A Mysterious Blue On The Wrist Blue Dial Watch Assembly

It is not uncommon to set the main tone of men’s watches on blue. It is rare that brands collectively brainstorm this year to easily create blue as the best fashion color of this year’s watches. Whether it is the whole body of pure blue, or the dial, the case back, or the case back with the injection of blue elements, in short, the color in the world of watches and clocks this year should be described with half deep and half pure.
The mystery and dignity of the aquamarine
When many people hear about blue, they first ask whether it is sky blue or sea blue. Personally, I feel that this year’s men’s watches are biased towards deep blue. Some of these styles are covered with blue from the dial to the strap, which is extremely sexy; there are more luxurious styles, which are set with diamonds in addition to blue. Although they are magnificent, they are elegant and elegant. Attitude, completely returned to the era of gentlemen.
Deep blue Create an elegant gentleman image
The beauty of ocher blue lies in its transparency and high visual acceptance. If you ask the men around you and ask them what their favorite color is, it is estimated that more than half will choose blue, then this year, this is a good time for them to buy a watch.

Zenith new ultra-thin watch
Zenith new ultra-thin watch
Don’t think that the whole body blue of the new ultra-thin watch is very fashionable in addition to its elegance and deepness? It handles the details very advanced and exquisite, so that the hands, scales and brand LOGO emit a fashionable light, which is commendable.
Prestige blue glows differently from precious metals
蓝色 When the blue and precious metal and diamond partners appeared, it was naturally extravagant beyond the mystery, which was also a popular point of luxury formal watches this year.

Omega Disc Flying Chronograph
This chronograph of the Disc series still carries the brand’s proudly produced coaxial movement. Its blue is closer to black, and the red gold case flashes a warm texture. It is perfect for business travellers and can adjust the hour hand without affecting the minute and second hands.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master
One of the world’s focus brands Rolex this year’s new yacht masterpiece watch, with a 40mm Oyster case, guaranteed to be 100 meters waterproof. Equipped with advanced precision 3135 movement, extremely accurate. And the outer ring made of 950 platinum echoes the blue dial, showing an elegant light.
When the female watch is combined with sky blue, only the crystal clear is left.

Amami Bruner Women’s Watch
The sky blue creates a very wonderful and dreamy female watch, inspired by the towering New York Chrysler Building. This Bruner watch has a blue mother-of-pearl dial with a same-color strap, and two zigzag moon-shaped cutout windows on the surface display the date and day, respectively, which is simple and emotional.