Japanese Citizen Citizen Minute Repeater Recommended

Although Japanese watches do not have a very long history like Swiss watches, Japan’s high-tech applications far exceed many long-established watch brands. The ‘Quartz Revolution’ co-directed by Seiko, Citizen, and Casio as the ‘Japanese Three Heroes’ of the watch industry once pushed traditional watches to the forefront, and this change was called by traditional brands ‘ Quartz crisis. ‘ Today we come to appreciate a classic watch BL9000-83L from this Citizen Minute Repeater series.

The stainless steel case and strap match the blue dial, which is a little casual in sports. The red date hands and morning and afternoon indicators add a bit of cleverness. The fan-shaped date display with a length of 3/4 bezel is novel and unique. The 42mm diameter is quite satisfactory. All kinds of wrists are suitable. In terms of appearance, the metal texture is strong and the sports atmosphere is strong.
 Talking about its function, it can only be described by two powerful men. The date and month display on the left realizes the perpetual calendar function. The minute repeater button at 2 o’clock can distinguish the time by the sound of the high and low reeds. At 4 o’clock, there are morning and afternoon indications, and at 3 o’clock is an independent small seconds dial. The 7 o’clock position is a sub-dial, and the remote time can be displayed through the sub hour and minute hands. The 8 o’clock button is a mode switch button, which sequentially switches the time mode, daily alarm mode, remote time, remote time alarm mode, and second correction. There are five types of modes, and the usage of each mode is not described here. The button at 4 o’clock on the right is used to set the alarm. In addition, it also uses Citizen’s core technology, light kinetic energy, to convert light into kinetic energy through the dial to provide the watch with time. Overall, this watch covers all the functions of our daily needs, and it is definitely very good in a quartz watch.

 Since its establishment in 1918, Citizen has a history of nearly 100 years. Both the brand concept and culture have long been rooted in the hearts of people. This Citizen Minute Repeater BL9000-83L watch has a slightly complicated appearance, but the design The combination is absolutely remarkable. The combination of multiple functions on the dial is full and not cluttered. It is flexible but not frivolous. Combined with the price of 5500, it can be said that many people are a good choice to start the first watch. Perhaps many years later, when I think back to the Citizen BL9000-83L that took me into the complex world of watches, it was more like an amiable teacher. Through the quartz movement, we experienced the charm of watch functions and also led us. Entered a whole new world.
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Radar Watch Silver Diamond Hollow-out Table

Look closely, the movement of this watch is not completely hollowed out, there is a considerable area of ​​the movement plywood is not cut out, the dial is not completely removed. This semi-hollowed design with window openings makes the golden hands, scales, gears and black case, the movement splint a strong contrast, more charming than full hollowed out, more importantly, it maintains the constant abstraction of radar feel.

    In the July issue of this year, we specifically introduced the hollow-out watch, and then readers called to ask that there were several other watches that were also hollow-out, why not introduced. So we have done this topic about window table, talk about the difference between window table and hollow table and their respective characteristics.

    Before I started writing, I also contacted a Chinese friend who worked in a Swiss watch factory and asked him if this kind of window watch is known in the Swiss watchmaking industry. He said no. why? Because there is nothing technically special, just a hole in the dial. I said, but the effect is different. He said yes.

Skeleton and Open

    The longer I have been in the watch and clock industry, the more I find that many of the professional vocabulary we usually use is not standardized. For example, someone wrote a mother-of-pearl dial, which should actually be mother-of-pearl, and mother-of-pearl is a medicinal material; for example, some brands mark silicon The balance spring is actually not silicon, only the balance spring is silicon. There is still a lot of similar confusion, but I haven’t encountered it now, and I can’t remember it for a while.

    There is also a misunderstanding of the definition of a hollow watch. On Sina Weibo a few days ago, a watchmate mentioned Breguet’s Ref.7057, thinking that this was a hollow watch, and a colleague followed by posting: This watch is not hollow, but a movement bare. Skeleton in English is Skeleton, which means skull and frame. In Chinese, Skeleton is translated into a hollow, because it is very similar to the traditional Chinese hollowing process. They are engraving a penetrating pattern or text on the object to keep the object intact, but the interior is completely hollow. This is obviously not the same as Ref.7057 with the dial removed and the movement exposed.

    Skeleton skeleton watch, it must be the movement, not the dial. Because the dial of the watch has only a thin layer, the thickness of 0.4 mm is not even enough, there is no layer, and there is no internal space. Naturally, it is not hollow. However, after the watch factory hollowed out the movement, in order not to block the line of sight, the dial must be removed. It is for this reason that some watch friends mistakenly exposed the watch as a hollowed out watch.

