Inexhaustible Inspiration Between Time Zones, Tasting Bell & Ross Vintage Series Watches

The traditional Swiss watch brand Bell & Ross has designed professional and reliable watches based on the concept of “making watches for professionals” and taking the design of onboard flight instruments as inspiration. With the unremitting pursuit of rigorous and precise concepts, Bell & Ross watches must meet four requirements in design and craftsmanship: readability, functionality, accuracy and water resistance. Every detail has a purpose, a function. This Bell & Ross BRV2-93GMT24H watch inherits Bell & Ross’s watchmaking philosophy and innovates new features to change the two places into three places. This watch is therefore regarded as an indispensable tool for pilots; it is also an ideal partner for travellers worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at this watch. (Watch model: BRV293-BL-ST / SST)

Appearance conforms to function three time zone display


   The combination of a sporty and stylish look and vintage style makes this watch a modern one, and GMT watches are undoubtedly an indispensable tool for travelers and aviation professionals. Back in 2014, Bell & Ross introduced the Vintage model with dual time zone display. Today, the brand’s further development introduces GMT functionality into its third-generation Vintage products and adds innovative features that enable watches to provide time in three different locations around the world.

Watch real shot


   The Bell & Ross BRV2-93GMT watch has a diameter of 41 mm and is made of frosted and polished stainless steel. It has a classic look. The black dial contrasts with the large white numbers, echoing the color scheme of the onboard flight instruments. The gray-black two-tone anodized aluminum dial and the orange arrow GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) hands are striking.

   The numbers, hour markers, and minute hand are coated with Superluminova® fluorescent material. The top of the second time zone hand is decorated with orange. The date display window is set between 4 and 5 o’clock. The dial is simple and generous, and the overall style is clean and tough.

   The screw-locked crown is sturdy and solid. The crown is engraved with the Bell & Ross brand’s ‘&’ logo. The crown is decorated with a non-slip texture to help the wearer accurately time.

   It is equipped with Swiss-made Caliber303 self-winding movement (based on ETA2893-2), containing 21 gems, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), a 42-hour power reserve, and a quick adjustment function in the second time zone. Water-resistant to 100 meters.

   The matte polished stainless steel case has a retro feel. The grey and black two-tone anodized aluminum dial and stainless steel strap make the watch full of texture. At the same time, the watch is equipped with a frosted polished stainless steel bracelet and a black rubber strap, which can be freely selected and matched according to different scenes.

   The most unique feature of the watch is the 24-hour bezel that can rotate in both directions. The BRV2-93GMT24H watch can display the time in three different time zones around the world. Three white hands show the hours, minutes, and seconds in one of the time zones. An orange hand rotating around the dial for 24 hours indicates the time in the second time zone. 24-hour scale on the two-way bezel. It can read the time in the second time zone, and it can also display the time in the third time zone. Turn the bezel clockwise to subtract the hour; turn it counterclockwise to increase the hour. With a 24-hour scale, the gray area indicates daylight time, and the black background indicates night.

In summary: Bell & Ross has always been innovating and developing with the historical elements of aerospace as a design concept. As a tool watch, this watch respects the appearance and features a clean and fresh dial. Orange eye-catching hands and three-time function add even more convenience to travellers. The thinner watch case is comfortable and versatile for daily wear, and it is a men’s watch with excellent stability and accuracy. The price of the watch: 25400RMB. (Picture / text watch home Joshua)

Feel The Magic Of Omega Rio Exclusive Club

From the moment you step into the exclusive OMEGA Rio Club, guests have begun a magical journey. From the rich Mediterranean coastline to the brand’s unique historical milestones, Omega’s exclusive clubs can be called a model of international top luxury design charm.

Night view of Omega Clubhouse on Ipanema Beach

In order to find the ideal location for the exclusive club of Omega Rio, the brand conducted in-depth research. In the end, Omega locked a historic building widely recognized by Rio artists and scholars: the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim.

