Jingdong Watches Blows The Brand “Assembly Number” And Pushes The New Experience Of Watches Online Shopping

On August 23, in order to help the watch brand to open a new situation in e-commerce, Jingdong Watches officially blew its brand rally in Beijing, starting from ‘customer, brand, fashion’ as the starting point and jointly including TAG HEUER , Zenith, Chopard, CITIZEN, MOVADO, Tianwang, Rossini, etc., more than 40 well-known watchmakers at home and abroad, officially held the 2017 Watch Nights and Brand Alliance conference, dedicated to the general Consumers bring a new quality, worry-free and enjoyable new shopping experience.

   As JD.com’s advantages in the supply chain become more prominent, JD.C watches and clocks will continue to increase on the basis of the existing supply chain and continue to introduce in-depth cooperation with well-known brands. This is also the fundamental significance of JD. In order to bring a more high-quality, worry-free and enjoyable shopping experience to consumers, JD.com launched this watch brand alliance to seek more effective ways of cooperation with major watch brands, on the one hand, it can help brands gain better Development space to help the industry upgrade; on the other hand, it can also provide consumers with more credible and rich products, eliminate user pain points and experience barriers, meet the diverse and personalized needs of users, and bring consumers more The choice of quality and functional watches.

[Ms. Ding Xia, President of Jingdong Fashion Business Department delivered a speech]
   At the press conference, Ms. Ding Xia, President of Jingdong Fashion Business Department, put forward three strategic directions that Jingdong Watches is currently focusing on, namely: 1. Upstream channels: looking forward to direct cooperation with many watch brands; 2. Panoramic marketing promotion: Linking with brands , Jointly carry out multi-directional influences such as traditional media, new media, etc .; 3. All-round promotion for customer experience: Continuously research consumer consumption pain points through big data, improve the experience of maintenance and repair, and form a complete full-link worry-free purchase. . When talking about the development goals of JD Watches in the future, Ms. Ding Xia said, ‘JD Watches has become one of the fastest-growing categories in our division after 5 years of development, and has become the industry’s benchmarking platform in the field of e-commerce. In the future, JD Watch will adhere to the concept of customer service first, continuously improve the brand and customer cooperation and shopping experience, and present a better platform to all our merchants and consumers. ‘

[Speech from Fiyta Brand Representative]
   On the day of the press conference, many representative brands from domestic watches, Swiss watches, and Japanese and Korean watches gathered together to share the story of the brand’s growth with JD.com during the process of e-commerce. JD.com has a long history of cooperation with many national watch brands. Since 2009, JD.com watches have successively reached cooperation with Tianwang Watch, Ebo Watch, Fiyta, Seagull Watch, and Rossini. Since then, JD.com has cooperated with five major watch brands. The content of cooperation continues to deepen, and the level of cooperation continues to increase. The famous domestic watch brand Fiyta said: ‘Since 2010, Fiyta Group has begun to cooperate with JD Group. At that time, the era of e-commerce in the form of B2C has just risen and ushering in a blowout industry scale. As the first watch brand to test the water, Fiyta and JD.com have achieved remarkable results in a seven-year cooperation period, and this foundation has become an important cornerstone of today’s strong alliance. ‘

[Speech from the Tag Heuer brand representative]
   As we all know, in the field of luxury goods, Swiss watches are rigorous and cold, with a long history and unique industry culture, they are destined to be very cautious on the way to choose e-commerce. However, in the face of the e-commerce explosion, the Swiss watch brand also inevitably migrated online. In the process, JD.com also became their ideal partner. At the press conference, the traditional Swiss watch brand TAG HEUER, which had chosen JD as a strategic cooperation platform as early as the end of 2015, talked about the feeling of cooperation with JD: ‘When we first went to JD, we actually treated it as pure sales One platform. However, the cooperation with JD now is not just a sales level, but a combination of brand, market, and sales. I hope that in the future, at the brand level and big data, the two sides will have more in-depth and exciting cooperation. ‘ In addition, just in mid-August this year, Chopard, a century-old Swiss luxury jewellery and watch brand that officially landed in JD.com to open a brand concept store, also said: ‘As the top e-commerce platform in China, JD.com is the first time Chopard has tried e-commerce sales in China The ideal partner. This collaboration is an extension of Chopard’s existing business network and also reflects its brand spirit of continuous breakthrough and innovation since its establishment in 1860. ‘

[Speech from the representative of Seiko]
   As one of Japan’s three major watch brands, Seiko shared the brand’s help on the JD platform at the press conference: ‘As the largest self-employed e-commerce platform in the country, JD has a large premium consumer group. Seiko provides a strong sales guarantee, and JD’s huge consumption data has also helped Seiko’s accurate marketing in the Chinese market. Seiko watches will continue to maintain a bold and innovative spirit in the future, adhere to the precise and rigorous production ingenuity, for the majority of JD.com consumers present more sophisticated works. ‘

   In addition to sharing the successful cooperation cases between JD.com and major watch brands, many watch brands at the conference also officially launched exclusive watch products to be released on the JD.com platform, and were attended by outstanding players from the JD.com new face model contest. As a result, all exclusive watches released that night are only available on the JD platform. Interested friends can check the relevant sales information in the brand’s JD official flagship store.
   Jingdong recently proposed the concept of the fourth retail revolution, emphasizing that the power that is now pushing many industries to the window of change is business intelligence. Today, intelligence has become the decisive force to promote the retail industry to the fourth retail revolution. This moves towards the Industrial Internet. Facing the demand for the watch and watch e-commerce industry upgrade, JD.com, which has 258 million middle-class registered users across the country, will make full use of the platform’s advantages and is committed to promoting the intelligent development of online sales in the watch and watch industry and providing marketing brand data support to cooperative brands. For example, the shopping preferences of users in different regions will help co-brand smart stocking. In addition, JD.com will also provide marketing and public relations support to brands, and leverage their service advantages in warehousing, logistics, and after-sales services to empower brand development.
   In addition, JD.com, as the world’s largest online self-operated platform, also bears the purpose and social responsibility of actively promoting the standardization of the industry. It cooperates with the national inspection, which promulgated and implemented the [Administrative Measures] and [Assessment Rules] in accordance with relevant regulations. ], Launched the ‘Jingdong Watches and Watches After Sales’ plan at the same time, providing maintenance services to consumers through qualified maintenance service points, fully displaying the public image of JD.com actively fulfilling its social responsibility.