Oris Oris Pays Tribute To The Legend Of The Track Ouyang Ruoxi Limited Watch Minutes Must Fight

ORIS presents a new limited edition model to commemorate Ouyang Ruoxi’s tenth appearance at the Macau Grand Prix. ORIS injects exceptional craftsmanship and engineering into its watch design process. For more than 40 years, the brand has been dedicated to supporting the field of precision motorsports. In order to further show the brand’s connection with motorsport, the grand new ORIS limited edition watch is presented to pay tribute to this legendary figure on the GT sports car track.

ORIS presents new ORIS limited edition watch to pay tribute to legends who led Asian motorsport to world-class circuits

Ouyang Ruoxi, a Hong Kong-based racer, has loved motorsports since he was a child. He has continuously improved his racing rankings over the years, making him one of the many well-known professional GT racing drivers. Ouyang Ruoxi drove the famous BMW No. 55 tank in 2013 and entered the Macau Grand Prix in the 10th year, which is a great milestone for the Chinese racing industry. In order to be solemn, ORIS specially introduced this new ORIS Ouyang Ruoxi limited watch.
The ORIS limited edition watch is the latest model of the ORIS TT3 racing series. The watch continues the series classics, injects racing elements, and perfectly displays the racing aesthetics. The dial is particularly decorated with a red eye-catching 10 o’clock number, and the minute circle is also provided with a prominent number ’55’ to show Ouyang Ruoxi’s achievements in Macau. The upper circle of the ceramic speedometer symbolizes Ouyang Ruoxi’s sense of speed in a racing event, and the back of the see-through watch is inspired by the spokes of the BMW racing wheel he drives, further showing the connection between the watch and motorsport.

See-through crystal glass case back of the new ORIS limited edition watch, embellished with racing spokes

The new ORIS limited edition watch pays tribute to the legend who has led Asian motorsports to world-class circuits. It is definitely an unmissable collection of motorsports lovers and fans of Ouyang Ruoxi.