Gucci Watch Jewelry Launches New Gucci Sync Watch

In order to interact with creative and music-loving customers, GUCCI SYNC watches from Gucci Watch Jewelry are based on Social, Young, Network, and Community ‰ For the design concept, always live up to its name.

 This time, Gucci watch jewellery adds a new style to SYNC watches. Khaki green, rough style. Khaki green GUCCI SYNC watches are available in large (36 mm) and XXL (46 mm) sizes. The main color of khaki green is paired with the red second hand, and Gucci’s highly recognizable stripe design elements run through the strap and embellish the crown. In short, the overall beauty of color jumps and contrasts.

 Other Gucci signature details are also incorporated, including the matte interlocking GG ‰ logo on the surface and the Gucci logo engraved on the stainless steel case at 9 o’clock. The stadium-shaped steel bezel, sunburst surface, Stainless steel and khaki green transparent nylon case, khaki green rubber strap · GUCCI SYNC Through the cool combination of color, texture and material to create a trendy, urban modern watch.

 GUCCI SYNC is only sold through online channels.