Emotional Expressions Let Us Pair Up In Pairs

Pairs and pairs are a Chinese auspicious concept and a special need that impresses westerners. Especially in the watchmaking industry, as the Chinese market becomes more and more important, a large number of watch pairs have also been recommended to Chinese consumers who love watches. Patek Philippe Chinese Pair Watch
     Looking back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties hundreds of years ago, the most exquisite timepieces imported from Europe at that time could of course belong to dignitaries or wealthy businessmen. Although most of them were men, they often own their beloved watches. Appreciate alone, rarely shared with others, but pairing is a basic requirement. Nowadays, in the famous Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, there are more than one hundred ancient “pair watches” specially tailored for the Chinese market. Its origins can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century and around 1850. These decorative styles of watches are inclusive and eloquent, involving various religions, myths and secular themes. Watchmakers, gold and silversmiths, enamelists and sculptors have sincerely cooperated and devoted their life to these art masterpieces. Taking a typical ‘Chinese watch’ as an example, the case decorated with gold, colored enamel, pearls, and gemstones is unique in style while being gorgeous. Although the Western god of love in the picture is not Chinese characteristics, its ‘mirror’ ‘Symmetry’ is a typical Chinese aesthetic, and today people are fascinated by such a display.
Patek Philippe Carrara Series
  In fact, more so-called watch pairs should be matched by themselves. Direct recommendations from those companies are becoming less and less, and more people are free to match with the same style. Take the example of the Karazhuo Huawei, which is the most representative of Patek Philippe, and there are not many female watches with the most classic three-pin automatic winding and diamond-set 5297G. Maybe the same diamond-set 4897G can be the best pairing. select. (Reference price: 5297G: 290,000 yuan, 4897G: 220,500 yuan)
Breguet Heritage Series
  Another example is Breguet. In its barrel-type Heritage, 5480 is obviously a male model, while diamond-studded 3661 is a female model. The two match naturally. (Reference price: 5480: 185900 yuan, 3661: 255,000 yuan)
Earl Dragon and Phoenix Pair Watch
  After all, Swiss watchmaking companies are Europeans and often have their own understanding of Chinese customs. Piaget’s latest product is to put Chinese dragons and phoenixes on the dial. Most folks in China are used to treating dragons and phoenixes as men and women, while Piaget Altiplano dragons and phoenixes are the same size: the two Altiplano watches are made of silk enamel 18mm white gold case, 38 mm in diameter, painted in bright fire and painted with bright technique, decorated with 78 round diamonds, weighing about 0.7 carats, the filigree enamel painted dials are decorated with dragon and phoenix patterns, and the bottom cover They are engraved with the Chinese characters ‘dragon’ or ‘phoenix’, respectively. It is equipped with Piaget’s own 430P hand-wound ultra-thin mechanical movement. The time-division function is displayed. The movement thickness is 2.1 mm, the movement diameter is 20.5 mm, the number of gems is 18, the vibration frequency is 21,600 times per hour, and the power reserve is about 40 hours. The movement is decorated with Geneva corrugations, the plate is decorated with a circular corrugated finish, and the bridge is decorated with chamfering and blue steel screws. White alligator strap with 18K white gold pin buckle. (Reference price: 453,000 yuan)
Longines Jialan Series
  Today’s watch pair is of course different from the ancient ones. Take the elegant Longines Jialan series as an example. The classic round table frame is set with brilliant diamonds, which continues the original harmony and perfection. The ultra-thin L209 and L140 quartz movements are used. The thinnest thickness is only 1.40 mm. The slimness and lightness make the watch fit the wrist. When the tiny hands move around the minimalist black Roman numerals on the white dial, time reveals a timeless elegance. The classic bracelet is composed of fine steel clasps and a triple folding buckle. It has both rigidity and flexibility. It is comfortable for both men and women. (Reference price: 30,200 yuan for men, 25,400 yuan for women)
     As for Jaeger-LeCoultre’s classic REVERSO, it can be freely matched according to the personal taste of consumers. For example, perhaps the most popular is the latest GrandeReverso 976. This watch has two slender hour and minute hands that slide around the flat surface at the same elegant pace, while the small second hand is arranged in a rectangle Inside the sub-dial, it doubles its ArtDeco geometric graphic style. In fact, the entire watch has a total of four rectangular designs. In addition to the sub-dial that is regarded as the fourth rectangle above, there are three other beautifully modified rectangles: one of which is the minute indication frame inside the dial. The central part is engraved with a ‘Paris stud’ guilloche pattern; the other is the satin-finished area of ​​the outer dial with transfer Arabic numerals; the third rectangle is made of stainless steel The reversible case has grooves engraved on the upper and lower sides. The owner can rotate the case to expose its case back. The latest women’s watch, Reverso Duetto Duo, appropriately interprets the dual appearance of travel. In the time of traveling between the two places, the two hands of the two hands run in opposite directions, but are driven by the same mechanical movement, which is amazing. (Reference price: GrandeReverso976: 58,000 yuan, Reverso DuettoDuo: 96,000 yuan)