Japanese Citizen Citizen Minute Repeater Recommended

Although Japanese watches do not have a very long history like Swiss watches, Japan’s high-tech applications far exceed many long-established watch brands. The ‘Quartz Revolution’ co-directed by Seiko, Citizen, and Casio as the ‘Japanese Three Heroes’ of the watch industry once pushed traditional watches to the forefront, and this change was called by traditional brands ‘ Quartz crisis. ‘ Today we come to appreciate a classic watch BL9000-83L from this Citizen Minute Repeater series.

The stainless steel case and strap match the blue dial, which is a little casual in sports. The red date hands and morning and afternoon indicators add a bit of cleverness. The fan-shaped date display with a length of 3/4 bezel is novel and unique. The 42mm diameter is quite satisfactory. All kinds of wrists are suitable. In terms of appearance, the metal texture is strong and the sports atmosphere is strong.
 Talking about its function, it can only be described by two powerful men. The date and month display on the left realizes the perpetual calendar function. The minute repeater button at 2 o’clock can distinguish the time by the sound of the high and low reeds. At 4 o’clock, there are morning and afternoon indications, and at 3 o’clock is an independent small seconds dial. The 7 o’clock position is a sub-dial, and the remote time can be displayed through the sub hour and minute hands. The 8 o’clock button is a mode switch button, which sequentially switches the time mode, daily alarm mode, remote time, remote time alarm mode, and second correction. There are five types of modes, and the usage of each mode is not described here. The button at 4 o’clock on the right is used to set the alarm. In addition, it also uses Citizen’s core technology, light kinetic energy, to convert light into kinetic energy through the dial to provide the watch with time. Overall, this watch covers all the functions of our daily needs, and it is definitely very good in a quartz watch.

 Since its establishment in 1918, Citizen has a history of nearly 100 years. Both the brand concept and culture have long been rooted in the hearts of people. This Citizen Minute Repeater BL9000-83L watch has a slightly complicated appearance, but the design The combination is absolutely remarkable. The combination of multiple functions on the dial is full and not cluttered. It is flexible but not frivolous. Combined with the price of 5500, it can be said that many people are a good choice to start the first watch. Perhaps many years later, when I think back to the Citizen BL9000-83L that took me into the complex world of watches, it was more like an amiable teacher. Through the quartz movement, we experienced the charm of watch functions and also led us. Entered a whole new world.
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