Omega Launch—rainbow Goddess Watch

At the Baselworld Watch Show 2006, Omega’s classic constellation series launched a new darling-& lt; The Rainbow Goddess & gt; Gorgeous gems, pearl shell surfaces, and diamond bezels, the constellation & lt; Rainbow Goddess & gt; inadvertently gleam. Omega’s Constellation series watches designed for women have been around for more than ten years. Nowadays, while the appearance is more and more dazzling, they are still pursuing the perfect unification of exquisite design, high-quality materials and first-class technology. The name of the constellation & lt; Rainbow Goddess & gt; is taken from the goddess IRIS who defended the rainbow in Greek mythology. The constellation & lt; Rainbow Goddess & gt; & lt; 95 & gt; and & lt; My Choice & gt; The classic claw design on both sides of the bezel, the smooth and smooth streamline shape has been preserved since the birth of the Constellation series in 1952, and is loved by the world. Constellation & lt; Rainbow Goddess & gt; in & lt; 95 & gt; and & lt; My Choice & gt;
The hour scale on the surface of the white pearl shell is set with blue, pink and yellow gems, plus garnet, ruby ​​and emerald. Six colors create a gorgeous rainbow effect. The bezel is set with 30 or 40 diamonds. Constellation & lt; Rainbow Goddess-My Choice & gt; The cylindrical hour and minute hands of the watch are very different; while the constellation & Rainbow Goddess-95 & gt; watch has a pointed triangular arch design at both ends Unique and beautiful. The large-size automatic model has a date display window at 3 o’clock, an arched sapphire wear-resistant crystal surface, and anti-reflective treatment, and the waterproof depth is 30 meters.
In addition, the distinctive design of the Omega Constellation series is that the strap and the watch body are integrated into one, showing a smooth and smooth beauty. Constellation & lt; Rainbow Goddess-95 & gt; models are polished, forged double-sided body and strap design adhering to the traditional characteristics of the Constellation series; while constellations & lt; Rainbow Goddess-My Choice & gt; are polished on the entire table The gesture is attractive and unique. The 18K red gold or gold style of the & lt; Rainbow Goddess & gt; series is indeed a luxury model; the 18K yellow gold bezel of the steel and steel style is matched with the central semi-gold bar between the bracelets, which exudes vitality and dynamicness.
Like all constellation watches, there is a three-dimensional Omega logo on the crown and the folding clasp of the 18K gold model. The constellation observatory badge is engraved on the bottom of the dial to commemorate Omega’s history in space and astronomical exploration. On the dial bottom of the & quot; My Choice & gt; watch, the English word ‘MY CHOICE’ is engraved.
The Constellation & lt; Rainbow Goddess & gt; series is available in two sizes: mini (22.5mm) and automatic (27.5mm). The mini-type has a built-in quartz movement and a battery life of 32 months, while the automatic type is equipped with a 2520 self-winding movement. Each model has 18K gold, all-steel and gold-steel straps with folding clasps.