Rolex ‘young Talent Plan Awards Ceremony’ Ended Successfully

Rolex Rolex held the ‘Youth Talent Program’ award ceremony with the headquarters of Geneva, Switzerland on May 29, 2013. The awards were awarded to five visionary young dreamers to cultivate a new generation of young leaders. Encourage them to pursue excellence in creation.

Five young pioneer leaders actively pursue the dream of changing the world
Since the announcement of the winners in November 2012, five winners from Mexico, India, Afghanistan, and Paraguay have carried out several inspiring projects. With enthusiasm and extraordinary leadership skills, they have overcome all difficulties in the past six months and actively improved the quality of life in their communities and in other parts of the world. From helping millions of blind people in India to setting up folktale teaching schools to open doors of knowledge to war-torn Afghanistan’s vulnerable communities and work towards their respective goals.

Rebecca Irvin, Rolex’s charity director, shared: ‘These young pioneers have outstanding social awareness, they wholeheartedly help others and are determined to achieve bold ideas. We believe that the Youth Talent Program will help these youth Leaders realize their full potential and move their inspirational projects forward. ‘

The current number of candidates for this year’s Youth Talent Program has increased fivefold, receiving a total of 3,512 applications from 154 countries, setting a historical record. The new awards are a positive response to this warm response. Each winner receives a prize of 50,000 Swiss francs, a Rolex precision timepiece, and can advertise their target projects around the world.

Amy Craftsmanship Series Calendar Dial Dial Moon Phase Watch

Maurice Lacroix Ingenious Series Calendar Dial Moon Phase Watch
The ingenious series perfectly combines Le Méridien’s exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting the vibrant, elegant and noble 21st century urban style. The ingenuity series is famous for its complex interpretation of various complex functions, especially the callback function. It is undoubtedly regarded as the first series of Le Méridien. For many years, Le Méridien has mastered the essence of the watch’s complex functions.
Ingenuity series has always been good at developing manual winding mechanical movements. Last year, it was the first to use a fully automatic movement. In 2012, the collection continued to introduce new watches. With many years of hand-made experience, a new version of the Ingenious Series Second Hand Square Wheel Watch will be launched. The new ingenious calendar dial moon phase watch is, as always, equipped with the brand’s self-winding movement, this movement meets the most stringent traditional mechanical watchmaking standards.
现代 Components with a very modern design, reflecting the ‘Never Stop Moving’ philosophy advertised in the brand’s advertising campaign last year. The brand takes the production of the 10,000-year movement as its guideline, and strives to innovate and break through when designing each watch. Time is an expression of uncompromising.
Maurice Lacroix Ingenious Calendar Dial Moon Phase Watch
New homemade automatic movement
Ingenuity series calendar dial moon phase watch with stainless steel case, combining modern fashion and traditional exquisite craftsmanship. This watch has two well-known Le Méridien complications, with a case diameter of 43 mm and a suitable size. Water-resistant to 50 meters, embellished with silk satin and polished, avoiding tedious decoration, highlighting superb craftsmanship. The mature and stable blue dial gives a precise and reliable feel.
The slightly raised time scale is neat and clear, echoing the dial’s silk satin sun pattern. The dial is like an arch guarding the blue sun, exquisite. The moon phase display is at 6 o’clock and the hands indicate seven days of the week. The moon phases change into a black disc, forming a sharp contrast between light and dark, as if the dark night sky is between your wrists. The sector calendar dial display is at 10 o’clock and the vibrant power reserve display is at 2 o’clock. The polished stainless steel scale is gradually enhanced from low to high, full of endless vitality. The hour and minute hands are in the traditional central position, without compromising the overall structural balance. Under the strong light contrast, the long pointer that shines with diamond luster is more slender, and it is more clear and clear when reading.
Fully-made ML192 self-winding movement engraved with the signature of Swiss traditional watchmaking. The back of the sapphire crystal gives a glimpse of every detail of excellence: the ends are vertically brushed and snail-shaped (Grand Colimaçon) to create a diamond-like luster.
Ingenuity series new calendar dial moon phase watch with leather strap, dial available in dark gray and silver or gold two colors. This watch is extremely competitive in the manual watchmaking industry, enriching Le Méridien’s ingenuity series, reflecting the brand’s continuous attention to the public’s expectations and requirements.

