B-revolution Epoch Flight Revolution’ Limited Watch Exhibition, From 11/15 Baohongtang Taichung Wuquan Flagship Store Lingkong Kaihang

If you ask consumers, where you buy a watch that you know and trust, Baohongtang Watches is almost the answer. Under the helm of Mr. Chen Qiutang, the general manager of Baohongtang Watches, numerous high-end watch brands are gathered in the store. The first impression of consumers is “not only more brands but more limited styles”. good. As the watch market becomes more diversified, in order to effectively serve a wider consumer base, Baohongtang Taichung Wuquan flagship store will specially build the third floor of the brand’s exclusive floor belonging to a younger and younger customer base, so that consumers have more Yuan’s brand choice.

Zou Chengen perfectly matched the low-key luxury style of the future style of Bell & Ross BR-X1 with a wild and uninhibited leather jacket. Ji Yawen wore VINTAGE WW1 with a high-end uniform-fitting suit, like Brad Pitt A gentleman in the movie

   Bell & Ross, a well-known watch brand in Taiwan with a flying watch, has settled in the scale of a shop-in-shop, hoping to serve more watch fans who love the brand. The first appearance of X1 and many limited edition models will also be sold exclusively at Baohongtang Taichung Wuquan flagship store from November 15th to November 23rd. Watch fans who love BR, don’t miss it!

   In order to effectively serve the wider consumer demographics, Baohongtang Taichung Wuquan flagship store will specialize the third floor to create a brand exclusive floor that belongs to the younger and younger customers, so that consumers have more choices in branding. Bell & Ross, a well-known watch brand in Taiwan with a flying watch, has settled in the scale of a shop-in-shop, hoping to serve more watch fans who love the brand.

Bell & Ross writes a new style of flight legend, Zou Chengen and Ji Yawen interpret the two aspects of flight

   The biggest feature of the flight watch legend Bell & Ross, the rough and bold watch quality has always been favored by consumers. The brand has launched two new topics, BR-X1 and Vintage WW1, at the end of this year. The brand is the launch of the Shanda Long Chongqing He brand’s new flagship series. Two well-known idols in the entertainment industry are invited as guest speakers to perform Bell & Ross’s completely different cultural and military styles.

   In recent days, Zou Chengen and Ji Yawen have continued to make treaties. In order to pay tribute to the love brand Bell & Ross, they all paid special leave to the crew, and at the same time bought a new line of clothing from their own pockets to attend the brand presentation. A wild and uninhibited leather outfit coincided with the low-key luxury style of the future style of Bell & Ross BR-X1; Ji Yawen wore VINTAGE WW1 in a high-end uniform-fitting suit, like Brad Pitt In the film’s gentlemanly style, the two exquisitely expressed the perfect combination of top watches and top fashion, which caused countless exclamations and applause on the scene.

Zou Chengen wears BR-X1

   In the interview, the two people praised Bell & Ross for breaking away from the traditional and superior flying form bureau. Zou Chengen said that the BR-X1 released by the brand this time is a rare hollow chronograph watch with a bold appearance Made of titanium alloy, with red stopwatch push-buttons, BR-X1 has the luxury of hollowed-out watches and the precise timing pursued by business elites. It also expresses the mysterious characteristics through the color matching of black and red. The limited edition of 250 in the world must be a treasure One of the pocket list of products. On the side, Ji Yawen expressed more excitement that this time when he saw the brand’s masterpiece-VINTAGE WW1, he greatly admired Bell & Ross for making the flight watch meticulous and elegant. The rose gold watch with the elegant white faceplate and Blue steel needle, I feel that wearing VINTAGE WW1 is as elegant and charming as a British lover. It is not only suitable for dating, attending important events or going on the red carpet, it is very suitable.

Ji Yawen wears Vintage WW1

Bell & Ross Tongguan Craft Timepiece: Luxury + Timing + Sports + Fashion = BR-X1

   Chronograph watches have been a hot item in the men’s watch market in recent years. Bell & Ross’s flying chronograph watches are a dream product for consumers who love sports watches. Bell & Ross is willing to challenge The boundaries of innovative craftsmanship took several years, and the brand grandly launched the BR-X1 SKELETON CHRONOGRAPH, showing the brand’s top proud and skilled craftsmanship.