    In addition, the so-called ‘half-hollow’ and ‘partial hollow’ styles also need to be carefully screened to see whether the hollow is the movement plywood or the dial. If it is the former, it is OK; if it is the latter, that is, the dial is partially hollowed out or made transparent, showing a part of the movement, it cannot be called hollow. This type of watch is represented by ZeniChronoMaster Open (flagship happy), since there is no uniform name, we might as well call it Open-open the dial.

Open window, open, happy

    Open is not a traditional watchmaking technology, nor is it an industry hotspot. It has been in people’s field for nearly one or two decades. Anyway, I have never seen an antique watch Open. From a technical point of view, Open’s style is nothing more than a hole in the dial, which is not that complicated, nor does it increase the function and control of the watch. It is similar to the mother-of-pearl dial and the oscillating weight changed into various shapes. It belongs to the kind of decorative watches that enrich the types of watches and can arouse the interest and curiosity of consumers.

    Open has three meanings for the watch. The first is “opening the window”. The unique scenery of the window enhances the watch’s viewing. Speaking of open windows, Movado’s RED LABEL series is very representative. Most of Movado’s models use a sun-dial dial without scales. Simplicity is its advantage and its shortcomings, because the dial is completely stationary, there is no even a moving second hand, and there is naturally nothing when looking at the watch. Fun at all. But if you open a window at 6 o’clock on the dial, the four wheels and half of the escape wheel are exposed, and the feeling is completely different, as if time has switched from a stationary state to a running state.

    The second meaning of Open is ‘open’. From Open to Open, it is undoubtedly an innovation in the design of watch dials. Zenith, which has always been known for its manufacture of movements, plays the role of creative director. As we all know, Zenith EL PRIMERO is one of the few high-swing frequency chronograph movements on the market. In its previous works, we can only vaguely feel the high-swing frequency of 36,000 times per second from the step of the second hand; Zenith’s flagship happy series is to show the high-frequency balance wheel together with the operation of the four wheels and the escape wheel in front of the world, making the high swing frequency from an adjective to a verb.

    The third meaning of Open is happiness. For domestic consumers, the ‘8’ formed by the small seconds dial and window will make them happy, and the heart-shaped window representing love on the dial will make them happy. , But the biggest happy thing, we still have to see more, learn more, so that we can believe more. In short, in the domestic market at this stage, the word ‘happy’ seems more responsive and more attractive than any professional term.

    Ignoring the argument of whether the window-opening table is created for the Chinese market, but only in terms of its effect-‘window-opening’ may only be used as a decoration in the eyes of foreigners, but it is completely Another time.

Swiss Mido Watches Shows Lovers To Watches

Make a wish in Rome’s Wishing Pool, and look out from the balcony of the former residence of Juliet in Verona, together under the promenade of Milan’s Emmanuel II … Beautiful years, beautiful seasons, The beautiful moment, the beautiful time, the moment when the eyes meet, the golden arrow of Eros shooting in the center room makes people fall into the painful and sweet love network. The most precious time is recorded by the Swiss Mido Belem Sairee Observatory series watch for you. The newly launched women’s and men’s models complement each other, and accurately express their love with a precise observatory movement. Accompanying the ticking of the watch is the whisper of the lover, the whisper of the lover, the sublimation of love to the extreme, showing the beautiful love of the most beautiful, the most pure, the most sincere, and the most sincere.
Beautiful and accurate: Mido Belem Celli III 18K rose gold observatory

Mido Belem Celli III 18K Rose Gold Observatory Pair
Time and emotion are intertwined, and true love will not lose its luster even if time flies. Mido Berencelli III 18K rose gold outlines a pure and timeless beauty with a simple design and superb craftsmanship. From the very beginning of the design, Mido invested tremendous efforts to ensure that this watch has the best quality and craftsmanship in all details. The transparent back cover can clearly see the elegant mechanical operation of this watch, highlighting the first-class characteristics of this watch. The 18K rose gold element emphasizes the noble and elegant temperament unique to this retro-styled watch. In addition, it is equipped with a COSC-certified astronomical movement, which makes this watch not only has an eye-catching appearance design, but also excels in the accuracy of travel time. And it is precisely the quasi-beauty of time that inspires and inspires the life of the Berencelli series, letting the hands tell the love story in a revolving cycle, so intriguing, such as fascination and endless.
From pure to pure: Mido Belem Celli III All Steel Observatory