First impressions of the Omega Rio exclusive club

The House of Culture (Casa de Cultura) carries rich bohemian history and cultural heritage. It is simple but not simple. This beautifully designed building makes full use of natural light and integrates this world-renowned beach scene into a unique design. The unforgettable beach beauty and the classic architectural style complement each other and blend into one. Against the backdrop of swaying palm trees, along the black and white mosaic trails on Ipanema Beach, the entire building was renovated and given a new look, creating the Omega Rio exclusive clubhouse.

First impressions of the Omega Rio exclusive club

During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, each room of the Omega Exclusive Clubhouse will be a venue for a special event to celebrate the grand opening of the Olympic Games and the legendary journey of Omega. Undoubtedly, in the corridors and halls of Omega Rio’s exclusive club, guests will be transformed into Alice, in a fairyland and roam freely.
First impressions of the Omega Rio exclusive club
Entering the exclusive Omega Rio Clubhouse, rows of olive trees stand outside the entrance foyer, subtly symbolizing the origin of the Olympic Games. Immediately after that is a magnificent nine-meter-high water curtain. The center of the water curtain is decorated with a series of sculptures showing the diver’s aerial posture. They form a vivid picture of perfect water penetration. Walking along the wall, the history timeline of the gilding on the wall indicates the glory road of Omega’s official timing history. In addition, there is a rather special set of paper art works that show the famous landmarks of each Olympic host city since 1932. Embedded in it is the Omega classic Olympic watch.

First impressions of the Omega Rio exclusive club

First impressions of the Omega Rio exclusive club

The spacious and bright space here provides guests with an opportunity to communicate freely, and its unique design perfectly interprets the theme of the Omega Rio exclusive club. Inspired by the white architectural style, Omega brings the white simplicity and luxury admired by Miami, Ibiza, Mykonos into the terrace design of the exclusive club. Between the Greek-style stone pillars on the terrace, the light and elegant white screen curtains hang from the magnificent arch beams, perfectly integrated with the original natural style of the building, beautiful. At one end of the terrace, the clear water flows slowly in the fountain pool, while the large mirror surface next to it subtly increases the sense of space and makes the water flow deeper. On the bar at the other end of the terrace, a huge screen will play every exciting moment of the Rio Olympics in real time. In order to make the tones of the terrace simple but not monotonous, a set of black and white photos recording the official timing history of the Omega Olympic Games was carefully placed on a white wall, allowing people to see the inextricable relationship between Omega and the Olympics for many years.
Swing rest area
In order to provide an excellent leisure experience, Omega’s spacious and comfortable swing and modern rocking chair in the space near the terrace make it another perfect place for guests to gather and drink together.

Swing rest area

Top space
Circling up the stairs, you will enter another world of the exclusive club of Omega Rio. Here, guests can learn about the different aspects of the brand’s vitality. The first thing that caught my eye was the community countdown project photo exhibition organized by Omega and charity organization Viva Rio. Co-exhibited with 12 photos of social welfare activities, a selection of photos taken by students in the Viva Favela News Class. As part of Omega’s collaboration with Viva Rio, Omega invited students to participate in a special photography competition to capture the moments of movement in the slums with the lens. The photographs of the winners are on display here.
Fly to space hall
This is the first themed room for guests to enter after entering the exclusive club of Omega Rio. With a completely different design style from the first floor of the exclusive clubhouse, the room subtly reflects Omega’s long history in space exploration. In the specially-built velvet sofa area, guests can enjoy a comfortable moment of leisure and look up to enjoy the beauty of the bright starry sky. Along the wall, guests can follow the historical track of the Omega Moonwatch and enjoy the development of Omega from an antique moon watch to a new ceramic timepiece.

Fly to space hall

Ocean Discovery Hall
The huge floor-to-ceiling windows upstairs create a unique aquarium atmosphere, making people passing by feel like there is a deep-sea carnival. The room perfectly integrates the marine theme into the real world. The unique coral reef DJ stand and interior design are inspired by the ocean, made of special materials, and completed by the classmates of the famous ‘Carnival float’ in Rio. In the uniquely created coral groves, there are hidden delicate glass balls, which display a variety of ocean-inspired classic Omega timepieces. As the day gets dark, the interior will be transformed into a blue ocean, and the flexible dancers will feel like being in the underwater world, dancing with the charming wall projection. Of course, the dreamy scenery stretching from here to the Atlantic Ocean will also become the perfect composition for selfie lovers.

