A.Lange & Söhne: Moon Phases Beyond Time And Space

In the 16th century, the elector Augustus of Saxony laid the foundation for astronomy and lunar research. Saxony’s elector Augustus (1526-1586), with diverse interests, has accumulated rich practical experience in different fields such as precision mechanics, mineralogy, and cartography. Scholars’ personal relationships and other like-minded monarchs at the time have resulted in a variety of astronomical instruments. This year, some of Lange’s watches present a charming moon in a unique way. In the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase, the moon appears in the hour and minute circles and becomes the focal point. The Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar accurately displays the current moon phases with a clearly arranged dial.

Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase and rear globe made by William and Samuel Jones

Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase

 Globe (from Latin ‘tellus’ in Latin) This planetary device can accurately represent the relative positions of the earth, moon and sun. This model is very suitable for explaining seasonal changes, moon phase changes, and astronomical phenomena such as solar and solar eclipses. In addition, the calendar function on the bottom plate can accurately observe the position of the sun, earth and moon on the day. The new Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase is available in 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold and platinum 950. The patented coating of the moon phase disc brings a lifelike shape to this astronomical complex, striking.

Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar with lunar instrument made by Ernst Fischer

Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar

 Ernst Dresden Based on photos and observations, Fischer sculpted the frontal shape of the moon. Because the moon moves in sync with the Earth, the moon seen on Earth is always on the same side, so in this plan, Fischer could not paint the opposite side of the moon. It was not until 1959 that the Soviet Lunik 3 satellite finally photographed the ‘dark’ side of the moon. In 1969, the first astronaut had set foot on the moon. To this day, the moon is the most celestial body known to mankind. The Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar combines the classic complications of a tourbillon and a perpetual calendar. The calendar display is clearly arranged at the edge of the time display, making the required information clear at a glance.

The Personality Of Successful Hublot People

This is the best era. No matter it is struggle, advocacy and personality, it will be respected and expected. Because of this, more and more successful people are more eager to be labeled with ‘unique’. Hublot, an independent watch highly respected by the royal family and celebrities, is a powerful watch brand. This powerful force on your wrist will experience the never-ending transcendence and eternal conquest of time with you.

Forging the success myths of top watch brands

The top watch brand HUBLOT combines the traditional Swiss watchmaking art with modern high-tech technology. Whether it is an innovative concept in its professional field, or always amazing product research and development, and a unique marketing strategy, it has become A ‘model of success’ worldwide.

‘Move forward in a different way’ is the motto of all employees in this unique company. Here, the extraordinary strength and charm of Hublot genes prevail. Hublot’s product research and development team can be called F1 in the watchmaking industry. It consists of watchmakers, design engineers, experts in micromechanics, chemistry, and materials. It completes a watch in its own building in a building. Shocked the traditional pace of watchmaking. Since 2004, Hublot has been advancing all the way, casting a myth of the watch’s rapid success. In the meantime, despite facing the severe test of the economic crisis, Hublot has achieved amazing results: in just a few years, the turnover has increased tenfold, which is unprecedented in the traditional Swiss watch industry.

合作 Cooperate with successful people

Success is a natural word that goes with Hublot. This magical kingdom, with its rapidly rising miracle, has attracted more complementary partners. Hublot is the most prestigious partner of Ferrari, the Prancing Horse. The strategic cooperation between the two legendary brands has perfectly integrated the cutting-edge technology of the car and the watch. Hublot dared to be the first and the first luxury sponsor of the football field, not only the official timing of the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups, but also the official timing of the legendary clubs Juventus, Bayern Munich and Ajax. At the same time in the field of basketball, skiing, sailing, yachting, polo and even rock music, Hublot is also happy to put strength and conquest into practice. The Hublot family’s roster is quite prominent, and the top figures in their respective fields can be used. The world’s first trapeze Bolt, NBA stars Kobe and Wade are all brand ambassadors for Hublot.

The ultimate pursuit of a successful person

Compared to traditional Swiss luxury watches, the vibrant Hublot watch is especially favored by successful people who pursue individuality due to its unique brand personality and outstanding domineering appearance. They don’t stick to tradition, they don’t stick to stereotypes. They use watches as a communication tool, silently announce their extraordinary taste and unique vision, and take the boldness of innovation as the world’s first to control the unique field of Hublot.

