F.P. Journe 30th Anniversary Tourbillon Watch

Thirty years ago, Francois-Paul Journe, a 20-year-old French watchmaker, completed a small project of his own: a homemade tourbillon pocket watch. At this year’s 30th anniversary, Journe created the latest F.P.Journe commemorative tourbillon watch based on the original pocket watch design.

This commemorative tourbillon watch has many changes and innovations based on the pocket watch made in 1983, but still retains the original design style, breaking many traditional designs of PF Journe, such as: Dial, 4N rose gold bezel, and traditional brass movement (many brands like Journe use gold movements).

The 30th anniversary edition tourbillon watch has a transparent sapphire crystal caseback. Through the caseback, you can clearly see the movement and structural design of the tourbillon: the movement is made of brass, just like the 1983 pocket watch movement. Two side-by-side clockwork drums transmit power to the gear train, then to the gears of the tourbillon frame, and drive the frame to make one revolution in one minute. Since the original was a pocket watch and the new one was a wristwatch, the original detent escapement was replaced by a side fork escapement. The key design, which was originally used for winding and setting the time, also replaced the crown at 3 o’clock.

The FPJourne Tourbillon 30th Anniversary Limited Edition watch is produced by a workshop in Geneva. In addition to high-quality movement components, it also uses contemporary grinding, chamfering and finishing technology, so the newly equipped movement seems to follow Like the first tourbillon movement created by the watchmaker, it is full of noble temperament. This watch also has a silver case back with a guilloché pattern. The dial is also made of silver, decorated with grain patterns, hour rings and Roman numerals, these details are faithful to the 1983 prototype.

Journe named this commemorative tourbillon watch ‘Thank you’, sincerely thank F.P. Journe for 30 years of loyal customers. Limited edition of 99 pieces, priced at $ 99,000.