds the diamond, it conveys the gorgeous mood with bright colors, and expresses the femininity with comfortable touch.
Smart Trends-Blue Balloon Series Slim Watch

Time passed and the wind of the ultra-thin watch regained its tide. With profound watchmaking skills, Cartier once again stood at the forefront of the trend, proclaiming the world with a new ultra-thin blue balloon series watch. The ultra-thin body and light texture interpret the elegance of the blue balloon watch series to the extreme. Within the 46mm oversized watch diameter, the restructured mechanical movement components perform their respective roles and complement each other. The case is made of rose gold, white gold and platinum. Among them, rose gold and white gold models are decorated with silver carved dials, elegant and delicate; platinum models are lined with dark blue dials, hidden endless future atmosphere.
The bold innovation of the Cartier ultra-thin blue balloon series watch transcends the inherent shackles of time and leads a wave of the future that has never been seen before. The smart and smooth shape makes the watch seem to break away from the gravity of the earth; in the golden light, this gorgeous blue balloon is slowly rising; the light and elegant design greatly enhances the fit between the watch and the wrist. The wearer creates the best experience.
Temple, passion, temptation, beauty of noble luxury, ultra-thin future, all in Cartier’s new blue balloon watch series. No matter what style you are in, Cartier’s new blue balloon series will make you a bright star, with a magnificent atmosphere!

Sihh 2018: Reverso Watch Series And Casa Fagliano-a Combination Of Excellence And Craftsmanship

One of the greatest Argentine shoemakers cooperated with the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop to create a watch with the highest level of craftsmanship. Casa Fagliano is based on ancient traditions and uses flexible, durable, durable leather.

Limited edition Reverso Tribute Duo with Casa Fagliano strap
   The Reverso Tribute Duo watch series is designed with a rose gold case, which highlights Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s exquisite professional craftsmanship and simple, low-key, timeless elegance. The design concept of double-sided flip makes it have a sophisticated and elegant double-sided dial, which can show the time in different time zones. The famous Argentine shoemaker Casa Fagliano designed and created a unique Casa Fagliano Cordoba leather strap for this watch, which complements the warm rose gold.
   This two-tone strap combines light-brown and dark-brown flaps and the same-color curls and mid-lines on the decorative lines on both sides of the dial. Each strap is handmade, highlighting the sheen and texture of a truly unique design. The ‘Limited Edition-One Hundred Miles’ engraving process adopted on the back of the case reflects the unique characteristics of this watch. This watch will be sold as a limited edition in Jaeger‑LeCoultre boutiques.
For more information on the latest Geneva watchmaking salons in 2018, please follow the watch house live feature:

Radar Diamond Bullet Series 2017 Women’s Watches Have Been On Sale And More New Watches Are Available In Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi Zhiying Store

In the past two years, with the rise of the women’s watch market, major brands have begun to tilt the focus of watchmaking towards women’s watches. The design of women’s watches is no longer a single luxury, bright ‘material’ battle, but more focused on the overall design of the watch. This is the case for the Radar ladies’ watch, which interprets the exclusive charm of women in the new era with the elegant and low-key temperament of the Diamond Pa series. This year’s new watch is especially true. Recently, we visited a radar-operated store in Beijing’s Oriental Xintiandi shopping mall and found that new watches have been sold on shelves since the new product exhibition held some time ago. Among them, a diamond female watch is particularly eye-catching, it is the brand ambassador famous movie star Tang Wei chose the star watch. Let’s take a look together:

   In recent years, radar’s design style has gradually shifted to comfortable and comfortable minimalism, which is in line with contemporary people’s pursuit of beauty. Just like this new women’s watch, it presents a delicate and gorgeous exclusive charm. Continuing the brand’s exclusive plasma high-tech ceramic case, it is contrasted with the textured colored dial, which is full of texture. The inner and outer dials are separated by 49 brilliant diamonds, and the two different discs are designed to give an elegant and beautiful visual experience.

33mm plasma high-tech ceramic case

   As a pioneer of high-tech ceramic materials for watches, the brand has infused its latest achievements into the diamond watch women’s watches. Unlike the ceramics we list everyday, high-tech ceramics are more chemically stable than traditional case materials. It can effectively prevent the watch from being damaged by sweat and accidental impact. After the brand’s careful treatment of the plasma high-tech case, full and delicate, blended with the elegant colored dial, very beautiful.

