The Ups And Downs Of The Century, Do Not Forget The Original Intention-the 90th Anniversary Press Conference Of Lang Kun Was Unveiled At The 2015 Shenzhen Exhibition

On June 25, 2015, the 90th anniversary press conference of the German military watch model Langkun LACO, which was subordinated to the German Beide Group, was held at the German pavilion booth at the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair. Born in 1925 in the German watchmaking town of Forzheim, Lang Kun was sold to the world in 2015. It has risen and fallen in 90 years, and it is the original intention of a military watch.
   At this press conference, Ms. Yao Tian, ​​President of Baibed Group first delivered a speech. She said that although Lang Kun has not been in China for a long time, it has been growing at a rate of double every year and has increasingly become a Chinese watch. Fascinated good friend. With its deep historical heritage, unique military watch temperament, simple and practical German design, and the quality of ‘Made in Germany’ watches, Lang Kun has brought all Chinese watch fans with surprises as they always did.
   Then Mr. Gunter, the president of Langkun, shared the development history of Langkun from 1925 to 2015 for the friends on the scene, and explained in detail the uniqueness of the 90th anniversary replica watch of Langkun for everyone. In addition, he also thanked the Beide Group as a professional German watch agency for their efforts in promoting Lang Kun in China.
   As an old friend of the Boyder Group, the editor-in-chief of ‘Fashion Time’ teacher Pan Jian also took the stage to give a speech. Mr. Pan Jian lives in Germany for a long time, so he knows a lot about German watch brands, such as several treasures. ‘Lang Kun is the most significant brand in the entire exhibition hall’-this is the evaluation he gave Lang Kun at the press conference today, and he has been so acclaimed by the heavyweight figures in the watch industry. Lang Kun is also honored to.
   Subsequently, Ms. Yao Tian, ​​Mr. Guente, Mr. Pan Jian, and General Manager Yang Jinwen, the general manager of Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, came on the stage, and jointly activated the pointers of the 90th anniversary of the launch ceremony of Lang Kun, and then started the large-scale Lang Kun movie on the big screen. In particular, the effect is shocking.
   In the final media interview session, many media had a strong interest in Debunk Langkun, and they rushed to ask Mr. Gunk, the president of Langkun, about all aspects of Langkun, and Mr. Gunt patiently responded one by one.
   Since entering the Chinese market in 2009, the Langkun brand has been increasingly recognized and loved by Chinese consumers. Its sales have doubled year by year and the market potential is huge. The Langkun brand is very optimistic about the broad prospects of the Chinese market. Taking the opportunity of the 2015 Shenzhen Clock and Watch Fair, the press conference of the 90th anniversary of the Langkun LACO was specially placed in Shenzhen, China, so that domestic and foreign professionals in the watch industry and the Chinese media Friends and fans can have the opportunity to witness this sacred moment together.

Panarai Celebrates The Love Of The Ocean And Innovation

Milan, April 17, 2018 – Panerai exhibits Candela (Candlelight) at the 57th Milan Design Week, a piece by three talented British designers Felix de Works created by Pass, graphic designer Michael Montgomery and ceramic artist Ian McIntyre were exhibited for the first time in Italy.

“ LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS ” Design that combines time, light and deep sea
CANDELA: fascinating art installation that illuminates the Milan Triennial Centre

   Candela was exhibited at the world-famous Victoria & Albert Museum during the London Design Festival and is now in the ‘Light in’ of the La Triennale di Milano (Milan Triennale) from April 17th to 22nd ‘Darkness’ exhibition, a new perspective on the concept of time and light, the essence of Panerai.

Felix de Pass, Michael Montgomery, Ian McIntyre
   Panerai has always considered design as a brand mission, and it revolves around design in innovation and research and development, and does not change with the passage of time; and the luminous light adopted by Panerai watches in the early days to meet the demands of the Italian Royal Navy Commando

   The art installation seems to take the audience into the depths of the ocean and embark on a fantasy journey towards the shining light of Candela. The term ‘Candela’ is an international unit for measuring luminous intensity.

