Leather Strap + Precious Metal Essential Elements For Winter Watches

Has your city started to cool these days? Have you wrapped your jacket on the road and hurried forward? Are the winter elements covered with yellow leaves and the icy cold wind already quietly on the stage. In the winter, the presence of warm sun is as rare as fresh oxygen, and it is not easy to find a comfortable and skin-friendly watch. How the watch fights the cold winter, leather strap + precious metal material is the magic weapon to win.

Patek Philippe Classic Watch 5227J-001

Product model: 5227J-001
Domestic public price: 247700
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Case thickness: 9.58 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 324 SC
Case material: 18k yellow gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: patek / 28928 /
Watch Reviews: The elegant charm of the Patek Philippe Clatrava series watches is the precipitation of time. A hand-stitched square scale crocodile leather strap with a warm chocolate brown background, a rose gold case and a creamy white dial, and a date display window at 3 o’clock, showing Patek Philippe’s unique high-quality texture. A cup of warm chocolate in the winter, it means it.
Vacheron Constantin 85180 / 000R-9248

Product model: 85180 / 000R-9248
Domestic public price: 200000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 8.53 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Cal.2450SC
Case material: 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: vacheron / 7628 /
Watch comments: The same brown strap design, but the case is more soft and warm rose gold material, the dial design, simplicity is its philosophy. It’s the Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series 85180. The dial design of the big three hands has a small date display window at 6 o’clock. This design does not destroy the integrity of the overall design of the dial while increasing the practical performance. The design of points and lines seems to be simple and the most difficult. How simple elements shape nobleness and elegance is what Vacheron Constantin excels at. Alligator leather straps from Mississippi are also more durable in daily use than leather straps made of other materials.
Jaeger-LeCoultre 128255J

Product Model: 128255J
Domestic public price: 112000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 7.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 899/1
Case material: 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: lecoultre / 43613 /
Watch Reviews: Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been a model of elegant watchmaking, and this Jaeger-LeCoultre master can well interpret the style of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Gray dial with rose gold case, in order to make the entire watch more dignified and formal, the choice of strap color, the black dial slightly echoes the gray dial. The sword-shaped hands with tapered time scales make the whole watch more decisive in the design of the dial. Suitable for formal occasions, or for men with a more elegant and resolute personal style.

In summary: summer time fades away, and autumn is slowly leaving us. The warm sun in winter seems to be always separated by a layer of mist, so let these watches accompany us through the cold winter.

L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit Of The Dragon And The Pearl Watch Exudes The Myth Of Chinese Origin With Superb Watchmaking Technology

Chopard master craftsmen create extraordinary, exquisite and fascinating masterpieces with outstanding craftsmanship-L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl watch. The hand-carved watch frame presents a carved dragon inspired by the myths of Chinese origin, ingeniously amazing. This ingenious watch is equipped with a tourbillon movement equipped with a perpetual calendar function, dedicated to watch lovers with elegant aesthetic taste.

Tracing the origin of Huaxia

Chopard L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl watch

The dragon is a mythical animal in the mythology of the origins of ancient dynasties. It has a pivotal position in Chinese culture. In particular, the five-pronged golden dragon used by the emperor to search for the sacred pearl that opened the door to knowledge. Chopard decided to use the ingenious L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl watch to interpret Chinese culture, and use this holy pearl to open the door to the emotional world. The 18K rose gold case is carved and carved by the brand’s master craftsmen with concave carving. The frame and lug connection show two vivid dragons, chasing the holy bead on the crown. The two dragons symbolize spiritual ascension and reach a quiet and immaculate state. This extraordinary masterpiece is the result of 200 hours of exquisite craftsmanship, which can inspire modern gentlemen to start the same journey of consciousness, which will surely make them love at first sight.

Chopard L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl watch details

This pure gold watch dial, with its rose gold bezel and buckle, is engraved with traditional Chinese portraits. The swirls on the case echo the geometry of the surface, demonstrating superior technology. With this impeccable micromechanical process, Chopard is unique in the fine watch industry and has won numerous awards. This watch is equipped with the L.U.C 02.15-L movement, following the brand’s principle of excellence, and equipped with two major watch complications.