   Equipped with a quartz movement, the time of the watch is more accurate. In addition, compared with the back-through technology, the dense bottom technology makes the watch more secure, can better protect the movement, and is fully reliable.

Elegant off-white leather strap

Summary: In addition to the new female models of Diamond Pa, most of the new men’s watches in the same series have also been sold in stores. It is worth mentioning that we see many classic classics of the brand among them. It can be seen that at this time, the watch models in the store are relatively complete. If you plan to buy a watch recently, it is good to come here and choose.
More details:
   This quotation was collected on July 26, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Swiss Radar Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi Store
[Dealer Address]: HH01, the first floor of Oriental Xintiandi Mall, Beijing Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-85186588, please call as a ‘watch home’ user

Commemorating The 200th Anniversary Of The Founder’s Birthday Lange Launches The 1815 ‘200th Anniversary F. A.Lange’ Limited Watch

1815 ‘200th Anniversary F. A. Lange’ is perfect and pure. It is Lange’s latest masterpiece with a limited edition of 200 pieces. Lange specially created this watch to commemorate the great contribution and extraordinary leadership of the brand’s founders.
   The L051.1 self-made movement is a tribute to the pioneers of Saxony watchmaking by Lange. Every detail reflects the timeless design and perfect craftsmanship. In addition to the 3/4 plywood made from untreated German silver, this watch also features a number of signature elements, including hand-engraved balance wheel splints, classic screw balances, gooseneck-style fine-tuning levers, and jewel bearings fixed in gold sleeves And blue steel screws. The case is individually engraved with serial numbers 001/200 to 200/200, making each anniversary edition a unique treasure.

   The 40mm case is crafted from platinum 950, with a black solid silver dial that infuse the watch with a stylish elegance. The surface has a three-layer design and a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock reminds people of Ferdinando. Adolf. A legendary pocket watch from Lange.
   In 1843, Lange, then 28, wrote to the Saxony government expressing his ambition ‘to create a simple and perfect watch masterpiece through his own research and efforts.’ In the letter, he outlined plans to produce pocket watches in Saxony. Two years later, he set up his new watch factory and gradually realized his dream. Glashütte was transformed from a former mining town into a hub for fine watchmaking.
   Until Lange laid the cornerstone for the brand in the international market with innovative timekeeping functions, pocket watches with jumping seconds, permanent springs, and clock timekeeping devices, he had been focusing on making simple pocket watches. Through continuous design improvements, Lange’s work has reached a level of outstanding and reliable precision, which has led to a steady rise in the company’s business. The best example is the 3/4 splint, which went through several stages of development and was officially launched in 1864. The 3/4 splint stabilizes the operation of the Lange movement, while exhibiting the unique style of Saxon watchmaking.
   The new generation of Lange watches are also equipped with this important component, whose extraordinary style and design elements are clearly visible under the sapphire crystal case back.

Longines Elegant Ambassador Peng Yuyan Visits The Longines Museum In Sommia, Switzerland, And Goes Back To The Century-old Watchmaking Process

Today, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, welcomes the visit of elegant ambassador Peng Yuyan. Peng Yuyan came to Longines Watch’s place of origin in Soumeia, Switzerland, visited the Longines Watch Company, and visited the Longines Museum to experience the Swiss watchmaking history since 185 years. Mr. Juan Carlos Capelli, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Longines, accompany the Asian superstar and admire Longines’ iconic watches, navigation instruments, timing devices and a series of extremely precious Historical photos, posters, videos and archives of Longines.

   After visiting the 100-year history of Longines watches, Peng Yuyan commented: ‘This is the first time I have visited the original place of Longines in Somia, Switzerland, after joining the big family of Longines’ elegant image ambassador. I am very excited. The colorful and fascinating history of the watch is deeply moved, and I also deeply feel that Longines cherishes the heritage of history. From the beginning to the present, Longines has always adhered to the unremitting pursuit of tradition, elegance and excellent performance. It can cooperate with Swiss watchmaking Longines has a strong heritage in the industry, and I am very honored to work together. ‘

About Peng Yuyan
   Since becoming Longines’ elegant image ambassador in 2014, the famous actor Peng Yuyan has perfectly interpreted the elegant attitude and values ​​of Longines by virtue of his outstanding talent, elegant demeanor and outstanding charm. Peng Yuyan is known as the representative of a new generation of film and television action actor in Asia. He used to play in ‘Fighting’ (2013) and ‘Roll it!’ ‘Axin’ (2011) and other popular films for their outstanding performance, won the Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards.

