Do You Really Understand Your Buckle

Clasp-a common accessory on watches Nowadays, because the clasp is hidden in the watch position, it is only noticed when worn. Therefore, in today’s fast-paced life, we gradually reduce our attention to them. It is not even excluded as a condition for choosing a watch. Only when the watch falls off and is destroyed, do you chase (nei) and (man) and (mian). The taste, I think, people who have experienced it will understand it.

Tudor folding buckle

   In fact, the buckle seems to be ordinary, but in reality there is something in it. Although in everyday life, its presence on the watch is relatively low, we can’t ignore it, after all, it is important to protect the wrist watch. object. In addition, as an important part of the watch, the buckle also occupies a lot of watch value. Although it is an accessory, its role is very important in the watch. A beautiful watch, in terms of value, the buckle and dial can even be opened five or five times, because this is the feeling of mismatch and fineness. Therefore, the seemingly insignificant buckle is actually an important part of a watch, and it is worth our careful study.

Assorted mainstream buckles

Butterfly clasp frame display

   With the precipitation of watch culture and the development of history, coupled with the increase in people’s requirements for quality, the style of the buckle has shown a trend of diversified development, and has gradually become another way of personalization for each brand. Mostly made of stainless steel, titanium, and precious metals (a few are composite materials), it is a magical object that guarantees wrist watch safety and bears this part of style and responsibility. Now let’s introduce what are the traditional buckles!
(A) pin buckle

Highly recognizable Vacheron Constantin pin buckle

   Refreshing, simple, convenient and flexible are the characteristics of pin buckle. In terms of brand watchmaking styles, they tend to be business dresses or elegant watches. Top-level watches such as PP (Petak Philippe) or Vacheron Constantin have their own unique designs Pin buckle. Use the buckle as a brand’s business card. Even if you don’t have to watch the brand name, you can understand what kind of watch it is. I think that in the world of clocks and watches, the most common buckles are very traditional pin buckles. They condensed the history and connotation of buckles and are very practical buckle types. Whether it is a small and exquisite ladies watch with a small diameter, or a bold watch with a large diameter, it has the highest fit. It is also the guarantee of watch security, that is, it is stable and it is not easy to fall off.
(Two) folding buckle

AP watch folding buckle

   Fashion and leisure are the unique styles of today’s folding buckle watches. Today, with the promotion of low luxury and high quality life, both luxury and high cold are incompatible with today’s life. Therefore, convenient and beautiful folding buckles are very popular. It makes up for the embarrassment of over-tightening or loosening of the pin buckle. As long as the first debugging is correct, it can be easily buckled afterwards. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to remove, and it can well guarantee the quality of the leather strap around the buckle, and it will not cause excessive pulling and pulling due to long-term wearing. The shortcomings are also obvious, because the folding buckle itself is too long, the watch friends with thinner wrists will appear loose and difficult to adjust. And from the point of view, ultra-thin models are best not to match this type of folding buckle, remember.
Derivative butterfly clasp with folding clasp

Butterfly buckle strap display

   With the development of watches and clocks, the transformation of buckles has become increasingly diverse, so a buckle type like a butterfly buckle has been produced. Dropping the name of the beautiful, in fact, this type of buckle is a derivative of the folding buckle, but the folding buckle is one-way one-fold, while the butterfly buckle is two-way two-fold. Don’t think that the more complicated butterfly buckle is higher-end, in fact, it is a member of the ordinary buckle. The beauty and high value are the charm that the creator gave it, but it is not a good thing to have too many parts in pursuit of the value, because unlike the movement, the buckle is used more often in daily life. Increasing the frequency of failures, and this design will make the wrist contact surface thicker, be considered mixed.

The more legendary existence of the buckle world

   Rolex buckle trimming technology (classic Glidelock buckle)
   Diving watches are an important item to ensure the underwater safety of divers. In addition to the strict requirements for the waterproof performance of watches, the design of straps is also a severe test. The classic Glidelock buckle design of Rolex’s new submariner is particularly outstanding. As a stretching device of the chain link, it is not only easy to operate, but also new models wearing thick wetsuits can easily wear this watch. Developed, designed and patented by Rolex, it has been meeting you since 2008. It is mainly used on submariner and submariner calendar watches. It can be easily debugged without any tools. It can provide 2mm per bar. Gradually extend up to 20 mm.

Rolex Glidelock buckle

   This magical patent is completed by the toothed plate on the buckle, which can be quickly adjusted by loosening the chain link at one end. After adjusting to the required length, the toothed plate will be fastened immediately, sending out more The obvious ‘click’ sounds as if notifying the wearer that the fixation is complete. Will the waterproof performance be discounted after being adjusted once? No, the opening and closing mechanism of the new oyster safety clasp is very stable, which prevents accidental opening when diving. Although this invention is very simple, the hardship behind it is self-evident. Two patents, through quite sophisticated technology, make such a safety buckle meet the strict standards of Rolex in terms of comfort, aesthetics and practicality.

New definition of buckle aesthetics (PP lantern buckle)
   The design of the lantern buckle not only adds a beautiful landscape to the watch, but also a brand-new definition of watch aesthetics. Unique design, even if you just look at the lantern buckle, you know that this is a Patek Philippe watch. The lantern buckle makes the watch’s buckle look simpler. The exquisite printing and the buckle hidden inside the strap add to the connotation of the entire Patek Philippe watch. The unique and subtle design shows the detail Perfectly carved, it can be called a new watch buckle invention.

Vacheron Constantin (half maltese butterfly clasp)
   In 16 years, Vacheron Constantin has devoted himself to the vertical and horizontal series, which is quite sincere. From the case to the movement, the details from the lugs to the buckle are quite in place. In addition to the three straps / chains included, the design of the buckle really surprised me. The ‘invisible’ stainless steel butterfly buckle of the belt or steel chain is also a highlight of the watch. After exquisite polishing and semi-Maltese decoration of the brand logo, the magic charm of this watch buckle is displayed, new, exquisite and elegant, very beautiful.

Buckle diagram

Summary: There are still many ideas for clasps, definitely not only that, as long as you explore them carefully, you will gain something. The clasp is of extraordinary significance to the watch, whether it is safe or beautiful. Although it is just a small object on a watch, it also embodies the brand’s consideration of details processing and overall viewing on the side. Who would have thought that at the end of the watch, the clasp that has not been noticed would have such a magical side. From this point of view, it is also very interesting to be the buckle with the least sense on the watch, isn’t it?