Ocean Discovery Hall

Ocean Discovery Hall

Brand Heritage Hall
Designed to celebrate Omega’s extraordinary 168-year history of watchmaking, this room takes guests to the inner world of every great timepiece and discovers the secrets of watch operation. On the interior wall, 145,000 pieces of custom-made watch parts are dotted. On the other wall in the distance, a carefully placed vacuum display cover perfectly displays Omega classic watches, watchmaking tools and other antique treasures. Vintage combination chandeliers light up the hall, directing guests to the fragrant ebony central bar. Guests can hold the wine, go to the watchmaker’s workbench, or come to the Omega antimagnetic performance experience area to experience the precise charm and innovative spirit of Omega up close.

Brand Heritage Hall

Brand Heritage Hall

Brand Heritage Hall

Women’s Private Space
Every elegant woman wants to have such a private space. Tailor-made furniture, exquisite glass tables and classic dressing mirrors make guests feel like they are in a private dressing room. On the surrounding wall, there are classic posters of the classic Omega ladies watches. Most of them were designed by renowned artists such as French artists Paul Helleu, Lim, and René Gruau. Wandering in the room, guests can enjoy the Omega ladies timepieces surrounded by silver metal roses. In addition, from the vaulted windows of the private space, guests can enjoy the famous Ipanema Beach and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

Women’s Private Space

Women’s Private Space

Gorgeous Palmaroni Settles In Anshan Huitong Clock

Carrying the brand spirit of ‘whatever you want, what you are good at’, the top Swiss watch brand Parmigiani was at the end of 2014 in the influential Huitong watch and jewelry door in Anshan City. Special retail outlets are opened in the store. Since entering the Chinese market, Parmigiani has gained a reputation among watch collectors for his extraordinary watchmaking skills and outstanding creative works. This time Parmigiani brought his iconic aesthetic concept and proud watchmaking legend to Anshan, the capital of Chinese gemstones. A series of top-rated and respected watch works made guests linger.

   The restoration of antique clocks and mechanical collections is the cornerstone of the birth of the Parmigiani brand. It is also the embodiment of the brand’s philosophy and the best source of inspiration and craftsmanship for watchmakers. Learning from the past’s extraordinary creativity and craftsmanship and innovating, incorporating new timepiece creation, Parmigiani has become a unique watch brand with both classical traditional values ​​and contemporary creativity. I am particularly proud that all the watch components of Parmigiani are made independently-its watchmaking network integrates many manufacturers of key parts, movements, cases and dials of watches, and has complete and rapid control. The finest craftsmanship of each type of watch component has become one of the very few completely independent top watch brands in the Swiss watchmaking industry: from gears, hairsprings and pallet forks, to dials and cases, Parmigiani All the watch parts and components of the brand are independently made; 6 series, 21 independently developed movements, and 6 world firsts, fully revealing the brand’s extremely fine requirements for quality and craftsmanship.

   To celebrate the opening of Parmigiani’s Anshan retail outlets, Parmigiani brought the gorgeous Atelier Collection watches. Inspired by the concept of ‘travel’, this series of watches has changed the traditional norms of the horological industry with bold designs. The second time zone minute can be adjusted independently, the dial is hand-painted with rare leather texture, and the Tonda Hemispheres Savane watch is complemented by the ostrich leg claw leather strap; the Donna Mosaic Art Deco watch is designed based on the concept of complex alternating and infinite repeat; The Kalparisma Ombellia watch embellished with countless diamonds; the Grande Lune large moon phase watch with outstanding appearance and accurate moon phase display with a huge gold moon, etc., all contain technology and wisdom in the mechanical rhythm of time, Presents pieces of fantasy wrist accessories. Parmigiani presents the world in the most exquisite combination of simplicity and complexity, and is committed to bringing unique surprises to every watch collector and enthusiast, exploring and cherishing the resonance with everyone who loves watches.