   The circular device hangs on the floor of the exhibition hall and slowly rotates clockwise. As time passed, a beam of strong light passed through the disc, reflecting a fading light. The creator uses digital simulation technology and uses materials with luminous characteristics to create this unique work.

LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 CARBOTECH ™ 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC-47mm 3-Day Power Reserve Automatic Professional Dive Carbon Fiber Watch (PAM00616)

LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 AMAGNETIC 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC TITANIO-47mm 3-day power reserve automatic professional diving antimagnetic titanium watch (PAM01389)

   Panerai’s Submersible watch becomes part of the installation, showing its unique technical performance and design. Every professional Panerai diver’s watch is rugged and durable. It is legible even in the deep ocean. The design inspiration comes from the historical origins of the brand and the marine world. At the same time, look to the future, incorporating outstanding new technological achievements and unparalleled creativity. The series includes the Luminor Submersible 1950 CarbotechTM 3 Days Automatic carbon fiber watch with a Carbotech case and the Luminor Submersible 1950Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanio antimagnetic titanium watch. Its innovative case protects the inside of the watch from external magnetic fields.

   The design of the Panerai watch has always been simple and neat, and it is proud of its peers in the field of fine watchmaking. The brand was a dedicated watch for underwater military operations in the 1930s and 1940s. It is sturdy and durable, and every detail has been carefully shaped to fully realize the original intention of the design. Panerai watches show outstanding performance and simple lines. They are classics in the field of international fine watchmaking.
   Panerai has actively sponsored various initiatives to promote design culture over the years, paying tribute to the brand’s outstanding tradition.
   A number of international cooperation projects have emerged, including the ‘O’Clock’ exhibition co-curated with the Triennale Design Museum of Milian, Patricia Urquiola’s specialty store for Panerai retail, and the title Sponsored a number of events including the Miami Design Show (USA), the London Design Festival and the prestigious Wallpaper Design Award (UK). Panerai spared no effort in promoting design and contributed to the development of international design. In order to further consolidate its relationship with design, Panerai donated Candela to the Milan Triennial Design Museum as an exhibit of its permanent exhibition.

Blue Works Lange Presents Four Blue Dial Watches

Lange brings a new combination of elegant dark blue solid silver dial and exquisite white 18K gold case to LANGE 1, LANGE 1 DAYMATIC, SAXONIA and SAXONIA AUTOMATIC.

Saxonia Automatic 380.028


SAXONIA 219.028

LANGE 1 191.028

   Attracted by the inherent long-lasting charm of blue, Lange has two manual-winding models for the LANGE 1 and SAXONIA series and two automatic-winding models with a solid blue galvanized dial made of solid silver. The use of the white 18K gold case makes the design language of LANGE 1, LANGE 1 DAYMATIC, SAXONIA, and SAXONIA AUTOMATIC more clear. Polished hands and rhodium-plated 18K yellow gold insets create a sharp contrast on the dial. The hand-stitched dark blue crocodile leather strap and solid white 18K gold pin buckle complete the look of elegance and modernity in this series of watches.
   The special nature of blue is beyond doubt, it has inspired countless artists and even dedicated scientists. In the eyes of genius da Vinci, the color of the sky and the vast universe are a combination of light and darkness. The natural ultramarine extracted from lapis lazuli is compared to pure gold by Albrecht Dürer because of its extraordinary preciousness. Until the beginning of the 18th century, the world’s talents developed a dark blue synthetic hue that does not exist in nature. The emergence of Prussian Blue set off a fine art ‘revolution’. Without this color, Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Thirty-six Views of Fuyue’, Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ and Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ would not come out.
   The four blue series works use the Lange watch factory-made movements. From the fine manual details of the movement components to the meticulous double assembly process, it fully shows the high quality characteristics of Lange. Even the component surface, which cannot be seen through the sapphire crystal back cover after assembly, has been carefully modified. All splints and bridges are chamfered and polished to a mirror finish. The hand-engraved balance wheel splint equipped with classic gooseneck levers demonstrates Lange’s relentless pursuit of perfection and makes each Lange watch a unique watch treasure.