An entrepreneur at the peak of his career, he once felt the charm of Hublot in a close encounter with Mr. Beaver, and has since become a loyal fan of Hublot. In his impression, Hublot’s appearance is full of enthusiasm and vitality that infects others, fully reflecting the sense of the times. His collection of Hublot ‘Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon’, ‘exhibiting the spirit of the king, is a boutique in the boutique, with great depth, not coldly convey time, but reflects mechanical craftsmanship in a complex level Beauty … ‘

This is the silent charm of Hublot’s ‘personal expression’. There are only a few very tasteful people, just like sailing, sports cars, golf, like the pleasant experience brought by Hublot. It is not only a tool for recording time, but a symbol of self-assertion, a favorite toy of gentlemen, and an eye-catching jewelry on the wrist of a woman.

Personal Choice-Recommended by Hublot

For successful men pursuing individuality, Hublot launches BigBangUnico for the first time. This watch is the perfect fusion of HUBLOT’s most iconic BigBang design with the brand’s completely independent UNICO movement. BigBangUnico has a 45.5mm diameter case, highlighting the stylish mechanical appearance, the bezel is locked by 6 H-shaped screws, trendy design, clever and more prominent technology (the top of each bolt is more vivid, you can choose polished or matte finishing effect ). Also worth mentioning is the new crown design, a new screw-in crown, wrapped in pressed natural rubber, and decorated with a classic H-shaped logo derived from the screw shape at the end. For the first time since the birth of BigBang in 2005, a round button was used. Each button is protected by a central button protection device, which is as lubricating and flexible as the engine piston. The sharp edges and the classic “sandwich structure” of Hublot are retained in the case design. At the same time, the strap accessory has been significantly optimized: the famous ‘one-button’ switching function allows the wearer to quickly switch between various straps-each watch is equipped with the same new diamond-shaped natural rubber strap, and The entire dial is integrated and complements each other. The hollow dial makes the precise UNICO column-wheel chronograph movement clearly visible and at a glance. The scales and Arabic numerals have been redesigned to show a larger hollow and luminous coating.

All in all, the concept and design of the entire watch expresses the DNA of Hublot: sports, performance, and high technology. All designs are based on fashion, practicality and rationality, without the need for any extra accessories.

Luxury Watches Of Major Brands Full Of Art And Fantasy

Van Cleef & Arpels is a brand full of artistic sense and fantasy. A series of well-designed watches show poetic beauty on the dial. Social and elegant Libra, if you want to attend a social dinner, you need a Les Jardins Midnight watch. There are many watches decorated with diamonds, but Libra can only attract Libra if it can show its artistry and beauty.
Van Cleef & Arpels Les Jardins Midnight Renaissance Garden

This watch, called the Italian Renaissance Garden, is inspired by Roman gardens and uses diamonds to depict beautiful Renaissance-style gardens and lush Mediterranean vegetation. This watch evolved from the Temple of Venus necklace, and the temple of Venus of diamonds shines on the onyx dial. The diamonds are carefully arranged and have fluent lines, and the arabesque is as vivid as life. Wearing such an artistic diamond watch will definitely make Libra more personable.
Piaget Altiplano watch

Piaget Piaget Altiplano watches can always get the endless favor of Hollywood stars. The classic watch with its prominent ultra-thin profile is currently worn by Aaron Eckhart in its latest movie ‘Rabbit Hole’.

腕表 Aaron Eckhart’s character is a watch worn in white gold with a black alligator strap. Actress Nicole Kidman also starred in the film. Their passionate performance has brought them another nomination for the award, which is on the nomination list for the best actress and actor in the Spirit Award.
Boucheron MEC Creatives Bats

Following the dangerous and seductive MEC Cobra watch, Boucheron launched the weird MEC bat watch, using a gem to outline a watch with a magical feel. The dark blue dial is like a mysterious night sky. A bat is hanging upside down on the dial vividly, as if flying towards you.

One of the wings of the cricket bat spans the dial, and the hollow body is inlaid with sapphires, violet sapphires and diamonds that symbolize the night, making the bats inhabiting the dark caves have a beauty in addition to being strange.

The ruby ​​bat’s eyes are inlaid with two rubies, making its eyes bright and vivid. The bat’s nose is a tiny black diamond. The ingenuity, cunning and secretiveness of the night animals are vividly demonstrated by this watch.

This watch is a neutral watch suitable for both men and women. It uses blue and purple in a large area, and the blue-purple python skin strap is more sexy and ambiguous. Too masculine and orthodox men may not match this watch, but Scorpio, who is rather boring in heart, is likely to be willing to try it boldly.