Maurice Lacroix Ingenious Calendar Dial Moon Phase Watch
Technical Parameters
-Stainless steel, 43 mm diameter, satin and polished
-Double-sided curved sapphire crystal anti-glare mirror
-Screw-back sapphire crystal back cover
-Water-resistant to 50 m / 5 atmospheres
925-925 silver plated-Available in black gold, navy blue and silver, with sun-brushed finish-Hour hand, small second hand and power reserve
-All scales are diamond cut; black gold rhodium plated
-Silver dial with navy blue, rose gold
-Hour and minute hands are embossed with traditional hand-made diamond-cut hands
-Callback indicator corresponds to the dial color, beautiful and harmonious: rhodium-plated with black gold and marine blue dial, black gold with silver dial
-Power reserve and small seconds with rhodium-plated hands
-Moon phase disk: Rhodium-plated moon and stars with dark night sky, rose gold moon and rhodium-plated stars with dark blue night sky
-Crocodile-textured strap, hand-stitched, black (lined with black calfskin, black stitching), matte brown (lined with brown calfskin and brown stitching), sea blue (lined with black calfskin and blue (Color stitching) to choose from
-Stainless steel folding clasp -Satin and polished
Self-made ML192 automatic movement
-Central hands indicate hours and minutes
-Calendar callback hand at 10 o’clock
-Small day at 6 o’clock
-Moon phase disk at 6 o’clock
-Power reserve hand at 2 o’clock
Vibration frequency: 18,000 times / hour, 4 Hz
Power reserve: 52 hours
Number of stones: 59
Tuning: 5-way calibration can be performed after full chain and 24 hours
Decoration: Vertical brushed and snail-shaped pattern (Grand Colimaçon), rhodium plating

Elegant And Practical Three Bucherer Men’s Watches

As a Swiss independent watch brand, since its establishment in 1888, Bucherer has been continuously exploring and specializing in the field of watch production and management in a family-run manner. No matter it is the inlaying of watchmaking technology and jewellery, or the inheritance and innovation of traditional watchmaking technology, Bucherer is striving to perfect itself and continuously launch elegant and practical products. Today I recommend three watches from Bucherer.
Bauchelet BIGDATE POWER watch series 00.10905.03.13.21

Watch series: Maliron series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: 18K Rose Gold
Domestic public price: ¥ 160000
Watch details: 1903 movement, the movement diameter is 26.2 mm, the movement thickness is 5.1 mm, using 34 gems, providing 42 hours of power reserve. The bracelet and buckle are made of 18K rose gold, which is harmonious and luxurious at the same time.
Bucherer Calendar Dial Watch Series 00.10901.08.36.11

Watch series: Maliron series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 125000
Watch details: 1903 movement with a diameter of 26.2 mm, a thickness of 5.1 mm, 34 gems, and a 42-hour power reserve. Black alligator leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle. Water-resistant to 30 meters.
Bucherer EVOTEC DAYDATE watch series 00.10625.13.33.21

Watch Series: Plavi
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Domestic public price: ¥ 125000
Details of the model: A1001, the movement diameter is 32 mm, the thickness is 6.3 mm, it oscillates 21600 times per hour, uses 33 gems, and provides 55 hours of power reserve. The stainless steel bracelet and stainless steel folding clasp make it safer to wear. Back-through design provides water-resistant depth of 50 meters.
Summary: The Bucherer Maliron series watches are ‘led by the palm’ as the watchmaking concept, integrating the elegance, precision, practicality and harmony of the watch design; while the Plavier series uses multiple ideas and technologies The integration of the ‘excellence.’ Today, three watches from Bucherer are recommended for you. They have both simple and practical watches and relatively sophisticated functions. I hope you can find one that suits you.