Omega Releases The New Speedmaster Series ‘apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

50 years ago, humans set foot on the surface of the moon for the first time. This great pioneering work not only rewritten history, but also brought more possibilities for humans to explore space. In order to celebrate the golden anniversary of the 50th anniversary of this major historical event, OMEGA has launched the new Speedmaster series ‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch to the legend and execution of Apollo 11 Astronauts on the mission pay tribute.

  Omega’s moon landing legend

  On July 21, 1969 (UTC), astronaut Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin successively set foot on the moon, realizing the great pioneering work of the first human landing on the moon. This moon walk lasted two and a half hours, leaving an important footprint in the history of human space exploration.

  The Omega Speedmaster series of professional chronographs accompanied the astronauts to witness this great moment and became the first watch to land on the moon.

  The success of the Apollo 11 mission is undoubtedly an important moment in the Omega space legend. But the beginning of the Omega Space Tour dates back to the birth of the first Speedmaster in 1957.

  Omega Speedmaster has become a ‘pilot’s choice’ due to its solid and durable performance and easy-to-read design. It has also become a wrist device for US Air Force pilots when performing missions. Many of their outstanding pilots subsequently joined NASA’s first manned space program. In 1963, astronaut Walter Schirra wore the Omega Speedmaster CK 2998 watch he had personally purchased while performing the ‘Mercury Hercules 8’ mission. This watch accompanied him around the earth in space for six weeks, making it the first Omega watch to enter space.

  With the rapid development of the space program, in 1964, NASA began to look for a watch capable of performing all manned space flight missions. To this end, Deke Slayton, the director of the flight mission, solicited chronograph watches from a number of watchmaking brands to meet the needs of space exploration. Omega and several other brands have provided watches to NASA. After undergoing a series of tests including extreme heat, shock, vibration and vacuum, which are close to the limits of the watch, only Omega Speedmaster watches have survived. On March 1, 1965, NASA announced that the Omega Speedmaster was ‘a watch approved to participate in all of its manned space flights.’

  Since then, Omega has become the sole watch supplier for NASA’s manned space flight program. The Omega Speedmaster has participated in the ‘Gemini Project’ and the ‘Apollo Project’ with the goal of landing on the moon.

  Engineer James Ragan, who is responsible for the watch testing of NASA’s designated manned space mission, commented on the importance of Omega in space missions: ‘The Speedmaster is a spacecraft Spare timekeeping equipment. But if the astronauts lose contact with the ground command center or the electronic timer stops working after the astronauts leave the lunar module, they can only know the time through the Omega Speedmaster on their wrists. Therefore, Watches become essential equipment for astronauts. ‘

  In 1969, the Apollo 11 mission attracted worldwide attention, and every link and every part should not be insignificantly different. Because of this, whenever Omega looks back on this history, it is a great honor to be able to participate in this historical task and be given a high degree of trust. Fifty years later, Omega is still proud to record this great moment in human history.

  Tribute to heroes

Omega Speedmaster BA145.022

  In 1969, the successful landing of Apollo 11 on the moon was warmly celebrated around the world. On November 25th of the same year, an astronaut celebration dinner was held in Houston, Texas to pay tribute to the heroes of the moon landing.

  At the dinner, a specially designed Omega Speedmaster watch became the focus of attention. This Speedmaster BA145.022 has a yellow 18K gold case with a rare Burgundy red bezel. The inscription on the front and back: ‘to mark man’s conquest of space with time, through time, on time’, and was given to all astronauts participating in the NASA space program.

