Richard Mille Rm 057 Jackie Chan Panlong Tourbillon Watch

In this good year of the dragon, according to the meaning of Shenlong, Richard Mille launched this RM 057 Panlong Tourbillon watch.

Many people know that 2012 is the year of the dragon (starting on January 23, 2012 and ending on February 9, 2013). The dragon has a history of thousands of years in the humanistic spirit. It is a kind of beast in mythology. In ancient China, the dragon was an intuitive symbol of the supreme power of the emperor; to this day, the dragon is a symbol of prosperity and prosperity, which indicates happiness. According to historical records of the Song Dynasty, the dragon has the head of a cow, the nose of a donkey, the eyes of a shrimp, the horns of a deer, the body of a snake, the scales of a fish, and the feet of a dragon. Hulei call the rain, like a gallop. Come without a trace, go without a shadow.
People who are dragons are innovative and enterprising. They are often confident and courageous, enthusiastic and resolute. In the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is an extroverted personality. People born in the year of the dragon are not willing to endure their creative sparks. They are always eager to try and show their talents. They long for freedom and space because they are confident, fearless and often prone to success.

In this year of good luck and good luck in the year of the dragon, with the implication of Shenlong, this special RM 057 disc tourbillon watch is launched. It is said that black agate has the power to dispel harmful thoughts and is regarded as a stone of balance and inspiration. On the base plate of a movement made of pure black agate, a gold dragon plate with colorful scales is pinched on the splint, and the claw is held under the claw Flywheel splint. The five-toed dragon claw symbolizes the imperial power. In addition, a circular Jackie Chan signature is engraved on the edge of the bottom plate of the black agate movement, and rotates every 60 seconds as the tourbillon rotates.
The RM 057 Jackie Chan Panlong watch is limited to 36 pieces, with a choice of red or white gold with a red gold dragon.

Jackie Chan

The world-famous Hong Kong artist and director, Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu movies are unique, and his kung fu is brilliant in the international cinema.
Jackie Chan has almost become a Chinese myth. At the same time, he is also enthusiastic in charity, and the Long Zixin Foundation, which he founded, is dedicated to helping poor children through various channels.
The long-term friendship between Richard Mille and Jackie Chan has led to many collaborations, most recently at an auction in September 2011, with the proceeds of the auction injected into the aforementioned foundation. Richard Mille created a ‘only one’ watch for this auction. While attracting great attention, it also supported the foundation.
The RM 057 Jackie Chan Panlong watch is another fruit of this deep friendship. Inspired by his Chinese name Jackie Chan (meaning ‘a person who will become a dragon’), Richard Mille had long wanted to create a different timepiece for Jackie Chan.