Introduction To The Latest Boer Engineer Upgrade Series Watches

Ball Watch Explorer Club Member — Dr. Geoff Tabin, is a modern medical explorer. He was the first pioneer to successfully conquer the last cliff of Mount Everest, and the fourth explorer in history to complete the seven peaks of the world. As a doctor, his life’s mission is to bring sight to the blind. In 1995, Dr. Taber founded the ‘Himalaya Mountain Cataract Medical Plan’, which created an economical and innovative eye surgery program that examined more than 200,000 patients each year and performed more than 10,000 operations. For him, the ultimate challenge is to complete the rehabilitation operation for tens of thousands of poorly needed patients in any harsh environment. The Engineer II Chronometer Red Label that accompanies him in any harsh environment is accurate and reliable, and plays an important role.
 BALL Watch’s latest masterpiece Engineer II Chronometer Red Label adheres to the consistent style of the brand’s Engineer II series, with a simple and sophisticated design. The case is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the outer ring and bevel are finely polished, fully expressing the harmonious and exquisite decoration of the watch. The dial is embellished with straight grain, which makes the surface visual effect richer without being too fancy. The metal three-dimensional hour scale is set with Swiss 3H self-luminous micro gas lamps, which highlights the dial’s layering and facilitates reading at night. The Swiss 3H self-luminous micro gas lamp is a major feature of the brand. Without the need for any external light source, the self-luminous micro gas lamp can continue to shine for 25 years, making the wearer even when in a completely dark space while reading Just as clear and bright.
 Chronometer Red Label contains ETA 2836 automatic movement, with date and week display, and certified by the Swiss Observatory, accurate and reliable. Each movement undergoes rigorous testing for a period of 15 days. The movement needs to reach a certain accuracy range at a certain temperature and location. The movements that can pass these rigorous tests are consistently named as ‘chronometer’ and engraved in red on the dial, proudly representing the accuracy and reliability of the watch. In addition, the watch has a water resistance of 100 meters, a magnetic resistance of 4,800A / m, and passed the 5,000Gs impact test, which absolutely reflects the ‘spirit of the brand in the harsh environment.’
 Today, the BALL Watch continues to follow the established route and is once again recognized as a modern timepiece for explorers.
Engineer II Chronometer Red Label Automatic Series

Model: NM2026C-LCJ-GY
Movement: automatic movement ETA 2836, certified by the Swiss Observatory
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds; date and week display, 15 self-illuminated miniature gas lamps inlaid on the surface and hands, convenient for reading time at night
Case: Stainless steel case, diameter 40 mm, thickness 11.8 mm; sapphire anti-glare crystal surface; locked crown; water-resistant 100 meters; anti-magnetic 4800 A / m; shock-proof-passed 5,000Gs impact test
Dial: black, grey or white
Strap: stainless steel strap with buckle / high quality crocodile leather belt with pin buckle

Plum Blossom Table True And False Discrimination

At present, the counterfeiting of Swiss and Japanese watches is the most serious in the domestic market. Plum blossom suffers equally. Many consumers are worried that the watches they are buying or buying are counterfeit. In order to make it easier for everyone to identify the authenticity of the plum blossom table, the editor arranges the following methods for your reference.

