Omega Speedmaster Series ‘dark Side Of The Moon’ Black Ceramic Watch

Reinterpretation of classic design
   As a model of Omega’s distinctive style, forward-looking innovation and avant-garde spirit, this all-black Omega Speedmaster watch demonstrates a full range of stylish and dynamic style, adding new vitality to the popular Speedmaster series.

   The black zirconia ceramic dial complements the matte and polished 44.25 mm ceramic case. The dial features a striking 18K white gold hour marker and two blackened small dials. This innovative dial layout is particularly unique compared to the three small dials commonly found on the legendary Speedmaster Moonwatch.
   The 12-hour and 60-minute chronograph hands are placed in the small dial at 3 o’clock at the same time, making it easier and more intuitive to read the accumulated chronograph time.

   At 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock, the watch is equipped with a small seconds dial and a calendar window. The classic hour and minute hands of the moon watch and small dial hands are made of 18K white gold. The central chronograph seconds hand is rhodium-plated and has a red tip, making the chronograph time more legible. The watch’s hour, minute, chronograph hands and the two dots at 12 o’clock are coated with a luminous coating, ensuring that the wearer can easily read the time under any light conditions.
   The watch is equipped with a two-sided anti-reflective plano-convex wear-resistant sapphire crystal, which provides comprehensive protection for the dial.

   One of the most iconic design features of the Speedmaster series-the matte chrome nitride speed scale is particularly noticeable on the polished ceramic bezel. The two polished ceramic chronograph buttons on the case can perform their functions completely independently, thereby avoiding the effect of accidentally pressing the wrong button on the chronograph.

   This extraordinary timepiece features a highly durable coated nylon webbing with a black ceramic buckle. Water resistant to 5 atmospheres (50 meters / 167 feet).

   This model is equipped with the pioneering Omega 9300 self-produced coaxial movement, and is equipped with a Si14 silicon balance spring, and enjoys up to four years of after-sales service guarantee.
Dark side of the moon
   This model uses a flat convex anti-wear sapphire back. The polished ceramic case back is engraved with ‘DARK SIDE OF THE MOON’ (the dark side of the moon). A tribute to brilliant tradition and classic black design.
Inherit the great legend
   The design of this watch is reminiscent of the Omega Speedmaster that accompanied the astronauts to the moon in all six moon landing missions. As a highly anticipated new member of the series, it is the legendary name of ‘Superpower’ Gives new charm. This watch will undoubtedly arouse the enthusiasm of the overwhelming fans and watch enthusiasts who are eager to combine the extraordinary tradition of classic chronographs with extraordinary mass production mechanical movements.

Don’t Think It’s Just An Ultra-thin Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Watch

The bright colors are treated with a matte finish, retaining the colorful shimmer of the metal. The Octo Finissimo Automatic ultra-thin self-winding watch comes in 2018 with rose gold and sandblasted rhodium-plated stainless steel. (Steel) Two new interpretation versions are back on stage. Inherited from the titanium version of 2017, the sandblasted surfaces of these two new models exude a completely modern and unexpected style, creating a unique color trilogy. In the past few years, the case of the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo series can be said to be a gorgeous example of modern style in the 21st century. This time, the original surface treatment of the two new Octo Finissimo Automatic products makes the classic case’s detailed structure more visible. Outstanding.

After the titanium version in 2017, the Octo Finissimo automatic watch in 2018 introduced two new works such as rose gold and sandblasted rhodium-plated stainless steel, giving this series a rich color change.

From left to right are the stainless steel version (102912), the titanium version (102713), and the rose gold version (103011).

Before putting on the Octo Finissimo Automatic, you might as well hold it in your hands, enjoy it, immerse yourself in a light and shadow game with different angles and facets, and taste the unique matte surface like satin. Not only does the case have an excellent texture, but the links on the strap are not too much. Although it is made of metal, it has a softness comparable to leather, creating a nearly liquid feel. The two new versions of sandblasted rose gold and rhodium-plated stainless steel are treated with a special matte finish by Bvlgari, exuding the ultimate modern style.

