Boll Watches Push New Chronograph

In 2008, Boer Watch’s Engineer Master series launched a watch named Engineer Master II Diver Chronograph for the three-time free diving world record holder Guillaume Nery.

    Engineer Master II Diver Chronograph provides the easiest and safest method for diving lovers to calculate the diving time. According to, its built-in counter-rotating chronograph lap is controlled by the spiral crown at ‘2’ position to ensure that it will not accidentally shift during the dive. For those who love deep diving, they need to be able to read the time clearly without being affected by the ambient light. The Swiss-made self-luminous miniature gas lamp of the Bohr watch provides the best solution, in the absence of any external light source. Under the illumination, the self-luminous micro gas lamp can emit light 100 times brighter than the traditional luminous paint for 25 years. The Engineer Master II Diver Chronograph is inlaid with 58 self-luminous micro gas on the built-in rotating chronograph ring, surface and pointer light.
    In addition, this model is the first chronograph that can be used for underwater operation. In order to further consolidate its outstanding waterproof performance, both crowns are equipped with red waterproof rubber ring. The crown is not fully locked, and the exposed red waterproof rubber ring can remind the wearer.