I. Price range
   The so-called cheap is not good, good goods are not cheap, the price of imported plum watches in a certain period of time, with temperature. The price of plum watches in China is as low as 4,000 yuan and as high as 80,000 or 90,000. Therefore, we should carefully consider the plum tables that are not in this price range. Especially for those watches with very different prices, if there is no special reason, they may be suspected to be counterfeit imported watches or watches with incorrect origin.
two. Plum watch UNPROFOR card
   Plum watch warranty card —- This is very important. You must have a UNPROFOR card with an authorized unit in order to enjoy the nationwide warranty. Otherwise, any one of the plum blossom authorized repair points in the country will not give you a warranty. Most sellers say that the nationwide warranty is not stamped on the UNPROFOR card. It must be counterfeit or parallel imports, and it cannot be covered by the nationwide warranty at all. Here we remind those who only look at the low price. Those Amoy friends must have more than one mind.
three. Watch dial
   Some counterfeit plum watches with day and week calendars have this feature: from the calendar window, the outside of the calendar dial is tilted backwards, or the calendar dial is plastic. The weekly calendar dial uses Chinese to indicate the day of the week or the day of the week in English on the right and numbers on the left. Although some fake plum watches have the sWISSMOVT letter on the dial to indicate the Swiss movement, and the letters SHOCKPROOF are used to indicate shock-proof watches, these plum watches usually have more defects and defects on the dial, such as the dial characters are not set properly. The lines and marks are blurred, and the dial characters or trademark letters and patterns are not set tightly on the dial. There are more scratches, discoloration, and night light spots on the surface of the dial, and the night light points are added to the inside of the dial characters. Larger and uneven, there are also inconsistent colors on the dial and on the hands.
   All original plum watches, especially men’s watches, must be printed with many English letters on the back of the case, indicating the name of the plum watch, country of manufacture (SWISSMADE Swiss), all-steel or semi-steel waterproof (WATER
RESISTANT), antimagnetic (ANTIMAGETIC), shock or shock absorber names, and engraved with the trademark design for the brand of plum watches. In addition, some numbers are engraved to indicate the movement number and case number of the plum watch. Most of the patterns and letters engraved on the back cover of counterfeit plum watches are very thick and fuzzy, and the case number and movement number are unknown. An original film is usually attached to the back cover of an original plum watch. Swiss-made gold-plated case watches are engraved with letters such as PLAQUEGI0 at the open position of the case (opposite the spring lever on which the strap is attached), indicating that the case is 10 micron gold-plated. Counterfeit watches do not have this mark, and many counterfeit watches use a process such as titanium nitride to impersonate a gold-plated case.
Fives. Watch appearance
   From the appearance, the dial and back cover of the original plum watch are clearly marked and complete; the number of diamonds marked on the dial is consistent with the actual number of diamonds in the movement; the materials marked on the back cover are consistent with the materials used in the case; The watch glass is smooth and clear; the outer edges and corners of the case components have no sharpness; the coating has no air bubbles and does not fall off. The counterfeit watch’s dial and back cover are marked with illegible trademarks and brand writing; the number of diamonds marked on the dial is inconsistent with the actual number of diamonds in the movement; the outer edges of the case components are rough, with plating bubbles, peeling or broken parts.
six. Watch movement
   From the movement point of view, the plywood or pendant in the movement of the genuine watch is marked with the corresponding trademark nameplate; the movement is stable in the case components; the inside of the movement is clean. Counterfeit watch movements have no trademark inscription on the splint or pendant, or the marks on the trademark movement are rough, fuzzy, or skewed, or simply pasted with small copper pieces; the movement is not clean, and some movements have copper shavings and hair threads , Fingerprints, etc. According to the different details on the watch when purchasing, you can easily identify the authenticity of the plum blossom watch.
Seven. Check mark identification
   The identification of plum blossoms can also start from the identification of inspection marks. When buying imported watches, consumers should check the seller’s inspection certificate and whether the number on the laser imitation mark is within the number listed on the certificate.
Eight. Other methods
   There are many other identification methods for authenticating plum blossoms, such as using testing instruments to test gold content, travel time accuracy, waterproof performance, watch glass hardness, and genuine and fake diamonds. The measured data is used to verify whether it is consistent with the data and instructions marked on imported watches, and to determine the authenticity.
   After passing the above inspection, it is basically possible to determine that a plum blossom watch is genuine. If you are still not assured, you can go to the official service center designated by Plum Blossom to verify the authenticity.
For more information on plum watches:
 Plum watch offer


Congratulations To The Valentine’s Day, Rolex Couples At Hengli Xidan Mall Will Be Rewarded With Less Surprises And More Festive Gifts.

It is almost Valentine’s Day. Couples often express their love and express their hearts to each other in this warm and romantic season. In order to cater to the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day, giving Valentine gifts to lovers has gradually become a tradition, which represents sincerity and friendship. Recently, when I visited the Hengli Luxury Watch City in Xidan Shopping Center, I found that the shop is holding a romantic reward event of ‘Love Witness February 14′. During the festival, couples can enjoy 288/688/1088 watch gift money and consumption amount It can be used directly when it reaches 10,000 / 20,000 / 40,000. And after buying a certain amount of watches, there will be corresponding gifts, and Rolex brands are among them. It is indeed a more affordable reward activity. Cousins ​​who want to buy couples’ watches for you and TA during the holiday season can’t wait to take a look and choose one.
Rolex Date 126333 Diamond Watch and Rolex Women’s Date 279173 Champagne Dial Watch

