It Was This Feeling To Stand In Space Girard-perregaux Girard-perregaux Bridges Golden Bridge Cosmos Watch

At the 2019 SIHH Geneva watch exhibition, Girard-Perregaux introduced unexpected complications, set the tone of ‘Earth to Sky’ to explore the essence of the universe and time, as an inspiration. The elements are implemented in the ‘Bridges Cosmos Universe Watch’, adding the complex functions of tourbillon, sky map and world time, allowing the wearer to stand on earth and explore the universe.

Tourbillon bridge made of PVD black titanium plated, the surface of the frame is sandblasted, and it crosses the interstellar space with a beautiful arc.

Feature one: crownless design with unique view of the universe
The Bridges Golden Bridge Cosmos universe watch is built between the ‘nebulous nebula’. It is a perfect combination of romance and machinery. The case is made of titanium with a large diameter of 47mm. It is equipped with a GP09320 manual winding movement. There is no ordinary crown. It is replaced by four micro adjustment keys located on the back of the case, which are used for winding, setting the time, adjusting the celestial sphere and the earth. The watch face dial has symmetrical double spheres set along the horizontal and vertical axes, and the complex functions are located in the four directions of southeast, northwest, and northeast. From this we can see that the ‘cosmic view’ of this watch is not only the starry sky world viewed from the earth’s perspective, but the other perspective is to see the earth from outside the atmosphere, providing two interpretations of the perspective, which is very special.

The Bridges Golden Cosmos universe watch uses two complete spheres to represent the earth and interstellar space, respectively.

Feature two: Stars can be seen on both sides
The aforementioned duality is also reflected in the bright characteristics of the Cosmos watch, just like the planet’s front and back sides. What astronomical paradoxes will be achieved when astrophysical phenomena meet Western mythology? At daytime, the constellation light in the sky is blocked by the dazzling sun. It is invisible but still exists. In order to present this state, the sphere on the watch cleverly displays the constellation invisible to the naked eye at noon on the faceplate, and the constellation visible to the naked eye at night is naturally displayed on the back of the watch.

The Cosmos watch does not have a crown. The time and various functions are manually adjusted from the back of the watch.

Feature 3: Display the time equation indirectly
Under the colored sapphire crystal, you can see the eccentric setting of the hours and minutes at 12 o’clock, and a black titanium bridge at 6 o’clock. Below the bridge is a continuously rotating tourbillon. At 3 o’clock, there is a titanium laser earth. The function is a day and night display. You can know whether your time zone is day or night. There is a 24-hour scale near the equator for reading GMT Greenwich Mean Time. The 9 o’clock sky map gives the Cosmos watch a ‘star’ country. The blue titanium metal sphere expresses the twelve constellations on the sky with liquid luminous elements and rotates once every 23 hours, 58 minutes and 4 seconds. Equal to a stellar day.

Bridges Cosmos watch

Titanium material / GP09320-1098 manual winding movement / eccentric, eccentric minutes, small seconds display / tourbillon device / dual time display with day and night indication / constellation display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / 47mm diameter