   BR-X1 chronograph, titanium and ceramic case, 45 mm diameter, with rubber inserts, hours, minutes and small seconds, skeleton date display at 6 o’clock, chronograph with 60 and 30 minutes Watch, grey inorganic glass dial, Bell & Ross dedicated skeletonized self-winding chronograph movement, waterproof 100 meters, black rubber woven strap.

   Bell & Ross launched the BR-01 flight concept watch ten years ago, taken from military fighter flight instruments. With its square case, hole-shaped round faceplate and large diameter, it created the best identification of brand watches. Cheng Wuyi has won the prestige of Bell & Ross Flight King; the brand pays tribute to the first supersonic rocket fighter Bell-X1 in the United States in 1947 to win over the audio barrier, and the original trace of the 40-50 generations of the space generation trend , Linking ancient and modern to create a new generation of gorgeous fighter watches based on the future.

The most striking feature of the BR-X1’s face plate is that the turbine-shaped countdown dial is made of aluminum alloy. It is equipped with a hollow skeleton movement at the bottom. It combines luxury with the flight chronograph.

   Titanium alloy is the most popular new-generation material used in aerospace technology today. The BR-X1 uses the most advanced fifth-grade titanium metal as the case material. With high-tech ceramics and rubber, the composite fighter is as light as a tank in the future The maneuverability of the butterfly wing, the most striking point of the faceplate is the turbine-shaped countdown dial made of aluminum alloy, with a hollow-out movement at the bottom, combined with luxury, and a smelting furnace with the flight chronograph, complementary multi-level faceplate aesthetics The watch countdown devices are all embellished with red to express the conflicting contrasting beauty.

The BR-X1 uses the most advanced fifth-grade titanium metal as the case material, combined with high-tech ceramics and rubber, which composites the maneuverability of the future fighter as strong as a tank but as light as a butterfly wing.

   BR-X1 is a collection of Bell & Ross professional and complex watch manufacturing technology. It is an innovative and stylish luxury watch, limited to 250 pieces worldwide. The BR-X1 design combines a sporty look that combines high-tech performance with high-end watch decoration, which once again inspires the evolutionary force of the watch industry, proving that Bell & Ross’s superiority in the seat of higher-level watch halls.

The BR-X1’s body combines a high-tech titanium alloy and ceramic case with high-strength rubber inserts for an unparalleled futuristic feel.

Another fun way to fly watch: vintage WW1 HEURE SAUTANTE time & power reserve indicator

   Bell & Ross, who specializes in the field of flying watches, has no one in the watch industry for milk O with a bold and bold element. This advantage belongs to the brand. Knowing the true desire of men for watches, with the type With the advent of the men’s fashion economic era, while men can no longer ‘play the world with one watch’, Bell & Ross has more prophetic evolution of the WW series, so that male friends who love to fly have more flying charm, but Sven Extraordinary watch selection.

Bell & Ross spends a lot of time on Vincent Calabrese, Switzerland’s top watchmaker, leading the development of Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante

   Bell & Ross has been pursuing excellence since its inception. Bell & Ross watches are developed and assembled at the watchmaking workshop in la chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. As the brand moves towards the hall of more advanced horology, the development of self-made movements is an inevitable process. Bell & Ross, striving for perfect results, has heavily invested in Vincent Calabrese, the top watchmaker in the Swiss high-end watch industry, leading the vintage WW1 Heure The development work of Sautante, this time Calabrese’s self-made time jumper movement for VINTAGE WW1 Heure Sautante, won the certification of the Geneva mark.

   WW1 Heure Sautante rose gold model, 18K rose gold case, 42 mm, hour (12 o’clock direction window), minutes (central second hand), and power reserve (6 o’clock direction), milky white pearl dial, self-winding movement The blue steel screws, balance wheel and bridge are decorated with the Geneva mark, anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, shiny sapphire crystal glass back, waterproof 100 meters, alligator strap, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, and the price is about NT $ 979,300.

   VINTAGE WW1 Heure Sautante reading time ‘single hand jumping display’ makes the wearer feel more enjoyable when reading, and uses a one-line dial layout to display hours when the window jump jumps, the pear-shaped blue steel minute hand in the center of the dial, six The power reserve is displayed at the o’clock position. The case is made of rose gold, which is customary for high-end watches, with a creamy white dial, which makes the model simple and glamorous. It is like a VINTAGE WW1 series. 42 mm), welded and fixed handle-like lugs, and narrow leather strap, the big watch pays tribute to the brand’s classic originals.