Scorpio, who is very cool and talkative, is often the type of person who likes to play bold decoration in privacy. As a black dumb cool man, he suddenly found a low-key, demon watch on his wrist. This contrast is attractive.
Tag Heuer Monaco V4 rose gold watch

AcoMonaco V4 is a model of high-tech watchmaking. It not only has a subversive design, but also a tungsten steel linear oscillator and a belt transmission system. Compared with the first-generation platinum model, the new rose gold model has a size increase of 39 mm from 41 mm, the blue steel needle has been replaced with a gold needle, and the rubber strap has been replaced with a crocodile leather strap lined with titanium and rubber leather. The movement is made of black high-tech ceramics and polished with Geneva stripes similar to the metal movement plywood. The grade has been upgraded, and it looks more elegant. New works are priced at 650,000 yuan in China, limited to 60

Gold watch is also considered as gold decoration, but in the watch’s value system, it is mainly based on technical content and technological content. Jewellery is based on raw materials, and the proportion of material prices is high. Therefore, in this round of rising gold prices, all gold jewelry on the market has been adjusted in price, while the price of gold watches has remained stable. But not increasing the price does not mean that the material is meaningless for the collection and preservation of the watch. Friends who are concerned about watch auctions should all have a deep understanding. Basically, it is gold watches that can mark high prices on the auction floor.

For example, Christie’s “Exquisite Watches and Millennium Collections” spring auctions held in June this year, the top 10 transaction prices are 4 platinum watches, 2 red gold watches, 2 gold watches (one of which is Piaget jewelry watch). , 1 platinum watch. The top three are platinum watches, which are Patek Philippe 5002P, Patek Philippe 3939HP, and Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1 flip tourbillon perpetual calendar. And the only one without gold is the Royal Oak Tourbillon concept watch made of titanium, carbon fiber and high-tech ceramics launched by Audemars Piguet in 2008, which has also reached the ultimate in material quality.

So, although you ca n’t expect to buy a gold watch to make money, at least it is more value-preserving than a steel watch, and it makes people feel more solid. In particular, gold watches with complex functions and limited editions can be transferred after they are bored, so as not to lose too much. The steel watch, with the exception of a few Patek Philippe and Rolex, basically does not have any value preservation.
Cartier’s Glamorous Watch

As a conical section, the ellipse has two focal points from the beginning, which makes it different from other geometric figures. Mathematicians have found that any straight line passing through the center point of an ellipse can cut the ellipse into two identical figures. Because of the symmetry and balance characteristics of the ellipse, compared with other geometric figures, it looks more complete and full as a whole. The slightly expanding outward curve contour has dynamic tension in the static state, which is very easy to create an intriguing Visual thinking space.

Inspired by the ellipse, the Japanese Taiping Zhengfang summed up the ‘ellipse philosophy’ in the economic field and tried to find a balance between the two focal points in the complex economic relationship. Today, Japan is still developing rapidly in the direction he envisioned.
Cartier’s Glamorous Watch

Cartier’s Baignoire watch series is famous for its seductive oval case. This unique oval case was designed by Louis Cartier in 1912. In 1956, this curved oval watch did not have its own name, but it was already on par with other Cartier collections such as the Tank and Santos collections.

In 1968, the series launched extended and oversized models, and derived a number of different innovative styles. It wasn’t until 1973 that the series was officially named Baignoire. This series is one of the best manifestations of the oval philosophy on the watch. At the same time, the appearance is soft, and the sharp straight Roman numerals are used. The scale composed of flying lines and dotted lines is soft. .

Baselworld Basel 2013-hublot Launches Antiochila Sun Moon Watch

One year after the release of the masterpiece ‘Salute to Antiochila Machinery’ at the Archaeological Museum in Athens, Hublot launched the ‘Antiochila Sun and Moon’ watch with high precision Sign the position of the sun and moon. The Antiochila Sun and Moon watch includes a solar calendar and a monthly calendar. It also shows the position of the sun and moon.