   Since its introduction in 1945, the Rolex Date has been synonymous with elegance and precision timepieces. The combination of tough, atmospheric stainless steel and luxurious sparkling 18k yellow gold, the diary-type inter-gold watch can better embody the beautiful wish of ‘love is stronger than gold.’ The sparkling diamond hour mark adds a timeless beauty to the champagne gold dial Let your watch shine. So the meaning and performance of the Rolex diary are very good for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Rolex Date 126331 Pink Dial Diamond Watch and Rolex Women’s Date 279171 Olive Dial Watch

   If there is aesthetic fatigue on gold, then the diary rose gold model is also a good choice. Unlike gold, which is dazzling, soft rose gold will always face the world with elegance and soft light. It is blended with tough stainless steel elements. In addition, it is embellished with diamond time stamps that represent eternity. Eternal rose gold steel watch Unique charm.
In summary: Take the rose gold watch above as an example, the price of 192,000 can get about 5,000 watch gifts, as well as exquisite pocket watches and roses gifts. If you purchase Movado and TAG Heuer, you will enjoy 30% discount. In addition, if the manager recommends ‘couple money’, there is a discount. It can be seen that the feedback from the mall is relatively large. If you are a table friend who intends to buy watches on Valentine’s Day, you may wish to take a look at it with your other half.
More details:
This quotation was collected on February 9, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that you are a ‘watch home’ user, you will get more discounts
[Dealer Name]: Hengli World Watch Center (Beijing Xidan Shopping Center)
[Dealer Address]: Xidan Shopping Center, No. 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-66011216

Longines Fifa World Cup Obstacles North Salem Station Was Crowned The Champion By Devin Ryan

September 17, 2017 (Sunday), American Jockey Devin Ryan rides the ‘Eddie Blue’ riding the ‘Longines FIFA World Cup Obstacle North America League’ in North Salem, New York (Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping North American League).

   Longines presents an elegant watch to Devin Ryan in recognition of its outstanding performance. The American jockey McLain Ward and the horse ‘HH Callas’ won the runner-up, while the American rider Jack Hardin Towell also raced ‘Lucifer V’ to finish third.

   Longines is the ‘Longines FIFA World Cup Obstacle North America League’ and the final title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch to be held in Paris in April 2018.

Real Shot Appreciation Hublot Big Bang Unico Double Retrograde Chronograph Watch

It has been almost one year since Hublot announced that it has become the official of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The brand’s official watch, the Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph, has also officially met with you.

 This is a glorious moment for the 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup ™ official watch! This is also the first time in the history of Hublot to launch the Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph-the first double retrograde watch equipped with a central chronograph movement.

 This unique new movement is a tribute to the football world by HUBLOT engineers and watchmakers! It is also specially created to celebrate the official launch of HUBLOT Hublot as the official timepiece and official watch of the 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup ™!

 For a long time, the watch series equipped with Hublot’s self-produced movements from UNICO has astounded the watchmaking industry with its unique production technology. The design of the integrated column wheel and double horizontal clutch on the dial side has become the cornerstone of the UNICO watch family, while also showing the excellent flexibility of the UNICO movement.

 After 18 months of intensive R & D and testing, the new self-winding HUB1260 self-produced movement is officially unveiled-a double retrograde chronograph movement with 385 parts and a central timing function (vibration frequency 4 Hz, 28,800 times / each hour). Hublot is also applying for a patent for this movement technology. This is also the only watch of the same type in the watchmaking industry that uses this movement technology.

 This is the first time that Hublot has launched a double retrograde chronograph watch (the hands can be reset to zero instantly). When the timing button is pressed, the chronograph second and minute hands will start timing from left to right in a circular track in 45-minute units, which is also the time of the half-time football match. An additional 15-minute time zone is added to make the entire timing time up to 60 minutes. There are two timing buttons on both sides of the crown, which represent the start, stop and reset of the timing. The timing button at 2 o’clock will also be used to control the timing of 4 modes: first half, half time, second half and end of the game, and it is clearly displayed through a window at 12 o’clock.