Mido Belem Celli III All Steel Observatory Pairing Table
True love always has to go through many trials and tests. Only the pureness of knowing each other can withstand the years of polishing and become steel. The all-steel watch pair of the Mido Belem Sairee Series Observatory is a perfect interpretation of the love of ‘pure and pure’. The body strap made of 316L steel is integrated and presents an excellent appearance gloss, which makes the watch stand the baptism of years. Equipped with a COSC-certified observatory movement, the machine moves more rhythmically and more accurately. The dial also firmly grasps people’s eyeballs: the unique gingival pattern in the center of the dial is permeated with a retro and timeless atmosphere, and the Roman numeral scale makes it a sense of tranquility and melody. The hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds, and the sapphire mirror with anti-glare coating on both sides makes time easier to read. Even with the passage of time, our strong love has always insisted on the initial throbbing-that moment of pure love is worth our wait for life.
Sincerely sincere: Pairs of watches at Mido Belem Celli III Observatory

Mido Belem Celli III Observatory
Creativity is always expressed through simple and strong contrasts. When the Mido Belem Celli III Observatory with all black dial expresses love to the watch, do you experience the deep side of love? True love does not tolerate any impurities. It needs to be watched with true heart. It needs to be expressed with sincerity. The automatic movement certified by the observatory has won people’s love and respect for its uncompromising accuracy. The highly polished steel case shows the contours of the curve, the lines are pure, and the curves show elegance. At the same time, the silver Roman numerals show the time scale, which is very Italian and the recessed crown makes the whole watch visually integrated. The mirror has a dazzling double-coated sapphire crystal for easy reading of time. This unique pair of watches also uses the technology of a transparent bottom cover, so that the wearer can always see the beauty of the rhythm of the observatory-certified machinery at any time. It clearly and subtly reveals elegance and nobility. test.

90,000 Public Price, ‘eagle’ In The Watch

Not long ago, Chopard launched a new luxury sports watch series, ALPINE EAGLE series, which means ‘Alpine Eagle’ in Chinese. During the Eleven Holidays, I saw this new watch in Beijing’s SKP and Chopard stores in Wangfu Central, and was placed in the most important position. I also tried it carefully, so I will focus on today Chopard’s ‘Alpine Eagle’.


   Chopard is a well-known watch and jewelry brand, positioned at the same level as Piaget. Chopard has a high level in the field of watches, jewelry and glasses. Although compared with popular domestic watches such as Rolex and Omega, Chopard’s watches are relatively small in the country, but experienced players will know the superior quality and good price-performance ratio of Chopard watches. Especially Chopard’s most classic 1.96 pearl tourbillon movement, together with Patek Philippe 240 movement, is known as the most beautiful pearl tourbillon movement.

Chopard’s famous 1.96 pearl movement

Chopard MILLE MIGLIA racing watch

   In these years, Chopard has always used the racing series as its main sports watch. Among them, the MILLE MIGLIA racing series has a relatively large domestic circulation, and old players are familiar with it. However, as we all know, what is the most popular watch in these years? The most popular is the ‘luxury sports watch’, which is represented by nautilus, royal oak, and vertical and horizontal. Chopard, as one of the oldest famous watch and jewelry brands, has a rich history, so Chopard draws design from historical models and launches a new luxury sports watch, which is ALPINE EAGLE, the Alps Eagle.


What kind of watch is Chopard ALPINE EAGLE?
   First of all, I want to talk about the origin of the Chopard ‘Alpine Eagle’ watch. Famous watches are famous for their heritage and tradition. Each new style often has a heritage of historical design to continue the classic elements of the brand. Chopard’s new Alpine Eagle is also a historical prototype. Chopard introduced a St. Moritz watch in the 1980s. Putting the St. Moritz watch with the new Alpine eagle, it can be clearly seen that the new Alpine eagle absorbs the historical St. Moritz watch head and bracelet design, and has been greatly optimized according to the current aesthetics.

The Chopard ALPINE EAGLE Alpine Eagle (left) and the historical St. Moritz watch (right).

   The new Chopard Alps Eagle uses the classic design of the ‘luxury sports watch’ case and bracelet. The upper and lower ends of the case are directly inclined and connected to the bracelet. We know that every famous luxury sports watch has its own highly recognizable shell shape. For example, the royal oak is an octagonal bezel; the nautilus is round and square with two ‘ears’. The circle forms a Maltese cross shape. Chopard’s new Alpine Eagle uses a round bezel with 8 screws on the bezel, which are symmetrical up and down, left and right, and the direction of the screw mouth is regularly symmetrical with details in place. There are also two ‘ears’ on the case of the Alpine Eagle. The left and right sides of the watch case have protruding shapes like the crown guard bridge. The symmetrical eight screws and two ‘ears’ are the hallmarks of this watch.


