Iléa Dalian Conference Liu Zi Elegant Interpretation Of The Famous Men’s Watch

Recently, the famous movie star Liu Zi joined hands with the director of the new drama ‘Sniper’ Gao Xixi and the leading actor Dawei to make a high-profile appearance at the Shanghai TV Festival and accepted an exclusive interview with major media across the country. Liu Zi, who has just finished the promotion of ‘Sniper’ in Shanghai, with an unrecovered back injury, was invited to attend a new product launch event held by the world-renowned watch brand Baume & Mercier in Dalian.

On June 11, Liu Zi, dressed in a little white Jessica dress, appeared like a noble princess in Dalian. He was invited to attend a new product release held by Dalian’s top watch brand Baume & Mercier in Dalian Jinhua Watches. At the meeting, the brand new ‘Ili iléa’ watch was displayed lively, showing the graceful and graceful charm of mature women, and using the fragrant and charming flower language to celebrate the supreme and eternal feminine gentleness. At the press conference, Mr. Emmanuel Ducret, Managing Director of Baume & Mercier Asia-Pacific, presented Ms. Liu Zi with Baume & Mercier’s latest ‘Iliiléa’ watch.
As a woman who is gradually maturing in the intellectual transformation, Hua Yi actress Liu Zi has been enjoying both career and life. Fang Yi, the chic and tenderhearted in ‘Lu Ding Ji’, got her affirmation and praise from TV audiences. The debut of the new drama ‘Sniper’ in cooperation with the popular niche sniper at the Shanghai TV Festival attracted a lot of attention from many media. With the new edition of ‘Three Kingdoms’ and ‘Dream of Red Mansions’, it was rated as the most watched TV drama of the year. In addition, Liu Zi’s talents in creative life and home design, and her achievements in environmental protection gradually shine, and she has also been seen as an intellectual charm that she radiates from the inside out.