  This Speedmaster all-gold watch is equipped with a 861 manual-winding movement. It began production in 1969. As of 1973, a total of 1,014 watches were produced. It is the first numbered commemorative watch of Omega. Omega presented the watches numbered 1 and 2 to Richard Nixon, then President of the United States, and Vice President Spiro Agnew, both of which are currently Collected in the Omega Museum.

  Omega donated commemorative watches numbered 3 to 28 to NASA astronauts, 19 of which were given to astronauts at the Houston dinner, and 3 were given back to astronauts who died during the Apollo 1 mission. Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee.

  The commemorative watches numbered 29 to 32 were presented to Swiss watch industry leaders and dignitaries, but the models were not engraved with limited numbers.

  Commemorative watches numbered 33 to 1,000 are on sale. The backs of these watches are engraved with ‘OMEGA SPEEDMASTER’, ‘APOLLO XI 1969’ and ‘及 THE FIRST WATCH WORN ON THE MOON’. Although the engraved words on these watches are different from those given to astronauts, they are still highly sought after by watch enthusiasts because of their scarce number and their close connection to space exploration. Each watch comes with a special case. The unique shape of the moon pit makes the case itself highly collectable.

  In addition, the commemorative watches No. 1,001 to 1,008 were given to astronauts who later performed Apollo 14 and 17, while the watches No. 1,009 to 1,014 were treasured by other celebrities.

  For Speedmaster enthusiasts, the Omega Speedmaster BA145.022 is undoubtedly a classic in the history of chronographs. Not only because of the delicate appearance of this watch colliding with gold and Burgundy red, but also because it contains the brand’s high respect for NASA astronauts’ contribution to the cause of human moon landing.

  Omega Speedmaster ‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

  On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon, Omega released the 50th anniversary limited edition watch of the Speedmaster ‘Apollo 11’, with a limited edition of 1,014 pieces, and enjoyed Omega’s 5-year warranty.

  The Omega Speedmaster ‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch is based on the classic design of the Speedmaster BA145.022. The case is made of Omega’s innovative 18K alloy and is equipped with the new Omega 3861. Winding movement.

   Moonshine ™ 18K Gold

  The case, bracelet, dial and hour and minute hands of the new watch are made of Moonshine ™ 18K Gold . Moonshine ™ 18K Gold is a new alloy material whose unique color is inspired by the moonlight in the deep night sky. Compared with the traditional yellow 18K gold, Moonshine ™ 18K gold has more lasting color and gloss, which is lasting.

   Case and bracelet

  The watch uses the classic asymmetric case of the fourth-generation Omega Speedmaster professional watch. The case diameter is 42 mm and is polished and brushed. The bracelet consists of five side-by-side arched links, which are also polished and brushed, with a folding clasp engraved with the vintage Omega logo.

   Burgundy red zirconia ceramic bezel

  The bezel of the new timepiece retains the burgundy red of the 1969 commemorative watch and is made of zirconia ceramic, which is an innovative process of Omega. The tachymeter scale on the bezel is made of OMEGA Ceragold® technology, following the design of the tachymeter bezel of the Omega Speedmaster watch from the 1960s. The tachymeter scale value is up to ‘500’, of which the dot of the ’90’ scale is located on the number Above, this bezel detail is also called ‘Dot Over 90’ or ‘DON’.

   The fusion of agate and deep black

  The watch is made of an all-gold ‘stepped’ dial, which is vertically brushed and marked with the ‘Au750’ stamp. The hour markers are made of finely cut black onyx, and the hour, minute, center hour and small dial hands are covered with black lacquer, making the watch even more eye-catching.

   Unique case back design

  The outer ring of the new watch is engraved with the words ‘Master Chronometer’, ‘1969-2019’ and limited numbers, of which the words ‘1969-2019’ and limited numbers are embellished with Burgundy red.

