Mido Second Generation And Eternal Series Smiling Women’s Watch Appreciation Meeting

On the Chinese Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day when the typhoon is about to hit Taiwan and the rain is coming, the editor came to Bellavita in Taipei with the name of a department store to take part in MIDO beauty In addition to the beautiful watches, the new watch table and tea presentation of the time table also enjoyed a rich and delicious afternoon tea at the Italian restaurant Beata te, and spent a pleasant summer afternoon.
    The protagonist of this watch appreciation is the second generation of the new Commander II Champs series. The watch is inspired by the Paris Tower in France, with a large diameter of 40mm and a simple face plate. It integrates classic watches of the same name from the 60s with modern design elements to reinterpret the contemporary spirit. With triangle-shaped Paris Tower and minute hand styles, and other models with silver, gray, black dial, with straight hour and minute hands without observatory certification models, the two without lugs and very classic and modern elements It is addictive.
    In addition to men’s watches, the new women’s watches are also brilliant! Baroncelli Lady Smile is inspired by the beautiful French Rennes Opera House, with elegant meniscus date windows and 12 Wesselton diamond rows Concentric circles echo the elegant arcs of the amphitheater of the Opera House. Next, let’s take a look at the wonderful pictures of the watch today.