Wonderful Watches Watch Special Features Introduction

What else can a watch do except timing? There is no shortage of imaginative watchmakers. Every year, they constantly create ‘rare gadgets’ to subvert your usual knowledge of watches. Door opening and closing
Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 DBS Transponder
     AMVOX2 can be used to open and close the door of Aston Martin sports car. . Conversely, by pressing the ‘closed’ position between 3 and 4 o’clock, the door will stop.

Emergency rescue
Breitling Emergency
     The Emergency Chronograph, designed for pilots, has a built-in 121.5 MHz international air emergency frequency micro-transmitter. In case of an accident, simply pull out the built-in antenna to guide rescue. However, this antenna is easy to pull out, and it is difficult to put it back in. Don’t play around. According to data from around the world, this watch has successfully saved 20 lives. Brad Pitt and Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson are fans of this watch.

Dive control
IWC Aquatimer Deep Two
     A professional diving watch, in addition to the basic waterproof and luminous functions, must also ensure your personal safety when diving in the deep sea. This latest IWC is equipped with a mechanical water detection gauge, with red and blue hands. Red will stop at the maximum depth of the dive, and blue indicates the current water depth. With the help of the second hand, you can accurately control the maximum ascent height of 10 meters per minute to ensure safety. Moreover, its water depth gauge is separate from the movement, even if the watch is stopped, the water depth gauge is not affected.

Spring Palace
Three Questions from Blancpain Palace
     Blancpain asked the Spring Palace three times. When viewed from the front, it is a classic dress watch. It is taken off and turned to the back of the watch, but it is boundless. As Ding Ding’s spring sounded, the vividly carved pure gold dolls began to do the happy thing in the world. The dolls of this watch can be customized, from India, Japan, Ancient Egypt … whatever character.

Manual Planting Of Gear Broken Shaft Tenon

This is an old 18K gold Piaget watch. This kind of old watch was not waterproof in the past. Its movement model is 12PC1. The shaft tenons of its two gears have rusted off one end. If you want to find such accessories, it may only be available from the original factory, but the price will not be cheap, and the fastest time may be half a year. If we planted it by hand, wouldn’t it be cheap and fast? Left: cleaning a new watch part; right: assembled watch movement
     01: Due to the water ingress, the shaft and tenon of these two gears are rusted and one end is broken, and these two are only the gears of the automatic part, and the gears of the moving part are not rusted at all. So as long as the watch is wound by hand, it is completely walkable.
    02: Use a caliper to measure the shaft tenon of this gear is 0.5mm, and the broken tenon is at the toothed end. The diameter of the plane that can be drilled at this end is larger than the shaft diameter, so even if a bit larger than 0.5mm is used, it is only After making the tenon, grind it to 0.5mm. Because the drill bit tends to be thinner and harder to grind, and the thinner the bit is easier to break. In fact, I used a 0.4mm drill bit, so the drilled hole diameter is about 0.5mm, and the tenon that is planted is exactly 0.5mm. Basically no further processing is required. 03: In order to maintain the original rigidity of the part being processed, I choose a harder drill to directly drill the cross section, the so-called ‘cold drill’, instead of annealing the broken shaft and then drilling, the ‘hot drill’. However, the key to drilling is not here. The most important thing is that the drilled hole must be in the center of the cross section, that is, on the axis. Otherwise, no matter how good it is, it will be a waste of effort, and it will be impossible to remedy or even scrap … So in Do not rush to drill before drilling, but to locate first, you can first smooth the cross section, then use a finer drill to point the hole, select the center position, and then slowly drill. When drilling 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, it is determined that there is no Deviation, you can drill down quickly. 04: The drilling depth is about the same as the length of the tenon, and then a round rod with a diameter of about 0.5mm is used for trial insertion. If it feels slightly tight, it is estimated that it can be inserted in place (completely based on feeling). At this time, remove the round rod. Add a little bit of ‘green oil’ into the hole and then gently tap the round rod into place with a hammer. Bake the prepared tenon at high temperature for 10 minutes and take it out. The tenon won’t fall off if you clamp it with tweezers. Or add a little solder to the planting place to weld firmly. This completes the planting of the mortise. In fact, after the tenon in the picture is planted, I have worn it again, and it is slightly thinner than the lower tenon. 05: The pinion of this pinion is easily and well prepared using the aforementioned method. And there is no tooth on this axle, it can be used to make a whole axle. After the two shaft tenons are completed, the entire automatic part of the gear is loaded into the movement, and the automatic hammer is turned. If the two-way rotation is very flexible, it is done. This is a ‘Pearl Tuo’ automatic watch. Clean and refuel the movement, complete the assembly, and adjust the speed. Originally a watch with severe rust, after nearly a month of immersion, derusting, and then ‘joint’, it finally resurrected …

Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 Sold For 2.5 Million Us Dollars, Set A Record Price Of Watches In Asian Auctions

On May 31, 2016, Phillips auction house and Bacs & Russo held the second Hong Kong luxury watch auction at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, one of which was Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 (368 No.) sold for USD 2,537,964, or approximately RMB 16,731,020, setting a record price for a single watch at an Asian auction. The total auction price for the entire auction was as high as USD 19.39 million, or approximately RMB 127.58 million.

   This is an 18K red gold watch with a case diameter of 37.7mm (case number 2’637’709), equipped with a mechanical movement (calibre number 869’357, diameter 13 ” ‘, 23 gems ), With perpetual calendar, chronograph and moon phase display, a beige leather strap with 18K red gold folding buckle, Patek Philippe logo on the case, dial and movement, very fine, rare and unique, Estimated before auction was $ 116-232 million.

  It is reported that this Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 watch participating in the auction was produced in 1968, sold on April 22, 1970, and appeared at the Sotheby’s Geneva auction on November 16, 2004. It was a distinguished European collectors. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Edwina Alexander, A Female Rider, Recently Visited The Jaeger-lecoultre Watch Factory To Announce Her Participation In The 2012 London Olympics

Edwina drives her favorite horse Itot du Château twice in the Global Champions Tour in 2009 and 2011. Nevertheless, the female rider is always ambitious looking forward to the next season With the arrival of the 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2012 World Championship Tour, she is also aiming for her goal, and Jaeger-LeCoultre is also the official partner of these two events and provides timing.
   Whether as a partner in multiple national and regional races, or in the form of cooperation with the world’s largest obstacle course, the World Championship Tour, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the horse racing world have always maintained a strong and close relationship.
About Australian female rider Edwina Tops-Alexander Born in Sydney, Australia, Edwina Tops-Alexander has won numerous domestic competitions in her early years. She had a rare competitive spirit, and soon she decided to go to Europe to compete with the world’s top riders. As soon as she arrived in the ‘Old Continent,’ she was well received by observers and stood out in multiple first-level events.
   In 2000, the Edwinae World Equestrian Championship (she finished fourth), Zurich, Brussels, London Grand Prix.
At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Edwina won the ninth place and has since ranked among the top ten in the world. Since 2009, she has topped the world’s number one female rider, and in 2009 and 2011, she managed her horse Itot du Château to win the World Championship Tour.

   At present, she occupies the tenth place in the world mixed ranking and the first place in the women’s rider rankings. For the first time in the same season, she won a prize of more than one million euros, setting a new world championship tour record.
   Edwina Tops-Alexander is actively preparing for the 2012 London Olympics. The obstacle course for the 2012 London Olympics will be held in Greenwich Park from August 4th to 8th. Built in 1433, Greenwich Park is the oldest royal park in London. It belongs to the coastal town of Greenwich and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Obstacle racing is a race with both skill and physical fitness, which requires a high degree of flexibility, speed, and strength; there are 12-14 obstacles set in the short distance, and both riders and their mounts must show incomparable performance. Courage, accuracy and willpower.
   Obviously, Edwina has considerable talent in horse riding, but her success is largely due to the tacit relationship between her and the mount, which is cultivated through the continuous training and development of the mount. ‘In order to meet the Olympics, I set up a special training program for my two horses, Itot and Vluet.’ Edwina Tops-Alexander revealed, ‘Itot is in great shape. It’s amazing. You can understand it when you see it. For Itot, I only need to pay attention to the rhythm of competition and cultivation. Vluet also needs to accumulate experience. For myself , The most important thing is to ride on horseback every weekend to maintain the training rhythm and proficient skills. Of course, three times a week of fitness exercises are also essential. ‘
   Jaeger-LeCoultre is proud to be able to invite Edwina Tops-Alexander as the brand’s ambassador.