Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Lucerne Store Officially Opened

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin has decided to locate its new flagship store in Lucerne, a German-speaking area of ​​Switzerland. Lucerne is a cultural city, historical city and design city. The climate here is warm, quiet and pleasant. Here You can fully understand this traditional and modern brand.
Vacheron Constantin opened a new store in Lucerne. Lucerne is a small town on the shore of Four-Cantons Lake. It echoes Maison Vacheron Constantin on the island of ‘En l’ Ile’. The island of ‘En l’ Ile’ is located on the shore of Lake Geneva. The new store officially opened on November 8, 2012. It is strategically located at 10 Kapellplatz. The store’s logo uses the brand’s unique colors and the Maltese cross.

This famous city in central Switzerland has a deep historical connection with the oldest watch manufacturer in the world, which has been continuously producing since its establishment in 1755. Oscar Frésard was the brand’s first agent in Lucerne, working there since 1896. For ten years, Otto Ahrens at Alpenstrasse 5 and E. Leicht-Mayer & Co in Haldenstrasse have followed him. They are determined to defend the company’s values: always strive for excellence; support innovation, respect for tradition; share passion, the highest-level watches represent the highest state of watchmaking in terms of technology, aesthetics and assembly.

Vacheron Constantin store will become a place where people can talk freely, and also a place where people think about time and its meaning. The high-end building materials such as wood, copper and leather are used in the store, creating a comfortable and unexpected environment with a little luxury. The store consists of two floors and covers an area of ​​120 square meters. The first floor is a boutique counter and the VIP lounge is upstairs.
Source: Vacheron Constantin

Exploration Of Hublot Factory (4) To Welcome The Birth Of The Watch

Finally, we came to the highest floor of this watch factory. After the baptism in the front, I realized that Hublot has great achievements in marketing and has done many things that others cannot do. At the same time, it is also a brand that manufactures movements in a down-to-earth manner. So I will witness the birth of his watch on this level.

 On this floor, I first saw this very powerful movement assembly workbench. The watchmaker will complete the assembly of all parts of the movement here. I don’t know where the watchmaker went on vacation.

This table can be equipped with 50 movements at the same time, and 50 movements are installed in a cycle according to the steps.

 This machine is a machine that lubricates parts. Each movement will have a dozen or even dozens of parts, which need to be lubricated with oil.

 This machine will pre-set each position of the movement that needs to be refueled, and the dose that needs to be added. Because the amount of oil is related to the accuracy of the travel time and the life of the movement, it must be controlled very precisely.

 Then put the movement on, the machine can start, and you can see where the oil is added from the side display. Of course, there is no oil here, just a display.

The movement needs to be tested in 5 different positions. If it passes, it can proceed to the next assembly shop.

Before all Hublot is assembled into a watch, all parts are inspected in this workshop and assembled here after passing.

 Although the hands and scales are manually assembled by hand, it is also necessary to ensure that the force of each part is the same. The watchmaker’s assembly is the Ferrari ceramic version.

After the movement is placed in the case and the case is covered from the back, the preliminary assembly of a watch is completed.

 After the case is installed, it will be sent here for quality inspection to check for scratches. If there is any problem, it will be marked on it and then returned to the department just now.

The last step before packaging is to attach the strap to the watch, which can be said to be the finishing touch.

 After attaching the strap, you must put the watch into this bag, and then you will also add helium to it. This is mainly to prevent oxidation and to ensure that the watch will not be damaged if the watch is not cut within 6 months. It has no effect.

 This is a monitoring workshop. Before the watch case is not equipped with a movement, check its waterproof function. After checking the water resistance, send it to the outside to install the movement. The finished watch’s finished watch must be checked here again. Waterproof. This is the air pressure. First test the air pressure and then pressurize it in the water. The left side is the hot temperature, which is about 60 degrees Celsius, and the right side is minus, which is the rapid change of heat and cold. Water vapor, if there is water vapor, it proves that it is not waterproof, and it must be returned for re-inspection, if it is not certified.

 In the end we came to the high-complex watch studio. The downstairs made regular movements and regular watches. They were produced on an assembly line, but here the watch was made by a watchmaker from the beginning to the end. Many tools, because the highly complex movement is completed by human hands, so different tools and parts are needed to assemble and test.

Here, it takes 5 days for the watchmaker to assemble an ultra-thin skeleton tourbillon, the tourbillon chronograph needs 3 weeks to be assembled, and the minute question takes 6 weeks to assemble.

Hublot showed us the world’s first carbon-fiber case cathedral minute repeater tourbillon chronograph.

Since its movement is also made of carbon fiber, it is still a waterproof minute repeater.

 This watch is a single-button chronograph with a tourbillon at 6 o’clock. This is the first time in the history of watchmaking to use carbon fiber to make a movement. This watch is very easy to see from the outside, because the minute repeater switch itself is a Hublot model. Part of the minute repeater is very loud. According to Hublot, one of the hammers is steel and the other is a secret.

to sum up:
At the end of the visit, I couldn’t help but admire that Hublot’s achievements today can be said to be a miracle, of course, it is also inseparable from Mr. Beaver’s leadership, but it took Hubble only 5 years to build its own factory And, from the most basic movement to the highly complex movement, all are produced in-house. This has never happened in the history of more than 400 years of watchmaking. Ordinary brands generally develop for decades, and finally build their own movement. factory.
 There are more than 300 watch brands in Switzerland. Judging from last year’s global sales, Hublot has ranked 8th last year, and these 8 brands include many mass-produced brands, so you can imagine that these brands Removed, there are no more two or three of the top brands in terms of sales in front of Hublot. We also sincerely hope that Hublot will become more and more brilliant in the future. (Text \\ Figure \\ Photo Watch House Mao Zhuang)