Make Napoleon Crazy Too Breguet Genius Watchmaker

BREGUET-European Culture and History
 With a rich history and cultural heritage, Breguet relies on innovative technology to innovate repeatedly. The brand’s founders continue to innovate, making Breguet an important place in European cultural history. Abraham. Louis. Breguet was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1747. He spent most of his career in Paris and developed many important inventions: a gong for spring watches, the first travel clock (sold to To Napoleon), or a tourbillon patented in 1801 by the French Minister of the Interior. The European royal family was also in love with the BREGUET timepiece, Abraham. Louis. Breguet became an indispensable watchmaker for diplomacy, science, finance, and military talent at the time.
 BREGUET for some distinguished customers including King Louis XVI and Queen Mary. Antoinette designed a variety of ingenious timepieces. Abraham. Louis. Mr. Baodi has won many awards for his contributions to watch technology. He has been appointed as a member of the Board of Longitude and a manufacturer of precision timepieces for the Navy. He has also been invited to join the Academy of Sciences and won the King Louis Eighteen personally conferred the title of honor. Abraham died in 1823. Louis. Mr. Bao Di, praised as a genius who has revolutionized the development of the watch industry. But history is continuing …

Abraham, founder of the BREGUET brand. Louis. Breguet

Constantly create the classic BREGUET, and developed a number of important inventions. Classique Grande Complication is equipped with Tourbillon 5359 movement.

 The founder of SWATCH GROUP and former chairman of the group board and representative of Nicholas. Mr. Hayek purchased BREGUET, the most prestigious brand in the high-end watch industry in 1999. Mr. Hayek injected unprecedented power into BREGUET with unparalleled enthusiasm. Hayek’s vision restored the brand’s culture and emotional width. In 2003, the new BREGUET watch factory was put into service to achieve great plans (since 2006, the plant has been expanded several times to meet demand). The company regularly invests in the latest control technology and R & D. Hayek attaches great importance to the research of new materials and has launched a special work: the use of silicon in watchmaking. Under his leadership, BREGUET developed many new patents, and his successor, Mark. Hayek is still leading Breguet’s march to new technology. In 2012, BREGUET successfully developed the Classique Chronométrie watch equipped with a magnetic pivot, which was a great achievement in the watch industry. Every year BREGUET develops a new movement, several of which are truly revolutionary. Brand innovation ability has firmly established Breguet’s indicators in the contemporary fine watch industry, and has a unique position in European cultural heritage.

Breguet, who joined SWATCH Group in 1999, has developed many new patents.

Classique Chronometrie 7727 is a major innovation in the watch industry