The case is frosted like a satin, which not only has an excellent texture, but also the chain links on the strap are not too much. Although it is made of metal, it has softness comparable to leather

Precision craftsmanship and formal design are a fascinating combination. Following the launch of titanium watches in 2017, these two new products will strengthen the Octo Finissimo lineup and perfectly demonstrate Bulgari’s mastery of metal materials. The Bvlgari logo is printed on both watches, marking an elegant texture, unique style and classic features that the brand cannot imitate. When admiring the new Octo Finissimo Automatic, the first thing that catches the eye is the surface treatment of the material. The sandblasting technique allows the rose gold to emit a gentle and bright light without flickering. Rhodium-plated stainless steel also has an elegant gloss like silk satin. All elements are meant to show the elegance of a semblance of nothingness.

The watch is equipped with BVL Calibre 138 Finissimo. The overall thickness is only 5.15mm, which is quite comfortable to wear on the hand

Both new models are equipped with one of the world’s thinnest mechanical automatic winding movements: Bvlgari’s own BVL Calibre 138 Finissimo. In addition, it is decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl dots. The power source is a platinum micro-automatic disc with a 60-hour power reserve. These two new interpretations not only inherit the fine working methods and strict standards of fine watchmaking, but also represent the perfect combination of this global iconic watch and the charm of modern style.

Octo Finissimo automatic watch

Stainless steel material / BVL 138 Finissimo self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 40mm / reference price: about 88,500 RMB

Octo Finissimo automatic watch

Stainless steel material / BVL 138 Finissimo self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / 40mm diameter / reference price: about 82,000 RMB

Octo Finissimo automatic watch

18K rose gold material / BVL 138 Finissimo automatic winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 40mm / reference price: about 306,000 RMB —- ** *

Stable And Practical Casio Edifice Series Watch Recommended

Casio, one of Japan’s top three watch brands, has won the hearts of the people with its vibrant, young, stylish and versatile brand image. The EDIFICE series of watches, as the men’s watch series of metal pointers with innovative technology by Casio, are loved by elite fashionistas from all walks of life.
 The Casio EF-524D-7AV watch has a stainless steel case and strap. The surface parts have been carefully polished to show a bright metallic color. The 41mm diameter case looks conspicuous, and the 4 exposed screws increase the mechanical dynamics and are very masculine. The reinforced coated mirror can make the mirror surface more wear-resistant, and the reading time is more clear, which is convenient for outdoor sports. The layout of the dial is like the dashboard of a motorcycle, which can adapt to the user’s viewing habits. The sealed case back is inlaid and cannot be easily opened. Twelve three-dimensional rectangular hour markers are on the white dial, and the red scale is particularly delicate. The overall tone is very harmonious, the white-faced design is elegant, and it is a good casual watch.

 Casio EF-524D-7AV watch is a watch with a chronograph function, its three-eye dial can provide up to 12 hours of chronograph function. The 12 o’clock dial is used to record time within 60 minutes, and the 9 o’clock dial is used to record time within 12 hours. With the chronograph second hand, you can clearly see how much time is recorded. The dial of the small second hand is at 6 o’clock. This design can make the movement lighter and more accurate. The large calendar window at 4 o’clock can clearly see the date of the current month. The speedometer on the outer ring is used to measure the average speed over a period of time, and the operation is very simple. At the starting point, press Start, and at the end point, press Pause. The speed value corresponding to the outer ring is the speed per hour during this period, and the distance is 1 kilometer according to the standard. The dense bottom design and 100m water resistance are enough to protect the internal movement when swimming. This mix is ​​not uncommon, but it works well.
 Casio is not a company that makes mechanical watches. When I hear Casio’s name, the series that comes to mind is generally the G-SHOCK series, or other powerful electronic watch series.

 Today this Casio EF-524D-7AV watch is also not a mechanical watch, but a good quartz watch. Because it is a quartz watch, don’t worry about accuracy. After all, no watch can surpass the quartz watch in accuracy. And this Casio is a very good day watch, because it is made of stainless steel case and bracelet, stainless steel is just the best material for day watch. The white dial is elegant, and the decent timing function highlights the true nature of the sport. The Casio EF-524D-7AV watch, which combines both, reveals its versatile characteristics. People-friendly price has also become one of the factors that it is easy to get started. In summary, although the Casio EF-524D-7AV watch is a quartz watch, it is better at being able to fit in a complex and changing external environment, with stable and practical functions and low prices, which makes it very good. Cost-effective, if the budget is not very high, this watch must be a good choice.
 Watch details: casio / 21685 /