Love Begins With Expression Fiyta And Gao Yuanyuan Select Happiness Watch To Start The Tanabata ‘watch’ White Offensive

Happiness is meeting you in the best time, warming your heart every second. Love is to express your feelings at the most romantic moment, and to accompany the day and night. On the occasion of the sweet Tanabata, Fiyta and Gao Yuanyuan launched the Tanabata ‘confession’ offensive, selecting happy watches for couples, and helping them confess their success in this romantic moment.

Fiyta brand spokesperson Gao Yuanyuan took a group photo with the brand’s top executives

Love Tanabata Let love begin with expression

   Love is a thrilling progress; love begins with the most sincere expression of the moment. On the occasion of Tanabata on Midsummer Day, Gao Yuanyuan’s incarnation ‘Cupid’ will appear in 20 days of new watch launch conferences held by Fiyta in Zhengzhou and Baotou, with an elegant and happy ‘goddess’ image, for consumers To teach the meaning of happiness in clover, select the clover series watch that represents the reputation of happiness, and the 2015 extreme series new watch which is highly recommended by the popular movie star Li Chen. Raiders to help lovers eventually become dependents.

Gao Yuanyuan took photos with fans on WeChat

Happy Clover Series

   The greatest pursuit in life is that all time is haunted by happiness. The Fiyta Clover watch is one such existence. At Zhengzhou and the upcoming Baotou new product launch conference, Gao Yuanyuan will wear a new clover watch to romantically interpret the charming moment of ‘National Goddess’ and freeze the beauty of time. Gao Yuanyuan revealed that the four-leaf clover series representing happiness and true love has always been her favorite choice. The four-leaf clover series has insight into women’s heart, which not only expresses the feminine beauty and warmth to the fullest, but also contains the wearer’s love for life and hope for happiness. At the same time, Yuanyuan also hopes that the four-leaf clover watch with beautiful meaning can add more romantic feeling to everyone in the upcoming Qixi Festival.

Motion Extreme Series ‘Watch’ White Time

   As one of the magical instruments of Tanabata confession, the Extreme Series watch has won many reputations and is highly recommended by Li Chen. The extreme series interprets the ‘watch’ and ‘coupe concept’ cross-border, perfectly combining two kinds of artworks full of strength and mechanical kinetic energy, so that the beloved half lingers on the speed and passion of the wrist.
The Fiyta Extreme Series, which was exhibited at the 2015 Basel Watch Show, blends sports car elements into the watch, giving you the desire to conquer freely, whistling with the movement of the hands. The black bezel conveys mysterious visual tension. On the multi-layered three-dimensional dial, the shape of the steering wheel of the coupe is clearly visible, and the honeycomb grid on the steering wheel skeleton also uses the coupe air intake grille and air conditioning air outlet elements. Carefully polished and polished metal studs are inlaid on the surface of the ring disk in the form of ‘brake pads’, so that the metallic glossy surface and the carbon black brushed textures complement each other’s charm. The vintage rose gold case is decorated with the engine cover trim; the design inspiration comes from the engine’s transmission gear. The design of the bottom cover is taken from the wheel of a coupe. The watch places the movement hollow under the anti-glare sapphire glass, and can see the movement of the mechanical movement at any time, full of mechanical dynamics. On the inner circle, there are dense and dense numbers for easy reading. The watch is based on the clever coupe concept design, taking into account the essence of its timepiece on the wrist.

Product configuration

Name: Fiyta Clover Series
Model: LA8562.PWRD
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, rose gold plating, gem setting
Bezel: stainless steel, rose gold plating, gem setting
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: white shell, natural diamond setting
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom
Strap: Brown leather
Diameter: 34.6mm
Waterproof: 5ATM

Name: Fiyta Extreme Series
Model: GA866002.MBR
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, water-plated rose gold
Bezel: stainless steel, IP black plated
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: black, hollow
Strap: Brown leather
Water resistance: 100 meters