   The Parmigiani counter located in Anshan Huitong Watch & Jewelry Store follows the brand’s usual low-key luxury temperament, and uses innovative and elegant decoration styles and design concepts to create an elegant and limited experience space for guests. The slender rectangular main visual showcase vividly outlines the breadth and depth of the watch’s work, and the inescapable aesthetic presets allow each guest to enjoy and taste each Parmigiani watch up close. Craftsmanship and originality behind it. The brand’s latest product catalogs, books and magazines are also available in the specialty store, presenting Parmigioni’s professional watchmaking style to customers in an all-round way, and perfectly explaining the essence of Parmigiani’s high-end watches.
   Ms. Shan Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Parmaqiang Nitai District, said: ‘We are honored to introduce Parmaqiangni to Anshan watch collectors and watch enthusiasts through Huitong watches, bringing quality to consumers in Anshan and even Liaoning The outstanding masterpiece of Parmigiani gives everyone the opportunity to taste the exquisite craftsmanship of Swiss fine watchmaking. Anshan watch collectors and enthusiasts have a wealth of knowledge about high-end watches, and consumers here have a stable understanding of high-end watches. Consumer demand, we are also very optimistic about the important strategic significance of Anshan in the Northeast China market. ‘
   In order to celebrate the establishment of Parmigiani in Anshan, Parmigiani brings an unprecedented collection of watches to watch collectors and enthusiasts in Anshan, especially the Atelier Collection and Parmigiani Atelier watches. :
Parmigiani Tonda Hemispheres Savane
   The dial is hand-painted with rare leather textures, supplemented by an ostrich leg claw leather strap. The Parmigiani Tonda Hemispheres Savane watch not only functionally realizes the independent adjustment of the second time zone minute of the dual time zone watch (parmigioni brand six One of the world’s first), the sophisticated experience has won the appreciation of advanced collectors. Also available in diamond (bezel and lugs set with 450 ‘bright’ cut Wesselton diamonds, clarity VVS, total weight 1.55 carats).
Parmigiani Donna Mosaic Watch
   The Donna Mosaic watch is based on the design concept of complex alternating and infinite repetition. It presents a series of numbers on the dial in a vertical and horizontal manner. The tracks are staggered, but it harmoniously produces a perfect work. The geometric pattern presents the Art Deco decorative art style, the complex and incomparable craftsmanship does not have any flaws, the levels are clear, and the digital charm is fully expressed. Bezel and lugs are available with sapphire or ruby.
Kalparisma Ombellia watch
   The unique floral design of the Kalparisma Ombellia watch exudes a fresh breath of spring. No matter from any angle, the watch can reflect the dazzling light and shine. The diamond-inlaid floral pattern is like a full-blown bouquet, which makes the entire dial, case, and even the bracelet sparkle brightly, exuding a soft light and shadow on the wrist. The watch is made of 18k white gold and is set with 256 round-cut diamonds weighing approximately 1.27 carats.
Parmigiani Grande Lune Large Moon Phase Watch
   The most striking thing about the Parmigiani Grande Lune watch is undoubtedly the hand-crafted gold moon on the dial. For a more accurate moon phase, an error of one day faster than the actual profit and loss will occur every 7 years and 7 months. Oscillating weight in 22k gold, 18k white gold case and buckle.
   At present, Parmigiani has about 300 points of sale and 14 brand stores in 60 countries around the world. In early 2011, Parmigiani chose to open its first stores in Asia in Shanghai and Beijing. In just a few years, Parmigiani has opened a total of 2 L’Atelier senior studios, 4 Studio concept stores, and 3 special retail locations in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Changchun and other places. Settling in the Anshan market is a solid step for the brand to expand its business in China.
Parmigiani Anshan Retail Address: Anshan Huitong Watch & Jewelry, No. 47A-1, Eryiji Road, Tiedong District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province
Phone: 0412- 2280059

Jean Richard Shang Weisha Signs With ‘flying Hero’ Captain Chesley Salemberg

Watch brand Jean Richard has signed captain Chesley Sullenberger as the brand ambassador, who successfully entered the Hudson River once in 2009 The emergency landing resulted in the rescue of 146 passengers and 5 crew members on board.

