Oriental ‘royal Oriental’ Series Mechanical Watch

Oriental Watch was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1950. The company’s history can be traced back to 1901. The company’s founder, Mr. Yoshida Sogoro, opened the first watch wholesale in the bustling Tokyo Ueno business district Since the establishment of Oriental Watch for more than 50 years, with a spirit of active struggle, it has attached importance to global market strategies and made Oriental brands popular all over the world.
In the Japanese market, Oriental Watch has launched the ‘Royal Orient’ series of mechanical watches with the highest level, which has won the appreciation and love of consumers for many years.
In recent years, Oriental Watch has also continuously launched many high-quality products for overseas markets. Among them, ‘World Time 2005 Edition’, ‘Orient Star Retro’ -Future collection); can best show the charm and high-level technology of Oriental watches.
Secondly, after more than 50 years of hard work in the watch industry, Oriental Watch has sufficient development power in micro-precision technology, allowing the business to expand into the information technology field of printers, quartz oscillators, silicon chips and other related electronic products. Oriental Watch will further improve its precision technology, strengthen cost-effectiveness, strengthen brand competitiveness in the market, and expand sales of high value-added products.
In order to achieve even greater development goals, Oriental Watch will relentlessly do its best to make the business more solid and richer in the three industries of watches, information technology and electronics.
Mechanical Watch-Kinetic Display Series
Multiple mechanical movements with 40-hour kinetic energy display function, clearly express the winding state and remaining activity time of the movement. The number pointed by the hands represents the minimum remaining time that the watch can continue to run. Among the Japanese brands, only Oriental watches are unique.
World time kinetic energy display, calendar, all-steel case, all-steel solid strap, sapphire non-reflective mirror, bottom, lock handle, 100 meters waterproof

Retro version of kinetic energy display, box-shaped mirror, semi-perspective dial, transparent bottom, all-steel case full solid strap, 50 meters waterproof

Quartz – LR Rosette
Oriental fashion women’s products with fashionable charm, with all-steel and rose gold plating treatment, reflecting the characteristics of oriental women’s beauty. The exquisite and delicate design reflects the gentle and careful nature of women.
LR Rosette Series, Bracelet Rose Lock Gold Plated, All Steel Case Full Solid Strap, Daily Waterproof

LR Rosette Series, oval rose gold plating, shell dial, all-steel case, solid bracelet, waterproof for daily use

Quartz Watch-Sports Multifunctional Series
The precise quartz movement, coupled with the sporty design, the seconds counter and the timekeeping function, is a timer loved by consumers who value the concept of time.
Multi-function stopwatch, all-steel case, solid bracelet, 50 meters waterproof

Multi-function chronograph alarm clock, non-reflective sapphire convex lens surface, all-steel case, full solid strap, slide rule function, 100 meters waterproof

Beauty Ladies’ Watches Elegant And Touching

Alacria stainless steel watch Price: HK71,000
The new Alacria stainless steel watch series, in addition to implementing the unique radian design and ingenious curve pointer, also adds stainless steel metal elements, catering to modern women who pursue simplicity and stylish lifestyle.
The eye-catching 31.4 × 45.1mm extra-large case uses unique line effects to show the elegant and confident side of women through sensory aesthetics.
In addition, the Arabic numerals 3 and 9 on the dial are delineated in an arc shape. Against the background of the simple dial and case design, it is distinctive and unique. It is seamlessly matched with the overall beautiful curve shape; the shiny steel and The combination of high-quality belts creates a classic timeless watch.
The eye-catching pink precious lizard leather wristband is set with 44 crystal clear diamonds on both sides of the case. The pattern on the dial and the diamonds on the case are arranged in a radioactive manner, which shows the watch’s radiance. Alacria Gold Diamond Watch Price: HK 346,000
Full of feminine curve design, the case is matched with 18K yellow gold, soaking in the tenderness. The all-man-made diamond inlaying process makes the dazzling beautiful diamonds shine with dazzling light.
LacAlacria has a variety of different colors and elegant and luxurious straps for matching, so that ladies can show elegant and noble sentiment without losing their personal style. Alacria strives to achieve perfect aesthetic standards, which can really fascinate every lady in the city who has a connotation, and love it.
LacAlacria has been designated as Carl F. Bucherer’s key series, which is a classic watch with great collectible value.
Alacria Swan Diamond Watch Price: HK 2,080,000
The case of the Aliga Swan Diamond Watch is set with 348 diamonds, 137 dials, 844 bracelets, and 1 crown. Each diamond is of the highest quality and is carefully set by hand to perfectly display the Bucherer’s The first-class jewellery craftsmanship is fascinating and glorious; the slender chain is like a long swan neck that gently winds around the jade wrist; the watch is equipped with a quartz movement with a time-division display function, which is both gorgeous and practical.
What’s wonderful is that the indescribable essence: more than 1,300 pure white diamonds represent the swan’s purity and flawlessness, swimming like a dragon, swimming in the water, flying out of the water, and aura of heaven and earth; a streamlined design case , Beautiful like a female moving body, elegant and light appearance, like the beauty of the swan sky.