Longines Watch Somia Series Shanghai Debut

Across the time and space of Longines’ century-old pure watchmaking tradition, this extraordinary mechanical watch model has come from the watchmaking resort of Somia to the modern cosmopolitan Shanghai, and for the first time has unfolded its elegance to the world. Face. Longines Global Elegance Ambassador, Oscar-winning Kate & middot; Winslet came to Shanghai for the first time and appeared at the world premiere of the Longines Soimia Saint-Imier series, and personally opened ‘Soyemia: the birthplace of Longines’ The Discovery Tour of Watchmaking Culture Exhibition. That night, a grand launch dinner was held on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. The movie stars Liu Yifei, Qin Hailu, Li Chen, Jiang Yiyan, well-known screenwriter Ning Caishen, fashion photographer Chen Man, and supermodel host Li Ai attended the elegant event of Longines. The bright stars have witnessed the time and space legend of Longines and Soymia together.

Travel elegantly to watch the culture of watchmaking
The Longines Soimia Saint-Imier collection is inspired by the birthplace of the legendary town of Soimia. It is a time that grows from this fertile soil that has bred a brilliant watchmaking tradition. Longines has played a central role in Saint-Imier’s life since its inception, and this small mountain village has since developed into a watchmaking hub. This new series once again imprints the timeless history of Longines and Soymia, and reflects the time axis of the evolution of the brand’s watchmaking technology. All this was carefully concentrated in ‘Soyemia: Longines watch birthplace watch culture exhibition’.
Through the comprehensive experience of seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling in the exhibition, the distance between space and time seems to pass through like a personal presence. The fragrance of the fir jungle is everywhere, such as coming to the depths of the Jurassic Valley; it is as if walking on the streets of Soymia, tracing the origin of Longines and Soymia, and feeling the concentration, tranquility, beauty and heritage of this ancient town of watches and clocks; In the factory of nearly two centuries of Longines, admire the pure gestures handed down from the ancestors by workers, and listen to the delicate ticking movement of the movement. The inspiration spark of the past two centuries is shining, and the elegant attitude is timeless. . In the elapsed time, immerse yourself in a piece of fixed history, and touch the endless classics in the minutes and seconds that never stop. Numerous antiques representing Longines ‘watchmaking achievements and heritage have arrived in Shanghai for the first time from the brand museum. They are the new masterpieces from Longines’ long-standing heritage, also extracting the latest watchmaking technology, and fully embodying the pure watchmaking tradition. & Mdash; & mdash; Longines The Somia Saint-Imier series shined together at the exhibition. The Sina Saint-Imier series from the brand’s pure birthplace came to Shanghai, an elegant building with more than 100 years of humanities, quietly shining noble light, like the stars in the clouds, no matter the appearance Still a movement, every detail records the essence of Longines’ development in the past 180 years. Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back and watching the subtle movement of the movement, the Longines Soimia Saint-Imier series interprets the endless imagination of time for mankind in an elegant manner between the seconds and seconds. And admiring these time treasures with international superstar Kate & middot; Winslet, admiring the elegant heritage of Longines is another unforgettable experience.

Starlight shines on Pujiang’s legend
At night, the century-old Bund of the modern city is bright and charming, showing the grandeur of the World Expo Group; the Huangpu River is sparkling, light and shadow are flowing, and tradition and modernity are at this moment. Tonight, the sky and water in Shanghai are even more illuminated by starlight. Longines will set a feast released by the Somia Saint-Imier series on the banks of the Huangpu River, giving this watch the most modern watch that reflects the long and pure watch tradition of Longines. Elegant interpretation.
On the banks of the Huangpu River under the starry sky, the clothes are fragrant, the friends are like clouds, and the feast of elegance and elegance is permeated in the feast. The dancer leaps between the light and the shadow, shockingly interprets the infinite time and space of Soimia in minutes and seconds, and kicks off the feast. Among the wonderful music, Longines global elegance ambassador Kate & middot; Winslet came and unveiled the new product together with the brand’s top executives. With the countdown of the guests in the audience, the legendary logo of the stage center brand & mdash; The wing hourglass moved in response, and the new Soimia Saint-Imier series came out. Movie stars Liu Yifei, Qin Hailu, Li Chen, Jiang Yiyan, well-known screenwriter Ning Caishen, fashion photographer Chen Man, and supermodel host Li Ai, etc. participated in a feast for this new masterpiece, toasting the beauty of Longines watchmaking tradition! Tonight, whether it’s Soimia, deep in the Swiss valley, or the brightly lit Huangpu River, a commitment to elegance and tradition blends into each other at this moment.

& ldquo; Located in Saint-Imier, Soimia in 1832, Longines has a very close relationship with this village, which is regarded as the company’s foundation and development source. As the only watchmaking company founded and still in Saint-Imier, Longines has always adhered to its values: tradition, elegance and sport. & rdquo; Longines Global President Walcher von K & auml; nel said, ‘Longines Soimia Saint-Imier series perfectly and fully reflects the brand’s pure watchmaking tradition. Today, Longines launches the Saint-Imier series in Shanghai. We hope that through these extraordinary mechanical models, watch lovers in China and around the world will enjoy the long-standing heritage of Longines and the latest watchmaking technology. Time treasure. & rdquo;