Excellent movement

Chopard L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl rear view

The L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl has 353 parts and is equipped with a tourbillon adjuster. The tourbillon frame is equipped with a small second hand, which rotates once a minute under the polished steel watch bridge at 6 o’clock. The watch is also equipped with a perpetual calendar function, which does not need to be adjusted before 2100. The calendar display is divided into two dials, which are clear and readable. The month and leap year display at 3 o’clock, the day of the week and 24-hour indication at 12 o’clock, and the large double-window date display at 12 o’clock.

 Tourbillon movement

The L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl is equipped with a tourbillon movement. The tourbillon is a horological device invented in the early 19th century to counteract the effects of gravity on horological mechanisms. Therefore, the LUC Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl watch is extremely accurate, in line with the expectations of Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, who requested all LUC wrist watches produced by the watch factory. All watches must be certified by the Swiss Official Observatory Precision Timepiece (COSC). The dial of L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl is printed with the word ‘Chronometer’, while the back is printed with the Poinçon de Genève, one of the most demanding quality marks in the watch industry. In addition, the watch is convenient and practical. It adopts four serial barrel systems with Quattro’s patented technology to provide the watch with a 9-day power reserve and a power reserve display on the back.

Making process drawings

L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl watch is thought-provoking through mythological imagery. It gives spiritual connotation to time measurement. It also has rigorous and reliable timing performance. It tells moving stories with exquisite craftsmanship and interprets harmony and resonance.

The Theme Exhibition Of ‘beauty’s Watchmaking History And The Heart Of Art’ Was Grandly Opened In Zurich

As a pioneer of watchmaking technology change, Breguet has always attached importance to technological innovation and product research and development.

   The innovations of the brand’s founder, Mr. Breguet and his successors, have left their own unique marks in the history of watchmaking, and new watchmaking achievements are still endless. Standard.

   Breguet is not only a world-class leading watchmaking brand, but also an important part of Swiss cultural heritage, carrying a heavy history and tenderness. The watchmaker’s exquisite craftsmanship has given the watch its unique charm and character, making every piece of Breguet’s work artistic and flawless.

   From November 1st to November 30th, 2014, a theme exhibition entitled ‘Breguet, a Watchmaker at the Heart of Art and History’ will be held in Les Ambassadeurs, Zurich, Switzerland A luxury watch boutique will be held, featuring Breguet’s most unique timepieces and historical classics.

Exhibition time

Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Ceramics Continue To Write The Legend Of Speedmaster: Omega Speedmaster ‘dark Side Of The Moon’ Series Watch

The world is deeply fascinated by the moon, exploring its mysteries, and giving it endless praise and legend. This mystery of only 12 humans has been a place of temptation full of magic. Although scientific explanations have been given to the changes in the moon phases and the lunar craters, the mysterious charm of these scenes has not been damaged. The space exploration of Apollo 8 astronauts and their outstanding achievements inspired the creation of the Speedmaster series ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ pure black ceramic watch, and the moon’s clearness is filled with the beauty of the earth and the orderly replacement. Lunar phase changes have given birth to four new products in this series: dark black, black gold, dark night and retro black.

  Ink black (311.

  The Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ inky black model features a polished and frosted black ceramic case and matte black ceramic dial with a coated black nylon webbing and black ceramic buckle. The frosted lunar watch’s classic-style hands and scales are blackened and coated with a black Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which is the origin of the name ‘ink black’. At 3 and 9 o’clock, the watch is equipped with two small matt black dials, and the black ceramic bezel has a black painted tachymeter scale.

  Black gold (311.

  The Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” black gold model perfectly combines Omega ceramic technology with unique rose gold alloy. The overall frosted black ceramic case with a bezel made of 18KSedna gold echoes the hands and graduations also made of 18KSedna gold. The logo on the matte gray dial is laser ablated. The watch’s central hour hand, minute hand, gold-plated chronograph second hand, scale, and two dots at 12 o’clock are covered with a retro-style Super-LumiNova luminous coating. This extraordinary timepiece features a black leather strap with a black matte ceramic folding clasp.

  Dark night (311.