  The decorative inner ring on the case back is made of Moonshine ™ 18K gold . After two laser ablation and two PVD color treatments, the delicate black and blue patterns finally appear:

  -The world map symbolizing the earth is composed of a matte blue marine pattern and polished Moonshine ™ 18K gold continental pattern, where the continental pattern contains the Cape Canaveral rocket launch base for manned space missions (Known as the Kennedy Point from 1963 to 1973).

  -Polished ‘APOLLO 11 – 50th ANNIVERSARY’ and ‘THE FIRST WATCH WORN ON THE MOON’ lettering on a black matte background.

  The inner circle of the case back is also inlaid with a meteorite inlay representing the moon. The proportion of the size of the pattern symbolizing the earth and the moon on the back is consistent with its true proportion (3.67: 1). This ingenious design and superb craftsmanship complement each other, making the new watch even more unique.

   Zhenzhen Observatory Movement

  This Speedmaster Limited Edition is equipped with the Omega 3861 manual-winding Zenith Observatory movement, equipped with a coaxial escapement, a Si14 silicon balance spring, the main splint and other splints are Moonshine ™ 18K gold-plated, and Burgundy Red mark.

   Retro brand identity

  The dial, crown and buckle of the new watch adopt the retro Omega brand logo. This design will surely attract the love of many Omega Speedmaster enthusiasts.

   Lunar Pit Shaped Watch Box

  Such a unique watch certainly needs a unique case. The new limited edition watch case is inspired by the 1969 Speedmaster BA145.022 case, and again uses the shape of a lunar crater. The box surface is made of gray ceramic and uses 3D printing technology to represent the shape of the lunar surface. The shape of the box surface is different, so each watch box is unique. Even more subtle, the pattern of the Apollo 11 landing site is printed above each watch box.

