Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smart Watch New City Game Fun Travel World In Fenjianjian

Since its introduction in July 2017, the TamburHorizon smart watch series has been updated iteratively, continuously introducing new features, endless iconic dial interfaces and a series of replaceable straps. Today, based on the choice of four 24-hour neutral bezel designs, the TambourHorizon smartwatch once again explores the limitless possibilities of cutting-edge technology to convey the true essence of travel and the spirit of personalization of Louis Vuitton.

   The new CityGame surface complements the exclusive features of the TamburHorizon smartwatch. Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s ‘City Guide’, this game designed specifically for the TambourHorizon smartwatch allows wearers to travel around the world in virtual spaces. From Paris, click on the dial interface to make Louis Vuitton’s iconic shoe, LVArchlight sneakers, cross obstacles, travel through mountains and rivers, unlock with miles and go to Metropolis.

   Every time you arrive in a city, you get a new dial interface: London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and the end of San Francisco. When the player continuously crosses all obstacles without mistakes and completes the global travel, he can still continue the game and keep refreshing the highest score record.

   The ‘Town Guide’ application in TambourHorizon smart watches provides excellent solutions for current and pre-trip planning, and fun CityGame games to accompany the rest … Louis Vuitton TambourHorizon smart watches will create you Great travel experience!