Commemorating The 200th Anniversary Of The Founder’s Birthday Lange Launches The 1815 ‘200th Anniversary F. A.Lange’ Limited Watch

1815 ‘200th Anniversary F. A. Lange’ is perfect and pure. It is Lange’s latest masterpiece with a limited edition of 200 pieces. Lange specially created this watch to commemorate the great contribution and extraordinary leadership of the brand’s founders.
   The L051.1 self-made movement is a tribute to the pioneers of Saxony watchmaking by Lange. Every detail reflects the timeless design and perfect craftsmanship. In addition to the 3/4 plywood made from untreated German silver, this watch also features a number of signature elements, including hand-engraved balance wheel splints, classic screw balances, gooseneck-style fine-tuning levers, and jewel bearings fixed in gold sleeves And blue steel screws. The case is individually engraved with serial numbers 001/200 to 200/200, making each anniversary edition a unique treasure.

   The 40mm case is crafted from platinum 950, with a black solid silver dial that infuse the watch with a stylish elegance. The surface has a three-layer design and a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock reminds people of Ferdinando. Adolf. A legendary pocket watch from Lange.
   In 1843, Lange, then 28, wrote to the Saxony government expressing his ambition ‘to create a simple and perfect watch masterpiece through his own research and efforts.’ In the letter, he outlined plans to produce pocket watches in Saxony. Two years later, he set up his new watch factory and gradually realized his dream. Glashütte was transformed from a former mining town into a hub for fine watchmaking.
   Until Lange laid the cornerstone for the brand in the international market with innovative timekeeping functions, pocket watches with jumping seconds, permanent springs, and clock timekeeping devices, he had been focusing on making simple pocket watches. Through continuous design improvements, Lange’s work has reached a level of outstanding and reliable precision, which has led to a steady rise in the company’s business. The best example is the 3/4 splint, which went through several stages of development and was officially launched in 1864. The 3/4 splint stabilizes the operation of the Lange movement, while exhibiting the unique style of Saxon watchmaking.
   The new generation of Lange watches are also equipped with this important component, whose extraordinary style and design elements are clearly visible under the sapphire crystal case back.