Cartier Graces The Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

As a symbol of unparalleled creativity, Cartier Haute Horlogerie has always defined the future of watch development. All this comes not only from Cartier’s inexhaustible desire and pursuit of perfect integration of traditional skills and innovative technology, watchmaking common sense and extraordinary ideas, but also from his infinite love and passion for creating top-quality works. Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon
At the 21st International Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, the Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon is a modern tourbillon watch with a modern atmosphere, a high-quality seal of Geneva, artistic beauty and rich animal decoration. Cartier’s ladies watches, as well as elegant and sparkling high jewelry watches, Cartier once again demonstrated its lofty pursuit and outstanding achievements in the field of fine watchmaking.
Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon Tourbillon with calibre 9451 MC
Powerful and lightweight, luxurious and pleasant
五年 After five years of creation and development, the Astrotourbillon movement, which was officially launched last year, provides the source of power for Calibre de Cartier watches. This distinctive timepiece has a meticulous case and movement, and the large diameter dial made of titanium alloy is elegant and light. This watch is an excellent example of Cartier’s fine watchmaking. It is limited to 100 pieces and each watch is engraved with a unique number.
Carved case
全新 The newly designed 9451 MC movement in 2010 uses a gorgeous new 47 mm case. The frame structure of this case matches the former’s innovative technology just right. The lightweight titanium gives a strong, exquisite, and natural feel, while the four ergonomically designed lugs match the shape of the wrist when bent down, making it particularly comfortable to wear. The exquisite case contour is complemented by the frosted and polished double crown shoulders to protect the octagonal crown from any impact that affects the operation of the watch. The rigorous standards and creativity shown in all these details are also shown on the dial’s Roman numerals; these numbers, including the oversized XII, which occupies the dial’s main position, fully express Cartier’s code style. The semi-circular surface followed by the case perfectly reflects the dynamic 21st century.
Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon
先进 Advanced technology and creative movement
945This 9451 MC movement is equipped with a tourbillon frame, which includes an escapement system and a balance spring system. Like the traditional tourbillon, the frame is driven by the third gear of the gear transmission system. Similarly, the pinion of the escape wheel rotates around the fixed second hand gear (the fourth gear in the gear system) to drive the entire escapement. Not only that, this exquisite tourbillon, also known as the Astrotourbillon celestial running tourbillon movement, has its own characteristics that make it unique in the world.
First, this frame is located in the center of the movement and therefore rotates around a specific axis. As a matter of course, the entire gear transmission system from the movement’s double barrel to the minutes and clock display has been completely redesigned.
Secondly, the appearance of the Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon watch is unique. The axis of the balance wheel and the axis of the escape wheel do not coincide with the axis of rotation of the frame, but are located in the center of the dial, which is aligned with the frame.
Finally, the tourbillon frame is placed ‘above’ the movement between the two dials, instead of being embedded in the movement like a traditional tourbillon.
中心 This central structure is extraordinary, it is the perfect combination of aesthetic design and exquisite craftsmanship. Visually, the flat frame runs around the center of the dial every minute for a full week. The balance bridge in the shape of an arrow is off-center, indicating seconds. Technically, in order to ensure the perfect balance of the frame, a platinum balance weight is loaded on the other end of the frame and hidden under the central dial. In addition, in order to offset the inertia when the frame rotates, the weight of the frame must be limited (the total weight of the frame is only 0.39 grams without counting the platinum balance weight), which is why the titanium tourbillon frame was selected.
Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon
Watch parameters:
Movement: Cartier Astrotourbillon celestial movement manual winding mechanical movement
Case: Titanium
Diameter: 47 mm
Crown: octagonal titanium crown set with a faceted sapphire
Table mirror: sapphire crystal
Case back: sapphire crystal transparent case back
Strap: Black alligator leather strap
Clasp: 18 carat white gold folding clasp
Diameter: 17 ¾ cents, or 40.10 mm
Thickness: 9.01 mm
数 Number of ruby ​​bearings: 23
Number of movement parts: 192
Vibration frequency: 21,600 times / hour
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Crocodile watch with Geneva Seal
A feminine, gorgeous, sophisticated complication watch
Cartier gives this exquisite floating tourbillon full of artistic flavors fantastic quality. The watchmaker reversed the concept of the traditional movement, giving a clear view of the movement’s structure and the hollowed-out bridge, and forming part of the watch decoration.
At the center of this distinctive watch, a diamond crocodile carefully guards time. The white crocodile body with emerald green eyes, this crawling crocodile is accompanied by an elegant blooming water lily; the material of the water lily is translucent red and white enamel. Because it is entirely set with diamonds, it takes more than 50 hours to complete the diamond-set part.
的 The seamless fusion of two major fields of expertise-jewelry technology and watchmaking-has created the speechless exquisite and excellent quality of this Cartier workshop refined mechanical movement. In addition, the high-quality surface treatment makes it even more radiant, and all these fine workmanship are in line with the high standards of Geneva’s premium imprint watches.
Watch parameters:
Movement: Cartier workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement
Case: rhodium-plated 18K white gold
Diameter: 44.5 mm
Crown: rhodium-plated 18K white gold, set with a diamond in the middle
Table mirror: sapphire crystal
Back: Black mother-of-pearl
Band: Black silk strap
Clasp: 18K white gold rhodium-plated pin buckle set with diamonds
Number of diamonds and carats: 585 diamonds, totaling 8.20 carats
Diameter: 17 ½ cents, or 39 mm
Thickness: 5.58 mm
数 Number of ruby ​​bearings: 19
Number of movement parts: 167
Vibration frequency: 21,600 times / hour
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Limited edition of 50 pieces