Antikythera mechanism is one of the most mysterious devices in the history of human civilization. Found in Greek waters in 1901, it is considered the first ‘astronomical calculator’ in human history, dating back to the 2nd century BC (approximately 150 to 100 BC).
On April 5, 2012, all original remains on the shipwreck, including jewellery and Antikythera machinery, were put together and exhibited one by one in the exhibition of the prestigious Archaeological Museum of Athens, attended by the Minister of Culture And unveil it. This is a significant event for the international archeological and scientific community. Among the items on display is a ‘tribute to Antiochila machinery’ watch, a highly complex watch device developed by HUBLOT to pay tribute to the first ‘astronomical calculator’ in human history. . This is also the first time in history that a watch brand was able to exhibit its products in a museum.
HUBLOT produced only four watches of the same model, each of which is a precise miniature reproduction of the original mechanical device: the first one is displayed at the Paris Museum of Crafts, and the second one is displayed at the National Museum of Athens. The third was collected by HUBLOT as a commemoration of the excellence and ingenuity of engineers and watchmakers, and the fourth will be sold at a unique auction in 2014.
Today, at the Baselworld 2013, HUBLOT launched the ‘Antiochila Sun Moon’ watch. Limited to 20 pieces, this watch is a simplified and miniature version of the original mechanical device, paying tribute to this ancient handed down.
This watch, released today, contains 295 parts and 7 complex devices (the Hublot products previously exhibited at the Athens Museum have 495 parts and 14 functions), it mainly indicates the sun and the moon, all displays Located on the dial side.
The Antiochila Sun and Moon watch includes a solar calendar and a monthly calendar. It also shows the position of the sun and moon. This means that the wearer can not only read the time (hours and minutes) with this watch, but also can know the phase of the moon on a certain day, the shape of the moon in the sky, the name of the constellation behind the moon and The time it takes for the moon to pass through a certain constellation. On the same day, this watch can also show the constellation behind the sun and indicate how long it takes the sun to pass through a certain constellation. This watch contains a flying tourbillon (without ball bearings) that rotates once a minute to indicate the seconds, and the hours and minutes are displayed by a traditional hand located in the center of the movement on one side of the dial. The frequency is 21600 vibrations (3 Hz) per hour. Power reserve is 120 hours.
Movement description and operation guide
1. Basic movement: Manually wound movement with flying tourbillon (without ball bearings), rotating once a minute to indicate seconds.
 The hours and minutes are displayed by a traditional hand located in the center of the movement on one side of the dial.
 The power reserve is approximately 120 hours. (5 days)
 The operating frequency is 21,600 vibrations (3 Hz) per hour.
 The bottom plywood is made of chamfered brass, with painted strokes, round grooves, and black ruthenium plating on the surface.
 The round guide column wheel is chamfered and rhodium plated.
 Stainless steel is polished, chamfered and painted.
 Number of parts: 295
 Number of jewels: 37
2. The movement is equipped with two winding crowns: one at 3 o’clock and one at 9 o’clock. The crown at 3 o’clock is used for winding and setting time. Its first position is used to wind the mainspring of the movement, and the second position can adjust the time setting (including hours and minutes) from both directions.
 The second crown is located at 9 o’clock, and only this position, you can scroll in both directions to adjust the yin and yang calendar.
3. Movement display:
 Unlike Antiochila’s mechanism, this watch is not shown below (back). All displays are on the dial side:
 On the front, around the center of the movement is the moon hand, which can display two indications:
 a. This pointer displays the moon phase through a circular window. The extended end of the moon pointer shows the position of the star at the first concentric circle of the moon as seen from the earth (wearer).
 The position of the star depends on the constellation behind the moon as observed by the wearer. When a normal watch displays the signs of the zodiac, the constellations are reduced to a simple zodiac name. But this watch shows the constellation of stars.
 This is an important difference. In the first concentric circle, the area showing the zodiac is not the same size. Because these constellations have different shapes in the sky, the time required for the sun and the moon to pass through them is also different.
 For example, the Virgin Palace is represented by a woman lying sideways in the Zodiac, while the Cancer Palace is represented by a small square crab. In short, this function can show the area where the moon is in the sky at a certain moment.
 b. Compared to the concentric circle displayed on the first item on the monthly calendar, the pointer has a sun symbol at the end, which can display two indications:
 In the second concentric circle on the periphery of the dial, the end of the hands shows the month and day of the solar year, in other words, the date.
 The second indication shown by this pointer is the position of the sun’s star as seen from the perspective of the earth (wearer).
4. These two calendars are not independent of each other. The wearer can adjust the calendar hands through the crown at 9 o’clock, and select a day and year indicated by the end of the sun hands. The movement can automatically calculate the corresponding monthly calendar display.
5. What is the original intention of this watch?
 In addition to knowing the time (hours and minutes), the wearer of this watch can also know the name of the constellation behind the sun and the time it takes for the sun to pass through a certain constellation on a certain day of the solar calendar year.
 On the same day, the wearer can also know the phases of the moon, the shape of the moon in the sky, the name of the constellation behind the moon, and the time it takes for the moon to pass through a certain constellation.
6. This mechanism can indicate with extreme precision:
 a. Moon phases, or New Moons, in other words, the time between two full moons is equivalent to 29.36 days.
 b. Relative to the Earth, the Moon’s zodiac location (stellar moon) is a cycle every 27.322 days. In addition, the speed of the moon in this mechanical device will be automatically adjusted to compensate for the 2 hour and 20 minute variables generated by the moon every week orbiting the earth.
 c. The sun pointer runs one week per star year, which is equivalent to 365.256363051 days.