Bulgari Serpenti Incantati Happy Snake Series Watch

The dazzling and gorgeous Serpenti Incantati series watches once again test people’s determination to face charm. Bulgari gives a refreshing interpretation of the theme of the spirit snake, according to ingenious and innovative aesthetic ideas, to create a sexy circular shape for the legendary reptile representing the brand. This is the first time that the spirit snake has appeared around the dial in a disc-shaped manner. The richly decorated snake body lines are more rounded and more modern than ever before, and they are set with diamonds and red tourmalines, so that the wrist is gently surrounded by bright light.

   A dazzling jewellery watch, with a perfect expression between hands and feet, this series is available in four styles: rose gold or white gold with gems. The ingenious combination of various inlaying techniques creates a delicate and elegant style, waiting for you to surrender to the magical and irresistible magic of the Bulgari classic spirit snake watch.

B033 quartz movement decorated with the Bulgari trademark.

Hours and minutes are displayed.
18K rose gold case set with 79 diamonds (1.38 carats) and 31 red tourmalines (2.08 carats), 30 mm in diameter. Or 18K white gold case set with 251 diamonds (8.67 carats), 30 mm diameter.
Snowflake inlaid with 116 diamonds (0.26 carats).
18K rose or white gold diamond strap or brown silk satin strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle set with 20 diamonds (0.33 carats).