Make Napoleon Crazy Too Breguet Genius Watchmaker

BREGUET-European Culture and History
 With a rich history and cultural heritage, Breguet relies on innovative technology to innovate repeatedly. The brand’s founders continue to innovate, making Breguet an important place in European cultural history. Abraham. Louis. Breguet was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1747. He spent most of his career in Paris and developed many important inventions: a gong for spring watches, the first travel clock (sold to To Napoleon), or a tourbillon patented in 1801 by the French Minister of the Interior. The European royal family was also in love with the BREGUET timepiece, Abraham. Louis. Breguet became an indispensable watchmaker for diplomacy, science, finance, and military talent at the time.
 BREGUET for some distinguished customers including King Louis XVI and Queen Mary. Antoinette designed a variety of ingenious timepieces. Abraham. Louis. Mr. Baodi has won many awards for his contributions to watch technology. He has been appointed as a member of the Board of Longitude and a manufacturer of precision timepieces for the Navy. He has also been invited to join the Academy of Sciences and won the King Louis Eighteen personally conferred the title of honor. Abraham died in 1823. Louis. Mr. Bao Di, praised as a genius who has revolutionized the development of the watch industry. But history is continuing …

Abraham, founder of the BREGUET brand. Louis. Breguet

Constantly create the classic BREGUET, and developed a number of important inventions. Classique Grande Complication is equipped with Tourbillon 5359 movement.

 The founder of SWATCH GROUP and former chairman of the group board and representative of Nicholas. Mr. Hayek purchased BREGUET, the most prestigious brand in the high-end watch industry in 1999. Mr. Hayek injected unprecedented power into BREGUET with unparalleled enthusiasm. Hayek’s vision restored the brand’s culture and emotional width. In 2003, the new BREGUET watch factory was put into service to achieve great plans (since 2006, the plant has been expanded several times to meet demand). The company regularly invests in the latest control technology and R & D. Hayek attaches great importance to the research of new materials and has launched a special work: the use of silicon in watchmaking. Under his leadership, BREGUET developed many new patents, and his successor, Mark. Hayek is still leading Breguet’s march to new technology. In 2012, BREGUET successfully developed the Classique Chronométrie watch equipped with a magnetic pivot, which was a great achievement in the watch industry. Every year BREGUET develops a new movement, several of which are truly revolutionary. Brand innovation ability has firmly established Breguet’s indicators in the contemporary fine watch industry, and has a unique position in European cultural heritage.

Breguet, who joined SWATCH Group in 1999, has developed many new patents.

Classique Chronometrie 7727 is a major innovation in the watch industry

Friends Of Racers Omega Speedmaster Series High Precision Racing Chronometer

The new Omega Speedmaster series racing chronograph is a tribute to the decades-long relationship between Speedmaster chronometers and motorsports-before landing on the moon or being worn on the north and south poles of the earth Watches have frequently appeared on the wrists of men and women driving high-performance racing cars. Once the Omega Speedmaster series was released in 1957, it felt the pursuit of racers and rally cars with its extraordinary timing performance and outstanding design beauty. In fact, the inspiration for its dial design came from the dashboard of the Italian car at the time. The Omega Speedmaster is the first chronograph to move the tachymeter scale from the dial to the bezel. Its first print ad reads: ‘The two racing enthusiasts in the picture raced to the finish of their race against time. What they used to time was not the timer, but the new highly accurate wrist-mounted tachymeter from Omega- Speedmaster. ‘The new Omega Speedmaster racing chronograph has a 40 mm stainless steel case with a matte black aluminum speed bezel. The speed scale color of different models is also different, there are gray, gray yellow and gray red to choose from. The screw-down case back features the familiar seahorse emblem. Dial and subdial also provide different color combinations to choose from. The 30-minute, 12-hour chronograph and small seconds dials have a triangular ‘Paris stud’ pattern texture. The date window is at 6 o’clock. The hour, minute and hour markers are coated with a luminous coating. The Omega Speedmaster series chronograph is equipped with Omega’s unique 3330 movement. The movement not only has a longitudinal wheel timing device, but also is equipped with a coaxial escapement and a Si 14 silicon spring. These extraordinary qualities unite to bring more reliable chronological performance and stability to the watch. Omega Speedmaster racing chronograph with stainless steel bracelet or black rubber strap. Water-resistant to 100 meters.