 Another big challenge in meeting the design of this movement is power. This unusual display requires more powerful power, and the fast movement of the hands requires the movement to have a more powerful power reserve. After long-term optimization and screening of excellent materials and functions, the current time display will be unaffected, accurate, and minimize power consumption and frictional resistance.

 Of course, time will not stop in a wonderful football game, which is why two permanent rotating hands are set in the chronograph dial at 6 o’clock. They will continue to display the past hours and minutes, and the seconds will be set in the sector-shaped chronograph area at 9 o’clock. Through the uninterrupted rotation of the three-spoke hands, the wearer can easily see at a glance whether the movement is operating normally. In addition, this watch has a power reserve of approximately 72 hours.

 HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph dial color inspired by the host country of this World Cup-Brazil’s national colors-yellow and green.

 This watch uses the ‘Big Bang Unico’ series classic 45.5 mm diameter case, which fully reflects the stylish mechanical beauty. The bezel is locked by 6 iconic H-shaped screws, and the raised design can be used for polishing or matte finishing. The screw-down crown is wrapped in pressed natural rubber, and the end is decorated with a classic ‘H’ logo derived from the screw shape.

 This watch still retains its distinctive angular design and smart sandwich structure in the case design, while optimizing the strap accessories: the well-known industry’s ‘one-click’ switching function allows the wearer to easily change different straps- Every watch comes with a diamond
Shaped natural rubber strap that perfectly matches the entire watch. This watch is also water resistant to 100 meters.

 Although the HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Double Retrograde Chronograph was born for the ‘2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup ™ Official Watch’, it has won the reputation of ‘Soccer Bang’ today! Two watches are available: 18K King Gold carbon fiber bezel, limited to 100 pieces, and black ceramic carbon fiber bezel, limited to 200 pieces.

Tissot Watch Basketball Storm Struck Shencheng

As the first official timekeeper of the NBA, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has jointly launched the ‘Decisive Battle 24 Seconds’ challenge with the NBA. Set off a bloody basketball storm. At the event, fans can experience the precise experience provided by the official timer of the NBA basketball court. At the same time, fans also have the NBA 5V5 competition and NBA legend Dominique Wilkins. Gary Harris, a Denver Nuggets player, came to the game. It is reported that the event will cover 5 cities in Shenyang, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing and Shanghai. During this period, Tissot will bring its flagship product of the year, the NBA series, a special basketball feast for enthusiastic fans.

Tissot ’24 Seconds’ Challenge
 The NBA Finals far away across the ocean has ended for several weeks. Whether it is the leading scores of alternate battles, or the subject and guest you come and go to win, the emotions including sigh, sigh, excitement or uplifting continue to elevate. As a fan, Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed and want to fight in the first place? Tissot watches have already prepared a basketball feast for you. This time, Tissot watches brought the precision and reliability of the NBA timer to Shenyang, and joined hands with the NBA to present an unparalleled basketball carnival for Shencheng fans.
‘Decisive Battle 24 Seconds’ Challenge
 The time limit for an offense in a basketball game is only 24 seconds. For basketball players, 24 seconds is not just an offense and defense. It is also a microcosm of off-field sweat. Winning the game is not a 24 second repetition but a 24 second continuous breakthrough. Players, the heart keeps saying ‘This is the time for me to play.’
 The ‘decisive battle 24 seconds’ challenge focuses on teamwork. Shooting, passing, and rebounding require a clear division of labor before the game to ensure ultimate victory. Just like the tacit cooperation between the stars in the NBA arena. It is reported that the contestants were recruited online via the Tissot Official WeChat platform ‘Decisive Challenge 24 Seconds’ online. Lucky fans can not only come to the ‘Decisive Challenge 24 Seconds’ Challenge site, the winning team can also get Tissot watches. A moment of preparation. Each team consists of 3 players. Through teamwork, a 3-pointer shooting challenge is completed within 24 seconds. There are a lot of experts in the arena, the fierce competition is beyond imagination, the applause on the scene is repeated, and its excitement is comparable to the professional league.

