Blancpain Black Charm Low-key Atmosphere

Swiss watch brand Blancpain, which has traditional fine watchmaking technology, has been showing complex craftsmanship in timepieces that seem to give life, since it was founded in 1735, it is speechless. Love is as old as time. The black-based Blancpain weekly calendar shows that the tourbillon watch has a rather low-key appearance, supplemented by a matte 18K rose gold case with a black dial, showing the beauty of the atmosphere. Because it truly integrates tradition and modern requirements, it draws on the years of experience of master watchmakers and uses a new type of recovery. In addition to the daily display functions, it cleverly combines the power reserve and the wonderful floating rotor. The flywheel is set at 12 o’clock, showing superb watchmaking skills. The weekly calendar display reads the weekly calendar by the central pointer pointing to the corresponding number from 1 to 53 located around the dial. This function is not only practical, but also through reasonable design, it is not prominent on the dial of the watch. Easy to read. The unique and complex functions make the new automatic winding 3725G movement and the 356 components made by manual processes perfectly coordinate and perfect.