  The Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” Night Black is unique in that all elements on its matte black dial are coated with a Super-LumiNova luminous coating. This ceramic watch has a polished and frosted case, and the tachymeter scale on the frosted ceramic bezel is also coated with a luminous coating. Small matte black dial with lacquered hands. The “Dark Side of the Moon” dark night black timepiece features a black leather strap with hazel stitching and a ceramic folding buckle.

  Retro black (311.

  The Super Black ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ retro black model stands out with its distinctive brown hands and scales. The hands and scales are covered with a retro-style Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The tachymeter scale on the frosted ceramic bezel is also covered with this luminous coating. Like other new models in this series, the logo on the matte ceramic dial is laser ablated. The ‘black side of the moon’ retro black model uses blackened central hands, while the small dial at 3 and 9 o’clock uses brown lacquered hands. A brown leather strap adds a touch of classic charm to this pioneering timepiece.

  Ceramics continues to write super legend
  These four timepieces have the same back design, reminiscent of the same source of inspiration: the original Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” watch. The black ceramic back ring of each watch is engraved with the matt chrome nitride logo and the name of this logo series: ‘DarkSideoftheMoon’ (the dark side of the moon). The pioneering Omega 9300 in-house coaxial movement powers every ceramic watch in the collection.
  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Parmigiani Creates A Limited Edition Watch For The 2012 Montreux Jazz Festival

Gathering with music lovers, supporting young talents, creating a common space for artistic expression, and sharing knowledge, this is the purpose of Parmigiani’s participation in the Montreux Jazz Festival. The 2012 Music Festival looks set to become a legendary festival.
    Since 2007, Parmigiani has become a partner of the Montreux Jazz Festival, and has become its main sponsor in 2008. Parmigioni has witnessed the growth of the festival over the years. This year, the 90-square-meter private VIP area will become the core of the festival, and jazz lovers, musicians and performers will gather together for an unprecedented event. In 2011, John McLaughlin, one of the stars of the festival, came to the festival to have a night talk. His presence reminded everyone that passion and humanity are the foundation of the Parmigiani brand.
    As a partner of Parmigiani, sports and art stars from around the world will also have the opportunity to enjoy music performances at the festival and in the rural Riviera.
    A hot air balloon dedicated to Parmigiani will be raised above the festival, and VIPs and performers from all over the world will wear brand-name uniforms that are easy to identify and fly high.
    On the stage, follow the tradition cherished by Claude Nobs-providing performers with the most representative Swiss masterpieces, 25 limited edition Parmigiani Kalpa Grande and Kalpa XL watches specially created for the 2012 Music Festival. In 2011, Claude Nobs selected artists including Paolo Nutini, Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin and Liza Minelli.
    Parmigiani will also set his sights on a new generation of jazz musicians. As a ‘Fondation 2’ partner since 2009 and a special sponsor of the Piano Solo Competition, Parmigiani will support 11 young players selected to the finals to participate in the Montreux competition. Last year’s champion, Polish singer Piotr Orzechowsk realized his dream of recording records and was given a Parmigiani MJF 2011 collector series watch.
Kalpa Grande and Kalpa XL MJF 2012 automatic winding watches.
    As always, watches specially produced for the Montreux Jazz Festival are inspired by festival posters. This year’s poster, designed by the famous American photographer Greg Gorman, shows the immortality of a naked athletic man, which Greg Gorman believes symbolizes ‘the contemplative feeling of listening to music’. Through the use of subtle material technology-cross-brushing, the dial presents a male silhouette. Kalpa Grande or Kalpa XL self-winding watches (calibre number PF 331, hour, minute and central seconds) are available in two models: an ivory dial for women and a black dial for men. The stainless steel sapphire case back is engraved with the ‘Montreux Jazz Festival 2012’ logo.
About Swiss Montreux Jazz Festival
    The Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is one of the largest and most influential jazz festivals in the world. It is also the first of the 3 major jazz festivals in Europe. It began in 1967. Every July from the first Friday to the third Saturday. Occupying a pivotal position in various music festivals, its music category has greatly exceeded the scope of jazz music, music lovers from all over the world come together, and a warm music atmosphere will permeate the entire city.

