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TAGHeuer has always been adhering to the times and widely adopting new technologies in order to maintain its position of ‘avant-garde pioneer’. In such an era of social media, TAG Heuer has always adhered to the pursuit of excellence through the implementation of a network strategy, and it is precisely this strategy that has made it the first time in ‘smart digital search: determining the ranking of luxury watch digital competitiveness’ won a prize in ‘Watches Watch’,
A survey from New York University Stern School of Business Stern School of Business ‘Luxury Lab’.
‘We are extremely honored for this award. It is a great affirmation of our consistent desire to develop brand value and realize new media,’ said Stéphane Linder, marketing manager and vice president of design of the TAGHeuer brand.

Among the many factors related to the TAG Heuer brand’s predominance, it highlights an international search engine optimization strategy based on IC-Agency’s partnership with Geneva (1) specializing in luxury digital marketing. This strategy not only includes traditional search windows (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing), but also triggers search engines in emerging markets, such as China’s Baidu and Russia’s (Yandex). In the United States, search engine optimization is done by Morpheus.
This survey further highlights TAG Heuer’s rich creativity and interactive content, and its ‘viral’ potential (according to the film ‘The Duel’ starring Steve McQueen and Lewis Hamilton ( ) ‘S style) is the beautification of its brand image within its social network.
Finally, the survey highlighted the quality of customer service on its official website, thus confirming the brand’s ability to use this new method of communication to keep in touch with customers and provide them with quality services.
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(1) In cooperation with Europa Star Watch World, IC-Agency releases WorldWatchReport in Baselworld every year, a reference market research to decrypt and inquire about search engines that have entered the entire network. This report comes from 25 luxury watch brands Millions of surveys in seven key export markets.