90,000 Public Price, ‘eagle’ In The Watch

Not long ago, Chopard launched a new luxury sports watch series, ALPINE EAGLE series, which means ‘Alpine Eagle’ in Chinese. During the Eleven Holidays, I saw this new watch in Beijing’s SKP and Chopard stores in Wangfu Central, and was placed in the most important position. I also tried it carefully, so I will focus on today Chopard’s ‘Alpine Eagle’.


   Chopard is a well-known watch and jewelry brand, positioned at the same level as Piaget. Chopard has a high level in the field of watches, jewelry and glasses. Although compared with popular domestic watches such as Rolex and Omega, Chopard’s watches are relatively small in the country, but experienced players will know the superior quality and good price-performance ratio of Chopard watches. Especially Chopard’s most classic 1.96 pearl tourbillon movement, together with Patek Philippe 240 movement, is known as the most beautiful pearl tourbillon movement.

Chopard’s famous 1.96 pearl movement

Chopard MILLE MIGLIA racing watch

   In these years, Chopard has always used the racing series as its main sports watch. Among them, the MILLE MIGLIA racing series has a relatively large domestic circulation, and old players are familiar with it. However, as we all know, what is the most popular watch in these years? The most popular is the ‘luxury sports watch’, which is represented by nautilus, royal oak, and vertical and horizontal. Chopard, as one of the oldest famous watch and jewelry brands, has a rich history, so Chopard draws design from historical models and launches a new luxury sports watch, which is ALPINE EAGLE, the Alps Eagle.


What kind of watch is Chopard ALPINE EAGLE?
   First of all, I want to talk about the origin of the Chopard ‘Alpine Eagle’ watch. Famous watches are famous for their heritage and tradition. Each new style often has a heritage of historical design to continue the classic elements of the brand. Chopard’s new Alpine Eagle is also a historical prototype. Chopard introduced a St. Moritz watch in the 1980s. Putting the St. Moritz watch with the new Alpine eagle, it can be clearly seen that the new Alpine eagle absorbs the historical St. Moritz watch head and bracelet design, and has been greatly optimized according to the current aesthetics.

The Chopard ALPINE EAGLE Alpine Eagle (left) and the historical St. Moritz watch (right).

   The new Chopard Alps Eagle uses the classic design of the ‘luxury sports watch’ case and bracelet. The upper and lower ends of the case are directly inclined and connected to the bracelet. We know that every famous luxury sports watch has its own highly recognizable shell shape. For example, the royal oak is an octagonal bezel; the nautilus is round and square with two ‘ears’. The circle forms a Maltese cross shape. Chopard’s new Alpine Eagle uses a round bezel with 8 screws on the bezel, which are symmetrical up and down, left and right, and the direction of the screw mouth is regularly symmetrical with details in place. There are also two ‘ears’ on the case of the Alpine Eagle. The left and right sides of the watch case have protruding shapes like the crown guard bridge. The symmetrical eight screws and two ‘ears’ are the hallmarks of this watch.


   The new Chopard Alps Eagle uses a new steel, officially called Lucent Steel A223 steel. Lucent means bright in Chinese. As its name suggests, the light reflection effect of Lucent Steel A223 steel is better and stronger than traditional steel watches. The luster is comparable to 18K gold, and the hardness of Lucent Steel A223 is 223 Vickers. General steel table 316L steel strength 50%. Chopard’s new Alpine Eagle men’s watch measures 41 mm and is 9.7 mm thick (women’s watch 36 mm). The case and bracelet are brushed over a large area. The bezel edges, bezel screws and middle of the bracelet are polished. The 3-format bracelet reminds me of Chopard’s classic ICE CUBE ring. The 41 mm size is relatively modest to get started, and is not significant.

Chopard ALPINE EAGLE Alpine Eagle Bracelet (top) and Chopard’s classic ICE CUBE ring (bottom).

   The dial of the new Chopard Alps Eagle is very outstanding. The dial of the watch has a blue disc and a gray disc. From the center of the disc to the outside, there is a slight spiral of sun rays. Compared with the looming fine sun patterns on the watch face, the Chopard Alps Eagle’s sun pattern is very prominent and eye-catching, and it is very eye-catching. Whether it is the blue or gray disc, the effect is outstanding. The dial of the watch uses Roman numerals and hour markers, and the watch hands and hour markers have a large area of ​​luminous light. The watch calendar is located between 4 and 5 o’clock on the dial. From CHRONOMETER below the 12:00 CHOPARD on the disk, you can see that the watch is certified by the Observatory.

The Chopard ALPINE EAGLE Alpine Eagle has a unique radial pattern.

   The movement of the Chopard watch is divided into two parts. Chopard uses both self-produced and universal movements. The high-end models such as the LUC series and the ALPINE EAGLE series use the self-produced movement, while the entry-level model uses the universal movement. The new Alpine Eagle series uses the 01.01 automatic movement produced by Chopard. 01.01 is the main three-hand automatic movement produced by Chopard. In addition, 03.05 is an automatic chronograph movement produced by Chopard and 1.96 is an automatic pearl tourbillon movement produced by Chopard.

The 01.01 self-produced movement used by the Chopard ALPINE EAGLE.

   The size of the Chopard 01.01 movement is 28.8 mm, the swing frequency is 28,800 times per hour, the power is 60 hours, and it is certified by the Observatory. The 01.01 movement is well-polished. The decoration style of the 01.01 movement is similar to that of Blancpain 1315. The upper plywood of the movement is decorated with brushed edges, the edges of the plywood are polished, and the movement of the screws is polished. Through the back of the watch, you can admire the movement.

The Chopard ALPINE EAGLE Alpine Eagle watch is 41 mm for men and 36 mm for women.

   Chopard’s new ALPINE EAGLE 41 mm men’s watch is priced at 91,000. This price is basically in the middle of the ‘luxury sports watch’. The public price is lower than the Royal Oak, and it is higher than POLO S. One of the reasons for the relatively high public price of luxury sports watches with steel cases is also the complicated shape and processing of the case and bracelet. For the watch of the Chopard Alps Eagle, you can go to see the real watch. The real shape and picture of the shell shape and radial pattern of this watch are completely two effects. The radial dial, in particular, is very different from the watches I have seen before.