A Diving Watch Style With Affordable Price

Tissot Starfish Diving 1000 Watch: 316L stainless steel case, black PVD coating, screw-in crown and case back, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, with safety buckle and diving strap 316L stainless steel strap with extension or rubber strap with standard buckle available, water resistant to 300 meters

    Although the Tissot Starfish 1000 watch is not pure black in appearance, but the combination of black and blue makes the watch more sea-like. Moreover, this watch has a ‘black’, that is, this watch can be described as a black horse in the diving watch market this year. As a diving watch with affordable price, this has made many of the original professional diving watches prohibitive. People also have reasons to start. What’s more, although this watch is affordable, its functionality has not been compromised-whether it is a unidirectional rotating bezel, a diving strap extension that can be worn outside the wetsuit, Super-LumiNova® environmentally friendly luminous hands and scales , And even the helium exhaust valve, which works the same as the diving bell, has made people see the sincerity of this watch.

    Of course, the most practical function of a diving watch should be reflected in the wonderfulness of accompany you to experience the bottom of the sea, but although the diversified watch products are abundant, but the watch parts really meet the standards, can withstand water pressure, salt water resistance, anti-magnetic, anti-impact But there are still few. And those watches that can really go into the water will inevitably go through the care and maintenance of the owner. Some people will feel that it is necessary to make a watch with a price of tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan to experience such a harsh environment just for diving? But after all, watches are practical tools. Diving watches that never go into the water are like captive falcons or blades that are always placed on the weapon rack. Although they look exquisite and domineering, they cannot play the actual The effect always makes people feel a little bit shocked. Moreover, for divers, time means life. We also need a watch to understand the time elapsed underwater. The significance of the watch is even more important at this moment.