Bruno Grande, Chief Operating Officer of Shangweisha, and Captain Chesley Sullenberger

As part of the partnership, Salumberg will be blogging for Shang Weisha, the first blog has been uploaded to the watch brand’s website. Bruno Grande, Chief Executive Officer of Sunvisa, said it was a great honor for Salumberger to join Sunvisa and look forward to continued success together.
‘I really agree with Shang Weisha’s philosophy of life, the beauty of watches, the enthusiasm of technicians and managers, and more importantly their collaboration on the project. These are very moving to me. I am very happy to join Shang Weisha. ‘

Resolute, Fearless, Round Table Knights Reappear Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights Of The Round Table Iii Brand New Interpretation

Roger Dubuis, through the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III Hypertable, once again interprets the legend of the sword of kings. The Excalibur King Series, which carries the legend of King Arthur, launched a powerful new interpretation, inspired by the legendary Avalon, the founding place of King Arthur’s sword. Crafted from an innovative ‘low poly-sculpted’ technique, a rose gold knight surrounds a dramatic blue round table made of enamel. Perfect combination.

   Ancient myths: new forms of art in the 21st century. Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III boldly combines ancient legends containing mysterious power with innovative new technologies and contemporary art methods, showing the bold and bold style of Roger Dubuis-to the extreme The love of adventure drives the brand to the wildest challenge. Low poly art was originally used to make three-dimensional models and scenes of video games. It is a technique for making statues or paintings using polygonal cuts. Low-resolution polygons are gaining popularity because of their fast surface rendering. Roger Dubuis uses this art form to create 12 highly expressive three-dimensional rose gold knights as the dial time scale, which reflects the extraordinary creativity and vitality of the brand “craft warriors” and its “combination Disruptive materials and advanced complications ”.

   Each of the knight statues has been newly designed, and completed with low-poly sculptures, highly detailed treatments, meticulous engravings, and hand-refined finishes. All of them look spirited, brave, and powerful, and each sword is pointed to show the Avalon Island. Legendary blue enamel on the desktop. These processes require dexterous manual and long-time elaboration. The creation of each dial took 45 hours, and was finally carried by the 45mm Excalibur King Series case, with a solid caseback, 18K rose gold grooved bezel and matching crown, and equipped with a blue alligator leather Strap. The whole is natural, creating mechanical wonders.

   The RD821 automatic winding movement has hour and minute display functions and provides a 48-hour power reserve. It is like the movement of all the brand’s timepieces. It is a Roger Dubuis original movement, which can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the watch. The details of all parts of this movement are the same as the knights on the dial. They follow the traditional standards set by the famous Geneva Seal and are exquisitely hand-finished. The pioneering spirit of the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III has proved that the true legend of Roger Dubuis can be re-interpreted through grandeur and immortality. This exclusive limited edition of 28 pieces of timepieces superbly reproduces the spirit of Roger Dubuis’ ‘Creating extraordinary’ brand.

Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III

Case Excalibur 18K rose gold case with lettering and blue lacquered case back, diameter 45mm; 18K rose gold grooved bezel with rose
Gold crown
Dial The dial round table consists of pure blue enamel blocks and 12 different carved rose gold knights, with 18K rose gold hands
Water resistance 3 bar (30 m)
Strap Blue alligator leather strap with blue stitching
18K Rose Gold Adjustable Foldable Clasp
Movement RD 821 self-winding movement
Yield: 28 pieces
Certification Poinçon de Genève
RD821 movement:: automatic movement
Features: Mechanical movement with automatic winding
Function: Hour and minute display
Decoration: Fully refined in accordance with the Geneva Seal Standard
Parts: 172
Gems: 33
Diameter: 12 French cents
Thickness: 3.43 mm
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 48 hours