Hublot Participates In The Hengbao Sailing Race

It is the largest inland lake regatta in the world. This is also a huge sailing festival, bringing together nearly 600 yachts in the waters of Lake Geneva. Participants included amateurs and professionals, including champions from all over Europe, gathered at the starting line at the port of Geneva. More than 3,000 enthusiasts and thousands of spectators lined up to watch the game, a truly amazing start! A demonstration organization committee and the participation of more than a hundred volunteers brought the research on oceans to the forefront in a friendly atmosphere. In order to celebrate this great 75th anniversary commemorative event, Hublot has the honor to have been selected as the official timing brand for the Regatta.
 Last Saturday, the event kicked off at the Geneva Yacht Club. Invited timing brand executives also appeared at the opening ceremony. Of course, Hublot will also set up a boutique in Geneva, and the entire team under its leadership will be chaired by Ricardo Gua
Dalupe, the company’s CEO Jean-Claude Beaver and others are intoxicated by the blue sky and the sea
communicate with.
 Hengbao has always been a luxury brand belonging to sailing boats and the sea. Firstly, it created the brand through its name and the shape of the watch.
LOGO. Of course, it also maintains a good cooperative relationship with other units. Alinghi and Monaco Maritime Museums and Institutes
 The brand has long been looking forward to such a partnership, and Lake Geneva is close at hand in Switzerland. Now it is finally possible to pay tribute to the 75th anniversary of the event. Hublot has created a chronograph that combines classic elements. It uses titanium to increase its brightness. It is an excellent choice for impact resistance and corrosion resistance. The watch is also equipped with a carbon fiber dial, silver counter and a chronograph second hand, symbolizing The azure waters of Lake Geneva. The strap is also finished with carbon rubber stitched with black rubber.
 Summary: Hublot’s status in the watch industry is rising day by day. Now it crosses the borders to other industries and marries sports, which not only better shows the brand’s fashion sense, but also highlights the professionalism of its sports watches. .