Luis Alejandro Plascencia O Wins The Championship At Longines Fifa World Cup Obstacle Course Guadalajara

January 27, 2018, Mexican jockey Luis Alejandro Plascencia O rides ‘Davinci’ at the Longines International Horse Federation World Cup Obstacle Race North American League Guadalaha at the Guadalajara Country Club The Longines FEI World Cup ™ Jumping North American League Guadalajara wins the championship.

   The Mexican representative won the first race in 2018. Gustavo Ramos won the runner-up with Izzy Miaki, and Francisco Pasquel won the runner-up with Naranjo.

   The champion rider was awarded an elegant Longines watch in recognition of his outstanding performance. The Swiss watch brand is the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the Longines International Horse Federation World Cup Obstacle North America League.

Brand New Start Interview With Mr. Xu Chuangyue, Deputy General Manager Of Beijing Watch

As the leader of China’s high-end watches, Beijing Watch has always been a leader in domestic watches in the field of high-end watches, whether it is from the tourbillon or the three questions and the double tourbillon. Since the acquisition of Beijing Watch Factory by Fiyta in 2015, everyone has expectations and doubts about the development of Beijing Watch itself. At the 27th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, Watch House interviewed Mr. Xu Chuangyue, deputy general manager of Beijing Watch, below It is the details of the interview.
Mr. Xu Chuangyue, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Watch

Home of Watches: How did Fiyta keep the original characteristics of Beijing products and make innovations after its shares in Beijing?
Mr. Xu: The cooperation between Fiyta and Beijing has just been one year in June this year. Everyone is very concerned about what kind of sparks Fiyta and Beijing produced during this year. In the launch of the dual-logo ultra-thin tourbillon watch, we have seen that both parties can give full play to their advantages in their respective areas of expertise. Fiyta excels in operation and product design and process control. Beijing Watch is good at technical research and development of movements. In this regard, the two are the best partners. The dual-logo ultra-thin tourbillon Is the representative of the two sparks.

Beijing watches have strong Chinese cultural characteristics. In the past products, no matter in the enamel, carved gold crafts or the performance of traditional Chinese elements on watches, they have extraordinary performance. The teams from Fiyta and Beijing have been in a state of active running-in and integration. First of all, Beijing Watch will add some fashionable elements to the entry-level watch, and it will be more design-oriented. In this respect, it can be said that Beijing Watch has always been the weak point of Beijing Watch. In the high-end field, this has always been the strength of Beijing Watch, and more elements will be incorporated into the high-end field of Beijing Watch.

Mingzhu Series BG030001

Watch House: How to treat smart watches? Will Beijing Watch launch its own smart watch?
President Xu: For smart wearable devices, it is still difficult for Beijing Watch to participate in this aspect. This is a problem faced by all traditional watchmaking industries. The main thing for smart wearable devices is to connect to the Internet. The requirements of the entire ecosystem are very high. The requirements for software development and IT are currently not available to Beijing Watch. Our current idea is to find a third party to cooperate and start from light intelligence. For Beijing Watch, it is still difficult to break through the field of smart wearable devices from the current technology accumulation. The best way is to cooperate with third parties. When will it be implemented? There is no such plan in the short term.

Beihai series BG010005

Watch House: For the current youthfulness of the watch market, as a traditional watchmaking brand, has Beijing Watch been launched for customers’ younger models?
Mr. Xu: I have mentioned this before that wearable devices are one of the concerns of young customers. In fact, Beibei has a market in which it has its own strength, which was previously mentioned. Adding fashion and enhancing design sense will bring traditional oriental aesthetics. Incorporating the perspective of modern young people like aesthetic appreciation into watches, these are all what young consumers today need. Beijing may appear in the future in terms of smart watches, but it has not yet been included in our plan.

Inspiration series BL020006

Home of Watches: What are the difficulties in the manufacturing process of the dual-logo ultra-thin tourbillon watch launched at the Baselworld 2016?
Mr. Xu: The biggest difficulty of this watch is that if it is thin and stable, in terms of movement, it has more than 157 parts and a dual barrel design, which provides 80 hours of power reserve. Ultra-thin, so the requirements for the parts of the movement are higher. There are great challenges in the winding of the watch and the stability of the movement. How to keep the movement of the watch stable on the basis of being ultra-thin.