‘Decisive battle 24 seconds’ challenge scene
Legendary superstar set off the climax
 On the day of the event, the appearance of the NBA Hall of Fame member, nine-time All-Star winner Dominique Wilkins and the Denver Nuggets player Gary Harris set off a climax. Wilkins is called ‘the essence of human cinema’. As an icon of a generation of fans, his appearance caused a sensation in the audience. As a contemporary star of Jordan, he not only won the championship twice in the NBA slam dunk contest, but also entered the top 10 in the NBA history scoring list with a total career score of 26668.

NBA legend Dominique Wilkins and Denver Nuggets player Gary Harris assisted
Top of the series
 The participants of Tissot’s ‘Decisive Battle 24 Seconds’ challenge were strong, and it was only after a fierce overtime that the cheerleaders from the Milwaukee Bucks came out as guests, instantly pushing the atmosphere of the event to a climax again! With enthusiastic cheering and applause, Tissot watch witnessed the duel between the folk masters and witnessed the champions’power to turn the tide. They shot 4 three-pointers 5 times in 24 seconds. Through continuous challenge and hard work, In the end, she won the title of ‘Decisive Fighting 24 Seconds’ Challenge Shenyang Station, creating her own moment and gaining their trophy, the Tissot Porsche series watch.

‘Decisive Battle 24 Seconds’ Challenge Award Ceremony of Shenyang Station
 As the first official timekeeper of the NBA, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot also launched a special NBA watch this year. The style of this watch is simple and generous and full of vitality. The straight hands will vividly express the resoluteness and boldness in the movement. The eye-catching digital time scale ’12’ not only shows the athlete’s focus on the court, but also the watch’s The temperament of sports is enhanced, and every wearer is encouraged to grasp the timing with precise timing to meet every challenging moment of his own. Infused with the team’s main color and LOGO, the watch design not only made fans love it, but also made it a hot trend item.

Tissot Porsche Series NBA Special
 At the same time, Tissot hopes that through the ‘decisive battle 24 seconds’ game, fans will know the official NBA 24 seconds timing, appreciate the breath-holding passion on the field, and enjoy your 24 seconds. This is not the end, but the beginning of another challenge. The winning team will serve as the Shenyang regional champion and compete against the regional champions of Guangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing at the end of July in Shanghai. The NBA official timing Tissot will provide accurate and professional timing services for all games, and greet the next exciting moment together with basketball fans.
Technical Parameters

Tissot Series NBA Special RMB 3,050
-Swiss-made quartz movement
-316L stainless steel case, silk-screened glass case back and official team logo
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Special team color Nato strap with standard buckle
-Table diameter: 42mm * 42mm

Lamborghini-super Trofeo Asia Super Challenge Debut

The Lamborghini-Baobo Super Trofeo Super Challenge, created by Italian supercar maker Lamborghini and Swiss famous luxury watchmaker Blancpain, entered the Asian region for the first time. Tao successfully completed the first leg of the Asian Tour Challenge.

It has entered its fourth year in Europe. The Super Trofeo Challenge is one of the fastest single-brand events in the world, and the Super Trofeo Asian Tour Challenge will provide a unique opportunity for amateur riders to compete for championship status in a Lamborghini Super Trofeo car tailored for this event. This event has attracted countless outstanding players to compete for the victory. The entire Asian region has 18 teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

For consumers, the Lamborghini-Baobao Super Trofeo Asian Challenge is not only a motor sport, but also a fashion event that highlights the taste of life. As a super luxury car brand with superb craftsmanship, Lamborghini and the famous Swiss watchmaker Blancpain have further extended the cooperation of the European Challenge to Asia. With speed and enthusiasm, it has brought extraordinary results to Asian consumers Fashion boutique experience.
Mr. Delamuraz, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain, said: ‘Blanpain has been deeply cultivating the Asian market for many years. We are very excited that this year’s Lamborghini-Baobao Super Trofeo Challenge will be held in Asia. Super Trofeo Asia The challenge is the same as the European Challenge, so that all passionate drivers can compete on internationally-accelerated tracks across Asia! Lamborghini and Blancpain have been cooperating in the European Challenge for 3 years. The debut of the Asian Challenge is a very natural development, allowing our consumers in Asia to experience and see for themselves. ‘
Original source: Blancpain