Hermes World’ With Its Dreams Across The Three Major Communication Platforms Of Magazines, Podcasts And Instagram

‘Le Monde d’ Hermès’ includes always on the road to Trolltech art. Launched in 1973, Hermès World magazine has a distinctive style, and now covers three major communication platforms: magazines, podcasts, and Instagram, opening the door to readers’ dreams and experiencing a dream-like source of inspiration.
   Year title content throughout
   The Hermès title is the cornerstone of Hermès World, and a narrative blueprint shared by magazines, podcasts, and the Instagram social platform.
   The Hermès title was created by Jean-Louis Dumas, and since 2006, Hermès Art Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas has decided. Every year, the public invites the public to appreciate Hermès’ diversified ideas from a new and unique perspective, and to promote the continuously innovative spirit of relevant personnel of the brand.
   ‘Hermes World’ Magazine: Incarnate to tell stories, invite new writers to co-author
   The new ‘Hermes World’ magazine has created a complete story, interweaving text into pictures, leaving readers immersive. Hermes invites several contributors to create a new issue of Hermes World magazine during a one-year term. In the Fall / Winter 2019 issue, Hermes invited guest editor-in-chief Laure Flammarion and guest art director Thomas Persson to conceive a wonderful story that blends into the brand’s rich imagination and deep culture, allowing readers to indulge in it and explore the creative ingenuity rooted in the product series.
   The Hermès team draws inspiration from the two ideas and the 2019 title ‘From the Dream to the Dream,’ and collaborates with many artists, photographers and writers. They put their creativity and talents together to accomplish this. Brand new work.
   Podcast: Delightful Voice Interpretation Theme
   The content of the year title is also presented in the form of podcasts. The audience explores the wonderfulness of ‘Hermes World’ by listening to a series of dialogue and interview programs. The show invited Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Véronique Nichanian, Bali Barret and other guests to share with the audience the role of the year in promoting and motivating their daily lives.
   Instagram: vivid image interpretation theme
   Hermès’ official Instagram platform puts fans in vivid stories inspired by the year. The platform is in the form of a multi-chapter e-book, full of creativity and surprises, and depicting ingenious dream stories in online language.
   Taking the year as the main narrative, ‘Hermes World’ integrates images and sound effects into the text. I hope to share with friends Hermes’ colorful brand stories and creative works.
   New graphic design

   The wonderful presentation of ‘Hermes World’ is also indispensable for the contribution of graphic designer Philippe Apeloig, who took inspiration from Hermes’ equestrian tradition to create this new graphic art work.
   ‘Slender lines wrap around, part of the font is re-interpreted from geometric patterns, depicting the template effect. At a glance, the continuous thin lines connect different texts, reminiscent of the eel and stitches in equestrian, and give The brand logo is infused with a bright and light texture. ‘