   The new Chopard Alps Eagle uses a new steel, officially called Lucent Steel A223 steel. Lucent means bright in Chinese. As its name suggests, the light reflection effect of Lucent Steel A223 steel is better and stronger than traditional steel watches. The luster is comparable to 18K gold, and the hardness of Lucent Steel A223 is 223 Vickers. General steel table 316L steel strength 50%. Chopard’s new Alpine Eagle men’s watch measures 41 mm and is 9.7 mm thick (women’s watch 36 mm). The case and bracelet are brushed over a large area. The bezel edges, bezel screws and middle of the bracelet are polished. The 3-format bracelet reminds me of Chopard’s classic ICE CUBE ring. The 41 mm size is relatively modest to get started, and is not significant.

Chopard ALPINE EAGLE Alpine Eagle Bracelet (top) and Chopard’s classic ICE CUBE ring (bottom).

   The dial of the new Chopard Alps Eagle is very outstanding. The dial of the watch has a blue disc and a gray disc. From the center of the disc to the outside, there is a slight spiral of sun rays. Compared with the looming fine sun patterns on the watch face, the Chopard Alps Eagle’s sun pattern is very prominent and eye-catching, and it is very eye-catching. Whether it is the blue or gray disc, the effect is outstanding. The dial of the watch uses Roman numerals and hour markers, and the watch hands and hour markers have a large area of ​​luminous light. The watch calendar is located between 4 and 5 o’clock on the dial. From CHRONOMETER below the 12:00 CHOPARD on the disk, you can see that the watch is certified by the Observatory.

The Chopard ALPINE EAGLE Alpine Eagle has a unique radial pattern.

   The movement of the Chopard watch is divided into two parts. Chopard uses both self-produced and universal movements. The high-end models such as the LUC series and the ALPINE EAGLE series use the self-produced movement, while the entry-level model uses the universal movement. The new Alpine Eagle series uses the 01.01 automatic movement produced by Chopard. 01.01 is the main three-hand automatic movement produced by Chopard. In addition, 03.05 is an automatic chronograph movement produced by Chopard and 1.96 is an automatic pearl tourbillon movement produced by Chopard.

The 01.01 self-produced movement used by the Chopard ALPINE EAGLE.

   The size of the Chopard 01.01 movement is 28.8 mm, the swing frequency is 28,800 times per hour, the power is 60 hours, and it is certified by the Observatory. The 01.01 movement is well-polished. The decoration style of the 01.01 movement is similar to that of Blancpain 1315. The upper plywood of the movement is decorated with brushed edges, the edges of the plywood are polished, and the movement of the screws is polished. Through the back of the watch, you can admire the movement.

The Chopard ALPINE EAGLE Alpine Eagle watch is 41 mm for men and 36 mm for women.

   Chopard’s new ALPINE EAGLE 41 mm men’s watch is priced at 91,000. This price is basically in the middle of the ‘luxury sports watch’. The public price is lower than the Royal Oak, and it is higher than POLO S. One of the reasons for the relatively high public price of luxury sports watches with steel cases is also the complicated shape and processing of the case and bracelet. For the watch of the Chopard Alps Eagle, you can go to see the real watch. The real shape and picture of the shell shape and radial pattern of this watch are completely two effects. The radial dial, in particular, is very different from the watches I have seen before.

Boll Watches Push New Chronograph

In 2008, Boer Watch’s Engineer Master series launched a watch named Engineer Master II Diver Chronograph for the three-time free diving world record holder Guillaume Nery.

    Engineer Master II Diver Chronograph provides the easiest and safest method for diving lovers to calculate the diving time. According to Tianlu.com, its built-in counter-rotating chronograph lap is controlled by the spiral crown at ‘2’ position to ensure that it will not accidentally shift during the dive. For those who love deep diving, they need to be able to read the time clearly without being affected by the ambient light. The Swiss-made self-luminous miniature gas lamp of the Bohr watch provides the best solution, in the absence of any external light source. Under the illumination, the self-luminous micro gas lamp can emit light 100 times brighter than the traditional luminous paint for 25 years. The Engineer Master II Diver Chronograph is inlaid with 58 self-luminous micro gas on the built-in rotating chronograph ring, surface and pointer light.
    In addition, this model is the first chronograph that can be used for underwater operation. In order to further consolidate its outstanding waterproof performance, both crowns are equipped with red waterproof rubber ring. The crown is not fully locked, and the exposed red waterproof rubber ring can remind the wearer.