Summary: On the whole, Beijing Watch has made a lot of updates in entry-level watches this year, and also enlarged, redesigned and developed some of the original classic models. At the same time, a new series of women’s watches has also been launched. This series of women’s watches has become more fashionable in terms of diameter and jewelry design. The design of the men’s watch appears more concise, making the Beijing watch more attention of young people.

Love Begins With Expression Fiyta And Gao Yuanyuan Select Happiness Watch To Start The Tanabata ‘watch’ White Offensive

Happiness is meeting you in the best time, warming your heart every second. Love is to express your feelings at the most romantic moment, and to accompany the day and night. On the occasion of the sweet Tanabata, Fiyta and Gao Yuanyuan launched the Tanabata ‘confession’ offensive, selecting happy watches for couples, and helping them confess their success in this romantic moment.

Fiyta brand spokesperson Gao Yuanyuan took a group photo with the brand’s top executives

Love Tanabata Let love begin with expression

   Love is a thrilling progress; love begins with the most sincere expression of the moment. On the occasion of Tanabata on Midsummer Day, Gao Yuanyuan’s incarnation ‘Cupid’ will appear in 20 days of new watch launch conferences held by Fiyta in Zhengzhou and Baotou, with an elegant and happy ‘goddess’ image, for consumers To teach the meaning of happiness in clover, select the clover series watch that represents the reputation of happiness, and the 2015 extreme series new watch which is highly recommended by the popular movie star Li Chen. Raiders to help lovers eventually become dependents.

Gao Yuanyuan took photos with fans on WeChat

Happy Clover Series

   The greatest pursuit in life is that all time is haunted by happiness. The Fiyta Clover watch is one such existence. At Zhengzhou and the upcoming Baotou new product launch conference, Gao Yuanyuan will wear a new clover watch to romantically interpret the charming moment of ‘National Goddess’ and freeze the beauty of time. Gao Yuanyuan revealed that the four-leaf clover series representing happiness and true love has always been her favorite choice. The four-leaf clover series has insight into women’s heart, which not only expresses the feminine beauty and warmth to the fullest, but also contains the wearer’s love for life and hope for happiness. At the same time, Yuanyuan also hopes that the four-leaf clover watch with beautiful meaning can add more romantic feeling to everyone in the upcoming Qixi Festival.

Motion Extreme Series ‘Watch’ White Time

   As one of the magical instruments of Tanabata confession, the Extreme Series watch has won many reputations and is highly recommended by Li Chen. The extreme series interprets the ‘watch’ and ‘coupe concept’ cross-border, perfectly combining two kinds of artworks full of strength and mechanical kinetic energy, so that the beloved half lingers on the speed and passion of the wrist.
The Fiyta Extreme Series, which was exhibited at the 2015 Basel Watch Show, blends sports car elements into the watch, giving you the desire to conquer freely, whistling with the movement of the hands. The black bezel conveys mysterious visual tension. On the multi-layered three-dimensional dial, the shape of the steering wheel of the coupe is clearly visible, and the honeycomb grid on the steering wheel skeleton also uses the coupe air intake grille and air conditioning air outlet elements. Carefully polished and polished metal studs are inlaid on the surface of the ring disk in the form of ‘brake pads’, so that the metallic glossy surface and the carbon black brushed textures complement each other’s charm. The vintage rose gold case is decorated with the engine cover trim; the design inspiration comes from the engine’s transmission gear. The design of the bottom cover is taken from the wheel of a coupe. The watch places the movement hollow under the anti-glare sapphire glass, and can see the movement of the mechanical movement at any time, full of mechanical dynamics. On the inner circle, there are dense and dense numbers for easy reading. The watch is based on the clever coupe concept design, taking into account the essence of its timepiece on the wrist.

Product configuration

Name: Fiyta Clover Series
Model: LA8562.PWRD
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, rose gold plating, gem setting
Bezel: stainless steel, rose gold plating, gem setting
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: white shell, natural diamond setting
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom
Strap: Brown leather
Diameter: 34.6mm
Waterproof: 5ATM

Name: Fiyta Extreme Series
Model: GA866002.MBR
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, water-plated rose gold
Bezel: stainless steel, IP black plated
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: black, hollow
Strap: Brown leather
Water resistance: 100 meters