Appreciation Of Jaeger-lecoultre Watch From Top Craftsmanship

Well-known watches, in addition to those puzzling labels, what else can be memorable? Features? large size? Or that dazzling publicity presentation? It is undeniable that at the moment of seeing a watch, the most eye-catching are often those colorful ‘craftsmanship’. The watch craftsmanship of the ghostly axe can greatly increase the value of the watch, and is also the threshold to enter the hall of high-end watches. And craft-grade watches should be appreciated from four aspects: movement, case, strap, buckle. Jaeger LeCoultre watch, this watch uses snowflake mosaic technology to outline clouds with diamonds.
Custom pattern: The manual mechanical engraving process has a history of nearly a century. Because the manufacturing process is too complicated, it is almost lost now. Only a few high-end brands use it. The combination of straight lines and geometric lines constitutes its charming pattern.
IlloGuilloche relies on a rose flower machine to control the depth and uniformity of the pattern on the carved surface with the force of a finger. Traditional lathes are fixed moving heads, while Guilloche is fixed moving heads. This requires very high experience and skills. It has reached the highest level in the field of sculpting. Today, there are less than 50 people who can master this skill.