Four Elements To Identify Hublot And Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch

On August 5th, when Chinese badminton player Lin Dan defended the Olympic champion as a guest on the interview program, a netizen posted a message on Weibo that Lin Dan wore a royal oak tree. One stone stirred up thousands of waves. Netizens scrambled to forward, and major portals also reposted, and it became a hot topic about what watches the Olympic heroes wear. It was later confirmed that Lin Dan was actually wearing a Hublot (Weibo) King Extreme Unico all black series. However, it is no wonder that netizens will make such mistakes. The shape of Hublot and the Royal Oak of Audemars Piguet do have some similarities, but there are many differences when they are carefully discerned.
外观 The appearance of the product is derived from the concept and positioning of the product. The resulting design ideas will become the core of the whole series. Therefore, no matter how to expand the product line, it is always inseparable. So mastering this, you can distinguish two seemingly similar designs.

Similar appearance stems from different ideas
The well-known Royal Oak series watches were intended to create a luxurious sports watch at the beginning. While embodying ‘exercise athlete’, it can also reflect the solemnity and elegance of formal watches. In the development of 30 years, Royal Oak has implemented this concept consistently, from the third pin to the complex function, it is not difficult to see the core elements that remain unchanged. Compared to Royal Oak, the dominant concept of Hublot Big Bang watches is ‘fusion.’ From the first natural rubber strap with precious metal materials at the beginning of the brand’s establishment, to today, the further construction of the movement is integrated with the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry and the visual arts of watchmaking in the 21st century. Big Bang embodies a kind of sports and Connection of modern ideas. In addition, the designer of Big Bang has worked for Audemars Piguet, so the overall design of Big Bang has also been influenced by Royal Oak. Although Royal Oak and Big Bang are both sports watches, they have different connotations, so it is not difficult to understand the differences in design.
要素 Four elements to distinguish Hublot Big Bang and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Hublot case
The case of the King Oak and Big Bang is actually very similar in appearance, both are similar to the shape of a wine barrel. However, the design concept of Royal Oak is more luxurious, with a little legacy of dressing, so the appearance of many styles is more rounded and restrained.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Dial

In contrast, Big Bang’s design focuses more on modern visual effects. There are more protrusions on the shell, with sharp edges and corners, and it looks more rigid and visually impactful.
Look at the bezel after the case. Although the bezels of Royal Oak and Big Bang are different in shape, there are some similarities in the design. For example, both bezels are covered with screws, which can easily cause confusion.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
The bezel of Royal Oak is octagonal, and the octagonal bezel is fixed by 8 hex screws. The screws on the Royal Oak bezel are lowered from the top and tightened from the back, so the bezel shows its regular arrangement. The 8 screw tips are opposite the corners of the bezel. The screw openings form a ring. Fine drawing process with good visual effect.

The Hublot Big Bang’s bezel is round. The bezel is fixed by 6 round screws, and the screws are tightened from above, so the direction of the screw mouth is irregular. In addition, two round screws are used to tighten the periphery of the case, and the overall visual sense is industrial and design. The shape of the two cases is similar, and the bezel is also fixed with screws, but the Royal Oak is an octagonal bezel and the Big Bang is a round bezel. Please note the 8 hexagonal screws on the Royal Oak bezel. The tips of the 8 screws are opposite to the corners of the bezel. The screw openings form a ring. With the fine brushing, Audemars Piguet’s meticulous attitude is truly amazing.
经典 A classic design can become part of the brand’s DNA, and it will be passed down from generation to generation as the product line is enriched. Just like BMW’s iconic front grille design on the front face, it has been polished over time.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
The dial design of Royal Oak also has such characteristics. Most of the Royal Oaks are decorated with ‘Tapisserie’ plaid patterns, this inherited design makes it easy to see at a glance.

The Hublot Big Bang faceplate, which expresses sports fusion design, is more complicated and changeable. Hollow, camouflage, plaid, monochrome, both avant-garde and dynamic, worthy of the visual art of 21st century watchmaking advocated by Hublot. The two dial designs reflect the different styles and positioning of the brand. This different orientation also helps us to distinguish them visually. Royal Oak series watches mostly use the ‘Tapisserie’ checkered pattern to decorate the dial, while the dials of Hublot watches are more complicated and have visual impact.

As mentioned earlier, Hublot is the pioneer of rubber straps with precious metal materials. It can be seen that rubber straps play an important role in Hublot watches. Many Hublot watches use rubber straps. Not only that, but some models also use rubber mixed with other materials and special materials. For example, in the Big Bang caviar fruit line, a crocodile leather stitched rubber strap is used.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
Royal Oak is relatively flexible in the choice of watch bands, and steel bands, belts, and rubber bands are used.
谈 Talking about the movement from the table and the inside

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Movement
The difference in appearance can be seen at a glance, the watch movement is wrapped in the case, and the real content is usually not visible. At this point, we will mention it here. While developing the self-produced movements, the two brands also purchased movements from other manufacturers, including Jaeger-LeCoultre and ETA. Audemars Piguet’s large and complex movements have a good reputation in the industry. In terms of basic movements, Audemars Piguet introduced the 3120 movement and gradually replaced the outsourced movement.

Hublot movement
UNICO movement is the most important product of Hublot in recent years. It has developed two types of timekeeping and world time. It is believed that with further research and development, the UNICO movement will soon achieve series. Eye-catching looks, sophisticated self-produced movements, Royal Oak and Big Bang watches exude charming charms from the inside out.
Through multiple comparisons, we can see that under similar appearances, there are many differences between the two watches. This can’t help but make me think of the word ‘looking like a god’. The two seem to be closely related, but they have different spiritual connotations. The two sports watches, Royal Oak is more luxurious, and Big Bang is more stylish. The resulting design differences have become the basis for distinguishing the two watches. I believe that by grasping the main differences in appearance between the two, there will be no misidentification.